The Top 5 Best Rated 4 Stroke Weed Eaters Reviewed

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Maintenance of lawns and surroundings of homes, hotels and even schools makes the environment beautiful and appealing. Although this tasks may be tiresome and hard at times, one needs simple and efficient power tools to perform it. 4 stroke weed eaters are the most recommended machine to do these tasks. From their capability to trim tall and persistent weeds to technological improvements on them, they are known to outdo other tools that you may know. Although there have been debates in the past about the 4 stroke engines and 2 stroke engines, research and reviews show that 4 stroke machine is the way to go on trimming tasks. With their high functionality, design and overall performance, this new technology can get rid of not only the tall grasses in your lawn but also the persistent weed that other trimmers cannot handle. Apart from their good reviewed features, 4 stroke weed eaters have lots of benefits that make them easier to handle and use.

Apart from the number of strokes the 4 stroke machines make, they have lots of advantages compared to the 2 stroke ones. Just to mention, 4 stroke engines are gas powered engines that run in 4 separate stages that include intake, compression, power and exhaust compared to the 2 stroke that only runs in 2 stages. The 4 stroke engine technology has several benefits that make it the right trimmer machine to purchase.

To save you from the work of searching for the best 4 stroke weed eaters, this review gives you a list of the top five best rated 4 stroke weed eaters based on their overall manufacturer’s rating, functionality, design, and even affordability. This article outlines the benefits of 4 stroke weed eaters compared to other weed trimmers, a list of the top five best rated 4 stroke weed eaters with their features, advantages, and disadvantages, and their price ranges and a guide on how to purchase the right 4 stroke weed eater for your trimming tasks.

Major Added Benefits of 4 Stroke Weed Eaters.

Due to the enormous difference between the 4 strokes weed eaters and other trimmers available in stores make customers prefer purchasing it. Below are some of the outlined significant benefits of a 4 stroke weed eater.

Reduced emissions. Lower engine emissions are part of the new environmental regulations act to reduce damages to the environment and oil consumption. Reduced emissions have several advantages such as lowering a carbon footprint on the environment, reducing the black fog inhaled and even avoiding your clothes to smell like exhaust. 4 stroke weed eaters have modern engines enhanced with innovative techniques for oil consumption and fuel dilution hence quiet exhaust. Reduced emissions ensure user-friendly machine that has no or little impact on the user’s health.

Quieter. Noisy machines are a nuisance to both the users and those around them. They can lead to ear damage and quarrels with neighbors. 4 stroke weed eater machines save you from all these problems as it can perform the same workload as other trimmers at a lower noise level. Reduced noise levels ensure comfortability to the user during working hours and to the surrounding. It also has an advantage of even carrying out your trimming works at odd hours.

Easy to start. Thanks to the 4 stroke machines that save you the task of starting the engine with several pulls of the cord. New 4 stroke engines now come with a speed start capability that allows the user to run by just a push of a button. Easy to start engines has advantages of being used even by ladies as it requires minimum effort to drive and making it more efficient to run your trimming tasks with fewer stoppages and breakdowns.

Convenient. Instead of having separate cans for gas and another for oil for premixing as done in 2 stroke and other commonly used trimmers, 4 stroke machines run strictly on gasoline or diesel making the engine more economical and saves the user of the dull work of premixing gas and oil hence convenient.

They are also easier to start and can be used when need be as they require lesser priming for the gas and oil to mix.

High potential torque in 4 stroke weed eaters makes them more powerful and of great performance to handle the hard tasks

Best Reviews of the Top 5 4 Stroke Weed Eaters.

1. Honda 35 cc Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer.

2. Ryobi ZRRY34440 18-Inch 30cc Gas-Powered Straight-Shaft String Trimmer.

3. Troy-Bilt TB575ES 17-Inch 29cc Straight Shaft Trimmer with JumpStart.

4. Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Trimmer.

5. Craftsman 14-Inch 32cc Gas Trimmer.

  1. Honda 35 cc Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer



Honda Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer is considered among the top best 4 stroke weed eater. After conducting multiple tests on its functionality such as balance, power, sound and even weight, this machine proves to be the best 4 weed eater. The trimmer is 12.7 x 10.2 x 73.8 inches weighs 14.8 pounds. It is one of the great weed trimmers that can withstand a tremendous amount of workloads of tall grass and weeds. With its 35cc engine, it can perform tight trimming tasks and long working hours. Its users love the high dependability and power.

The trimmer has a great balance, little vibration making it comfortable to use and less harmful to the user’s health making the user trim for long durations without losing grasp and reduced health complications. The trimmer allows 0.095-inch line size and a cutting path of 17 inches making you trim fast and save on time. Another fantastic feature about this machine is the 45-inch long shaft enabling the user to reach out to the remote places that other trimmers are unable to. The long shaft is also helpful as it keeps you from the flying objects and sticks hence safety.

Honda straight shaft gas trimmer has a customer review of 275 in online stores with a star rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. The machine also has a 2-year warranty in any case of any material defects or poor craftsmanship.

Key features

• Easy starting Honda GX 35 cc 4-stroke engine.

• Superb balance, lower machine vibration and comfortable to use enabling long working hours.

• 2 Year residential warranty in case of products defects or poor craftsmanship.

• The flexible has a lifetime warranty with a shock and vibration resistance.

• A dependable, powerful engine that allows rotations in any position for easier maneuver around the workspace.


• Under $400.


• Can easily be started with less effort even by ladies.

• High engine power and dependability that can cut through long and thick weeds and grass.

• Good balance and little machine vibration.

• Lightweight and easily portable making it easy to handle


• Has limited attachment capabilities that are sold separately and does not come with the device.

  1. Ryobi ZRRY34440 18-Inch 30cc Gas-Powered Straight-Shaft String Trimmer

Ryobi Reconditioned 4-Cycle 30cc Attachment Capable Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer



Ryobi ZRRY34440 gas is another 4 stroke trimming engine that simplifies your trimming works. The machine has powered straight shaft trimmer has an overall dimension of 9.8 x 65 x 15.6 inches and weighs 11.8 pounds. It is a convenient tool of high power and low exhaust emissions. With its 30cc engine, it can cut through tall grass and severe persistent weeds in your yard.

The trimmer is easy to start and saves you the task of mixing the gas and oil. Ryobi manufacturers sell some its attachment that helps the user to save time, money and space. Though its attachment tools might be an additional expense, the system lets you convert to more than five different tools such as pruner, edger, blower, tiller, straight shaft trimmer, and brush cutter making it a multi-functional tool as a trimmer. It also has a straight, comfortable, non-slip grip shaft for an extended reach that enables the user to trim areas that are hard to access such as beneath the bushes and shrubby areas. With the straight shaft, you can reach out to the weeds and bushes without flying objects hitting on your body, considering Ryobi as a safe machine to use. The trimmer has 18n inch cutting width for faster trimming hence greater efficiency. It is easy to reload due to its bump feed string head with dual 0.0095 inches.

Ryobi ZRRY34440 is a great and powerful weed eater with its additional attachments that simplifies trimming works and saving you time for other activities. This gas powered straight shaft trimmer has a total of 185 customer reviews with an average rating of 3.5 stars out of 5, with a 2-year warranty and maintenance services making it one of the best 4 stroke weed trimmers. It is recommended from its positive reviews in Amazon stores.

Key features.

• Durable 30cc gas powered engine.

• The multi-functional attachment that makes it a versatile tool and saves time, money and space.

• Straight shaft for extended reach to inaccessible areas.

• 18-inch cutting width for faster trimming hence greater efficiency.

• Increased power and efficacy.


• Under $150


• Lightweight and easily portable

• Extended shaft for easier reach to hard areas.

• Multi-functional attachment accessories.

• Lower emissions and noise level


• Difficult to tilt on rugged landscape making it uncomfortable to use.

  1. Troy-Bilt TB575ES 17-Inch 29cc Straight Shaft Trimmer with JumpStart



Troy-Bilt TB575ES 17-Inch 29cc Straight Shaft Trimmer is easy to control and simple to handle machine that allows you to perform the tiresome weed trimming tasks in your home. This trimmer is the best lightweight yet powerful in delivering a huge amount of cutting jobs. With an overall dimension of 12.4 x 11.25 x 41.8 inches, it weighs approximately 13 pounds making it one of the heaviest trimmers that take quite a long time to assemble by manufacturers and users.

Designed with a multi-functional attachment with over eight different attachment making the trimmer a whole package of tools. With this, the machine is capable of performing different tasks making it highly functional. The trimmer has a 29cc powerful low emission engine reducing the carbon footprint on the environment and avoiding your garments to smell like exhaust. Another significant advantage of Troy-Bilt TB575ES is the jumpstart technology making it a free hassle task on starting the machine. With this feature, it makes it even easier for ladies to use the device. The trimmer has a straight shaft making it able to access hard areas that others trimmers cannot reach. The automatic speed pool loads up to 20 feet of line making the machine more reliable as you do not have to stop in between your trimming tasks. It also has a 0.095-inch line size and a cutting path of 17 inches.

Amazon provides a total customer review of 316 at the time of writing with a 3.6-star rate out of 5. The trimmer has a 2-year guaranteed warranty in any case of inconveniences during usage.

Key features.

• 29cc gas-powered engine with a good power to weight ratio.

• JumpStart technology for easier starting enabling even ladies to use the machine. The easy to start feature makes the machine more efficient and easy to use.

• Multi-functional attachment with ten different tool attachments making the machine a versatile tool that can save you lots of trimming hours.

• Straight shaft for extended reach to inaccessible areas such as beneath bushes and shrubs. A 17-inch cutting path also makes your trimming works simpler and quicker than you ever thought.


• Under $200


• Multi-functional attachment tools that save time, space and money.

• Straight shaft that makes it accessible to hard places to reach

• Easy to start making the trimmer to be used by both gender groups.

• Jump start technology eliminating the need for a cord.

• Ability to automatically load makes it reliable and consistent in performing carefully trimming tasks.


• Does not come with the engine starter which is sold separately resulting in additional expenses.

  1. Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Trimmer


For a robust and performing 4 stroke trimmer throughout the season, Poulan Pro 966774301 4-Cycle Trimmer is the perfect machine. With an overall dimension 68.8 x 9 x 11 inches and weight of 13 pounds, this machine is designed to start with minimum effort. The 28 cc gas powered engine can perform tasks under long working hours. It has spring assisted start mechanism that gets it started with just one pull of the cord, hence with minimal efforts possible.

It also has an air purge that removes air from the carburetor and the fuel system for easy starting. The 4 stroke engine runs on pure gas, saving the user time and money to mix the gas and oil as in the 2 stroke machines making the trimmer straightforward and easy to operate and convenient during its working hours.

Poulan Pro 966774301 has low sound levels during its performance, making it adhere to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration laws and regulations. Reduced noise level also avoids ear damage making it safer health wise and avoiding quarrels with neighbors around allowing the user to perform his/her trimming tasks at even odd hours without any complaints.

Designed with a straight shaft and a loop handle with a cutting swath of 17 inches. The handle is perfectly designed for balance and enables you to trim with free vibration from the machine, avoiding the loss of feeling in your fingers hence the long duration of work. This trimmer has a customer review of 76 in Amazon stores with a star rate of 3.5 out of 5 stars with a 2-year warranty for parts and labor when used to perform household tasks, three months when used as a commercial machine for income generation.

Key features.

• 28cc gas powered and dependable engine

• Smart spring assisted start engine for a quick start.

• Straight shaft with a cutting swath of 17 inches for a broad and faster trimming on your lawn.

• Pro link attachment that converts it to different tools making Poulan Pro 966774301 a multifunctional and versatile machine.


• Under $250


• Easy to start

• Lightweight and has a right balance

• Multi-functional attachments.


• Throttle modulation is rather not smooth.

5. Craftsman 14-Inch 32cc Gas Trimmer


Craftsman 32cc 4-Cycle 14" Gas Trimmer

Craftsman gas trimmer is an objectionable 4 stroke trimmer that is durable and sturdy yet easy to control and maneuver around your lawn. Craftsman gas trimmer is the perfect trimmer for your industrial and household trimming tasks. The 32cc engine machine saves you the time to prime and mixes gas and oil. It has an item weight of 13.5 pounds making it portable to any place around your home.

This trimmer comes with a lightweight aluminum shaft with an innovative handle that can rotate 360 degrees. The engine is way much easier to start compared to other trimmers. The trimmer is also sped start capable with a push button starter for those who do not prefer the pull starting system, making ladies able to experience trimming with the machine. Craftsman Gas Trimmer is a multi-functional tool with several attachments that makes it compatible with the Universal yard tool system allowing you to change it into a pole-saw edger, hedge trimmer, and other tools.

Craftsman Gas Trimmer is a good machine for those people who prefer lightweight tools to perform their work. It has 118 customer reviews at Sears with a 3.6-star rated out of 5 stars. It also has the best protection guarantee with a 3-year in-shop repair protection and the best online support.

Key features

• Powerful 32cc gas powered engine

• Speed start capability with a push button starter.

• Long lasting easy to load cutting head with a 130-inch diameter spiral line.

• The multi-functional attachment that allows you to convert the trimmer into multiple yard tools saving space and money.

• Durable and lightweight aluminum shaft that is easy to move during your trimming tasks.

• Lower emissions and noise level that adheres to the California’s CARB certification standards.


• Under $250


• Multi-functional attachments for different tools.

• Easy to start with the speed start capability

• Lower emissions are making it environment-friendly and safer to use.

• Lightweight hence easily portable to reduce user fatigue during the long trimming work hours.

• Extra spool included.


• The throttle modulation is not quite smooth.

Key factors to consider for the Best 4 Stroke Weed Eater.

Today, several manufacturers are marketing their 4 stroke weed eaters in stores, some of which are not good as they may seem to be. For you to choose the best machine to perform your trimming tasks, you have to consider several factors while purchasing these products on the market. Some of the main factors are outlined below to give a guide on how to pick the best 4 stroke weed eater.

• Price

It is important to buy a weed eater that is in your price range as to make sure you do not overspend on a product. Each weed eaters has a different price tag depending on the store, manufacturer, and performance. Making the right decision in purchasing an item that is within your budget and has the best and delivering features. This will help you land an affordable piece.

• Customer reviews

Going through the customer reviews on the product contributes to knowing the cons and pros of the product from those customers that have purchased and used the item. A highly recommended product for the users can be good to buy if it matches your needs since it works well for quite many people, while that with negative reviews shows that the product might have complications while in use.

Customer reviews the simplest way to choose the best 4 stroke weed eater in stores and markets.

• Warranty

Warranties assure the clients of an excellent product quality that contains less or no defects from the manufacturers helping the customers and the manufacturer to deal with any issue that arises on the product after purchase as per to the terms and agreement of the warranty. If a product does not have a guarantee, then it would be safe to stay away from it as there are no protection guarantees of the product’s defects.

Most of the 4 stroke weed eaters have a 2-year limited warranty to cover for the product material defects and errors made during manufacturer.

• Brand

Among the best performing, 4 stroke weed eater machine names are as Troy-Bilt, Honda, Ryobi, among others. These helps to purchase a device with superior performance from quality manufacturers that can deliver at even uncertain conditions.


I would recommend these top five 4 stroke weed eaters for commercial and domestic trimming tasks due to their overall rating, functionality, design and superb performance. These machines have added advantages such as low emissions, good balance and efficiency compared to their 2 stroke counterparts and other trimmers available in stores.






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