Top 5 Best Log Splitters You Can Buy In 2017 (for the money)

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Interested in buying a new log splitter, but don’t know where to start? Whether you need a gas or electric wood splitter, there’s a make and model to fit any budget. It really comes down to how long you want it to last (for example, splurging on a Honda engine is going to cost a lot more, but you’ll get many many extra years out of it), and what creature comforts you’re looking for. (some models come standard with log catchers, splitting wedge cleaners, and more)

Top Rated Gas Powered Log Splitters (for hardwoods & winter firewood splitting)

Great Deals On Electric Wood Splitters (for quiet light duty operation)

What Is A Log Splitter?

A log splitter is a product used to cut the long wood with the help of a machinery instead of using manual techniques like AXE and some other hatchets. The use of log splitter as a cutting technique is a very popular and old method for cutting of long wood. For regular wood/log cutters, one of the biggest advantages of this machine is that you can cut the heavy woods/log without the help of any other human. Even in older times, people used this technique to cut down long trees and heavy wood logs due to the fact that it is a cheap and efficient method for the user.

Which Is The Most Suitable Wood Splitter For You?

Well, before going into the details the first thing you need to know is the background information and context. There is no such machinery, hatchet or tool for which you can say it is the best for all the users. This is a fact that every user has its own requirements and needs. Therefore, different wood splitters will cater different needs of the user. We will come back on this later.

Gas powered wood splitters would take the equation of tough work out whether it is splitting woods for logs, firewood or other purposes. But then again a thought may come if you really need one. The first thing pops up in your mind as an answer would be, is there any wrong with the use of a sledge?

Splitting logs manually by hand with the use of a sledge or an axe is one of those jobs that’s actually building personality. Beyond any doubt there is a specific truth to that; splitting a huge stack of logs to firewood without any additional tool than an axe, in addition, the sweat of your forehead is gratifying. For youngsters, it would teach a valuable experience about determination and hard work.

On the other hand, by the time you get the age of thirty-five, you’ve possibly achieved as much personality as you’re working to get. At this moment, it is more reasonable to look after your health.

It’s time to say, Goodbye Axe!

At a simple level, the sledge or an axe is an astonishingly resourceful machine. It offers easy portable solutions. It also has the benefit of being cheap and a simple mechanism to use (no need to read detailed manuals or call a tech support helpline).

Nonetheless, the fact is it totally relies on human muscle, which means it would make you tiring fast. Prolong use may lead to complications such as joint injuries and backache.

When you have tons of wood to chop and you have to keep it continue for months then even a stamina of an OX would make you tired and consume a lot of time as well. However, if you use a log splitter, it will do the same amount of work in a few hours.

How To Choose The Best Wood Splitter For Your Needs

I’m going to give you a guideline to help you handpick the best log splitter from a range of choices. Below mentioned list will give you the idea about some essential features of a reliable log splitter:

Find Out What Size Wood Splitter You Really Need…

The very basic and first step towards shopping a long-lasting machine like a gas log splitter are to look for the size of the splitter and off course, it is a complete confusion for the inexperienced user. The most important thing you need to reminisce is your primary concern with the device, are you an industrial or a commercial user. If you intend to buy the splitting machine for the industry level projects, in that case, a gigantic super machine with stupendous force and package of utilities is what you are looking for. Other ways around, if you are a commercial user a machine with lower tonnage and less force and speed would serve the cause.

One of the most common blunders made here is that people look for a sheer force and greater tonnage (like 42 ton) machine. You have to keep your mind open and awake before buying a heavy weight splitter with faster cycle time when you won’t ever require to make use of it? Point to ponder.

What’s The Length Of Wood You Want To Split On A Regular Basis?

When you need to determine which one would be the ideal of a gas splitter, you will be required to measure the diameter and length of the log. It is preferred to select a machine that would handle more load than your actual prerequisite. An ideal log splitter for a non-commercial use should work on 20×12 inch wood easily. High rated models can easily handle up to 25 inches as smooth as silk.


A top class performing log splitter should have enough power to blister through the log like a charisma.
Beside other specifications of the product the crucial things to look for are motor horsepower, Ram splitting force and amperes. Make sure to compare your desired specs with that of a machinery which you are going to buy and determine the precise figures you require from your device.

Cycle Time

Look for the machine which is capable of faster cycle-time. This spec would increase the productivity level to a great extent while consuming a less time. For commercial or labor intensive projects a machine with greater cycle time can save a lot of money by increasing the productivity.


In order to perform in long run, give a precise splitting performance and in a faster way these machines needs to be prepared using strongest materials. Durable, solid and robust steel made machinery would be the best choice.

Ball hitches and Wheels

In such heavy weight machinery, portability is the major feature to look for before buying one. If the splitter doesn’t feature a pair of wheels, you might be in trouble. It is the only feature which would help you save your sweat and energy while moving the machinery smoothly from one location to other.

Cut Long Story Short

So far you have reached a conclusion that buying a wood splitter isn’t just like buying an apple pie from the store. In fact, it is one of those harder things to buy that you will remember for the rest of your life. Plenty of thoughts would have gone into choosing a perfect splitter. There are a number of designs and models available on the market. The top 10 machines with their features and its own pros and cons are described below for your guidance.

Now Let’s Have A Look At The Most Popular Log Splitters
For Sale In 2017

  1. Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter (22 – Ton)

The Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter is considered as the top machine when we talk about gas log splitters. This machine features a 22 tons heavy duty engine and its high performing capacity, it has the ability to generate an extreme power that would cut the strongest wood logs with a max of 24” inches in measurement and weighing max to 50 kg. The Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter (22-Ton) offers a 23” x 4” inches hydraulic cylinder which has the ability to produce 3500 pounds/sq inch force.

Here are the positive points of Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter (22 – Ton)

  • Properly compact & light in weight.
  • Size of the tires are good that helps in relocating the machine by hand.
  • A very fast cycle time & hydraulic valve can also be operated easily.
  • A comprehensive wedge design and angle enables the machine to effectively split of all kind of wood logs. This wedge design is very useful.
  • Wings on both sides are built purposely to keep wood logs from dwindling to the ground.

Here are some negative points of Champion Power Equipment Gas Log Splitter (22 – Ton)

  • It has very flimsy wings manufactured with light.
  • A very tiny tubing is used for hitch and frame and it won’t take considerable load to bend
  1. Brave EZ Split Gas Log Splitter (8 – ton)

The Brave EZ Split Gas Log Splitter is the only machine which offers 8 tons of log splitting capability in a compact model making this machine most portable than any other models available on the marketplace. The Brave EZ Split Gas Log Splitter (8-ton) stand at a third place when compared to other similar designs. This machine features a very powerful engine of 3.5 horsepower engine. When it comes to log splitting this model can handle up to 18” in length & 18” in diameter. This product is best suited for an average homeowner that is looking to split gigantic logs.

These are some of the positive points of Brave EZ Split Gas Log Splitter (8 – ton)

  • Available in a very affordable price that you can’t resist yourself if you are a genuine user
  • A super lightweight and compact design
  • No portability problems due to its compact model
  • Excellent machine with powerful engine and a splitting power of up to 8 tons
  • Manufactured with steel

These are some of the negative aspects to look for in Brave EZ Split Gas Log Splitter (8 – ton)

  • It may consume more time to assemble than you anticipate
  • The only other thing which goes against this model is it can’t be used for commercial projects.
  1. Powerhorse Horizontal Dual Split Gas Log Splitter (20 – Ton)

The Powerhorse Horizontal Dual Split Gas Log Splitter (20 – Ton) is one of the great machines that has a splitting capacity of 20 tons which is available at a reasonable amount. This model has a dual split shape of the machine which aids in improving performance both in terms of cycle time and efficiency. One of the best features of its engine is the OHV with iron sleeve and a dual ball bearing that makes it resilient & long-lasting. The structure of this engine allows the machine to handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter and 25 inches in length. All the features of this gas log splitter make it a strong candidate for a commercial project use.

Let’s have a look at some of the positive features of Powerhorse Horizontal Dual Split Gas Log Splitter (20 – Ton)

  • Available at an affordable price.
  • OHV engine allows the machine to generate quick cycle-time.
  • A 2-stage pump generates 11 GPM
  • Low oil shutdown.

Now have a look at some of the negative features of Powerhorse Horizontal Dual Split Gas Log Splitter (20 – Ton)

  • It’s a very large machine and not a feasible one for the homeowner.
  • Due to the large size, it has also a very heavy engine.
  1. NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter (37 – Ton)

The NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter is a dominant splitter machine that even the strongest of logs has no chance to stand in front of this machine. It has a splitting capacity of 37 tons which means it can split smoothly the log with dimensions of max 25 inches in length & 16”inches in diameter. The NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter is equipped with a Honda G270 that has the function of automatic hibernate in idle time between loading the next log to save gas. This machine is also capable of generating power of 3500 pounds/Sq. inch with a hydraulic pump which automatically adjusts the flow and increases or decreases the pressure accordingly.

Some positive aspects of the NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter (37 – Ton)

  • The first-class hydraulic arrangement is secured by a quad filtering method.
  •  Big hydraulic oil tank allows engine oil to cool and helps in a long lasting life of the fluid.
  • Very convenient to shift between vertical & horizontal split.
  • Shutdown on low oil and heavy duty steel tank

Couple of negative aspects of the NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter (37 – Ton)

  • A very heavy & large machine sometimes cause portable inconvenience.
  • Price is relatively on a bit higher side.
  1. Ardisam Earthquake Gas Log Splitter (12 – Ton)

The Ardisam Earthquake Gas Log Splitter offers a splitting capacity of 12 tons at an affordable price. It features 7 inches splitting wedge and equipped with large tires to comfort the user while transport. The most popular feature of this machine is that it can split a log at 2 dissimilar heights using a dual position beam system.

A few positive points in Ardisam Earthquake Gas Log Splitter (12 – Ton)

  • Very easy and quick to assemble.
  • Affordable price and a perfect machine for homeowner
  • Two beam design

Only negative point in Ardisam Earthquake Gas Log Splitter (12 – Ton)

  • It cannot handle knotty logs like an Oak.
  1. Troy Built Hydraulic Gas Log Splitter (27 – Tons)

The Troy Built Hydraulic Gas Log Splitter machine is nicely manufactured and fitted with 27-ton splitting capacity. This heavy & powerful machine can handle logs with a max of 25” length and 16” diameter. When it comes to splitting knotty logs, this machine goes through it smoothly. The Troy is fitted with an OHC 160cc Honda engine. The cast iron material used in its manufacturing made it long lasting and dependable in heavy operations.

Positive points of Troy Built Hydraulic Gas Log Splitter (27 – Tons)

  • Exceptional power can take on unseasoned wood just like seasoned one.
  • Heavy duty machine made with cast iron.
  • A 2-inch hitch for towing behind the vehicle.

Only negative things goes against Troy Built Hydraulic Gas Log Splitter (27 – Tons)

  • Comparatively, high price when compared with other models
  1. SpeeCo Horizontal / Vertical Gas Log Splitter (28 -Ton)

The SpeeCo Horizontal / Vertical Gas Log Splitter (28-Ton) is available with a standard Honda GX240 engine. It has the splitting capacity of 28 tons along with a featured 4.5” cylinder that provides 16 gallons/minute pump. Customers are quite pleased with the muscle and ease of operation.

Here are the number of positive points in SpeeCo Horizontal / Vertical Gas Log Splitter (28 – Ton)

  • Both vertical & horizontal operational capability.
  • Made with heavy duty tongue.
  • Highway tires with 4.8” x 12” allow great portability.
  • Placement of exhaust causes inconvenience to many users.
  • Price is on a higher side.
  1. Swisher Gas Log Splitter (34 – Ton) with Electric Starter

The Swisher Gas Log Splitter with Electric Starter is undoubtedly a powerful machine with a splitting capacity of 34 tons. This gas log splitter is available at an affordable price and it features an engine with a 12.5 horsepower engine with an electric starter. The body is made with black and red steel with a two stage pump inside designed to enhance performance.

A few positive notable points about Swisher Gas Log Splitter (34 – Ton) with Electric Starter

  • It offers a versatile position to load the log, both in vertical and horizontal.
  • Built with steel to last and durable.
  • The Swisher offers a 4-Way Wedge.

A few negative notable points about Swisher Gas Log Splitter (34 – Ton) with Electric Starter

  • Feet of the machine seems small as compared to an overall structure.
  • Customer occasionally complains about inconsistent results.
  • The weight of the machine is on a slightly heavier side
  1. Swisher Gas Powered Log Splitter (28 – Ton)

Mostly user of the Swisher Gas Powered Log Splitter (28-Ton) are satisfied with its performance. It comes with a fitted engine of 11.5 horsepower Briggs and Straton engine which is capable of splitting logs with a max of 25” in length. A huge tank which can store 5 gallons of fluid and a 4.5 inch hydraulic ram offers a superior performance.

The positive points of Swisher Gas Powered Log Splitter (28 – Ton)

  • A very large hydraulic tank.
  • Most of the users appreciate the cold weather clutch installed in it.
  • A very quick 22 second cycle time.

The negative points of Swisher Gas Powered Log Splitter (28 – Ton)

  • Some parts of the machine are built with cheap material like the plastic tank.
  • Only works in a vertical position.
  1. Steele Products Gas Log Splitter (9 – Ton)

The Steele Products Gas Log Splitter (9-Ton) is considered as a value for money. This machine comes with a splitting capacity of 35 tons. A powerful engine of 9 horsepower can generate 35-tons of force which is sufficient to split wood logs with a max dimension of 24inches in length & 12inches in diameter. Overall customers consider it a good machine with consistent and commanding performance.

A few positive points in Steele Products Gas Log Splitter (9 – Ton)

  • DOT wheels are offered as a distinguished feature.
  • It offers both vertical and horizontal split with an 8 inches steel wedge.
  • This machine has a 2-stage gear pump and ability to provide 15 gallons/minute of pressure.

The negative aspects of Steele Products Gas Log Splitter (9 – Ton)

  • Very unclear instructions.

The review can only help you describing the features along with its pros and cons. The review article although have taken out the hard work to select a gas log splitter, however, a final decision should not be taken alone based on a review. You have to trust your guts and brain to make the final decision as per your customized requirements.

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