Top 5 Mistakes Consumers Make When Buying An Infrared Sauna


1) Thinking You Need Anything Other Than Far Infrared

Near Infrared

overpriced tents – rotating on a rotisserie

Full Spectrum

need all three wavelengths to get a complete detox

2) Overspending Because XYZ Sauna Company Says “The Wood Will Make Or Break Your Sauna Experience”

Smells different

doesn’t affect detox

poplar not necessary just for low toxic sauna

wood is not a selling point

3) Believing EMF Reports From Sauna Companies

sending heater to labs in another state won’t fly

pretty reports from third parties don’t mean anything

stop altering the native environment when testing

4) Not Understanding That EMF Is Plural

EMF is not one thing

electric fields

magnetic fields

cell phones rf radiation is not emf

5) Buying In To Concepts, Reviews, And Opinions From Slick Sales People… Who Have Never Used Both Sauna Brands You’re Comparing

people advising you on 5k purchase decisions, but don’t own it

will tell you how bad the competing brand is, but have never been in it

slick sales people making videos sitting in front of their computer

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