The Top Rated Reliable Refurbished Laptops (for the money)

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If you are in the market for a refurbished laptop you are going to be saving massive amounts of cash. Since refurbished really means used, you can expect quite the reduction in price. Most of these models will be under one thousand dollars, but you have to take into consideration that these machines are generally not designed to run resource heavy applications, and you won’t be pushing three hundred frames a second when you are gaming like a 32g laptop. These are machines that will get you by for the meantime and if that is what you need to do, then these are perfect for your needs.

Top 6 Refurbished Laptops For Your Hard Earned Cash

Refurbs Under $200

1) HP Elitebook 8440p Laptop Notebook Computer – Core I5 2.4ghz – 4gb Ddr3 – 250gb HDD – DVDrw – Windows Home Premium

Hewlett Packard has been making computer products for many years and they are known for their rough and tough durability, and that means they tend to last a very long time. This refurbished laptop costs under $200 with delivery from It comes with an Intel i5-520M 2.4 gigahertz processor, four gigabytes of ram, and a two hundred and fifty gig hard drive. Unfortunately, at this price you will only be getting an on board graphics card with an on board HD sound card. Still, for two hundred bucks I don’t think you can beat it, and it is especially good for a starter laptop. The laptop itself weighs about six pounds so it isn’t terribly heavy to carry around either, so it isn’t going to break your arm if you have to carry it around all day at either work or school. It also does come with Windows 10 and a fourteen inch display, but I still believe this a steal for this price.

2) Dell Silver – 14.1″ Laptop – Windows 10 – 4gb DDR3 RAM – Intel i5 Processor

Dell offers several refurbished options, but one of their best options happens to be the Dell Silver. This machine is only going to cost around two hundred dollars as well, but it has a seven hundred and fifty gigabyte hard drive instead of two hundred and fifty which the HP offers. You will be able to store a ton more information then had you went and bought the HP. Also, the hardware specs are about the same. This also comes with an Intel i5 processor and a 14.1 in display, and it too comes with Windows 10. Again, I want to warn you guys that if you are looking to do any hardcore gaming or having this other than to do simple tasks because it doesn’t have the extra hardware to support this kind of stuff, and it only has four gigabytes of ram that is DDR3, not DDR4 which would have trouble running most games even on low settings.

Refurbs Under $300

Lenovo Black ThinkPad T430 14″ LED Notebook – Intel – Core i5 i5-3230M 2.6GHz – Black 23426QU

When we have mentioned Lenovo’s products in the past we usually think mid end to high end products, but here on Walmart’s website we have found a quality refurbished Lenovo Black. This has the same fourteen inch display as the HP 8440P, and the Dell Silver but it comes with a little more RAM than the other two. It comes with exactly six gigabytes of DDR3 SDRAM, not ideal for hardcore applications or games once more, but it is still great for office work or writing research papers for the aspiring students.

Furthermore, the hard drive itself comes with three hundred and twenty gigs of storage space, and this is another refurbished machine that has an Intel Core i5 processor. I will say the display monitor on this lap top does boast anti glare technology so that is a lovely little feature, especially for an older refurbished laptop. The going market price for this baby is just over $200 dollars. I think this is another great machine for the price and especially with the anti glare technology. This machine will also run a bit faster than both the HP and the DELL, and that is always something we look forward to saying when we are talking computers. Speed is everything in this industry and when you need something fast and cheap, so far the Lenovo is definitely the way to go. However, before I start spouting crazy good reviews at this thing, let’s review a couple others first.

Refurb Under $150

Acer CB3-532-C47C Chromebook – 15.6″ Chromebook Celeron N3060 Dual-Core 1.6GHz 2GB RAM 16GB Flash ChromeOS (Certified Refurbished)

This product from Acer is not going to knock your socks off, but if you are on a super tight budget, and I mean like less than two hundred dollars budget, and you are in need of a laptop, this might be the perfect choice for you. This specific model comes with two gigabytes of ram an Intel Celeron n3060 which only runs at a speed of 1.6 gigahertz. This “chromebook” isn’t going to be a quick machine it will probably run at snail speeds, but it is still very useful for writing documents or browsing the internet. I won’t recommend this machine for much more than those two very basic functions, but for under $150 I guess you get what you pay for, right? On the upside of things the screen is about one and half inches bigger than the other refurbished laptops discussed in this section and that would make the monitor about 15.6 inches wide. This is definitely a beginners laptop, and this is something you probably want to get very young children that take an interest in technology.

In fact, I believe many school systems use chromebooks like these to help students learn to navigate the internet and give them a taste of today’s technology. Definitely not a bad buy, but just don’t expect too much for the money.

ASUS Laptop N551JQ-DS71

Okay, we have showed you the budget deals on buying a refurbished laptop, but maybe you are ready to up your game and spend a little more money for better quality goods. If that is the case, I present to you the ASUS N551JQ-DS71. This beauty contains an Intel Core i7 fourth generation 4710HQ processor that clocks at about 2.5 gigahertz. Also, this baby has one terabyte of storage space! That is great if you download music, play games, or do any type of video editing. The graphics card is an Nvidia Geforce 845M that shows it stuff on a 15.6 inch monitor. This version of the ASUS also comes with Windows 8.1 and a supermulti functional DVD drive. I almost forgot to mention this also has sixteen gigs of RAM! Go get your game on, and I mean it! This thing should run games at low-medium, to medium settings with great fps! I want to also emphasize the standard resolution for this laptop is 1920 by 1080 so this thing is also going to provide you with some crystal clear imagery! As far as pricing goes, you will probably be spending $749.99 directly from

Alienware Alienware 15R3 Intel Core i7-7700HQ X4 2.8GHz 16GB 1.3TB, Silver (Certified Refurbished)

The final refurbished laptop will be reviewing today is the Alienware 15R3. This has a fifteen inch IPS display that comes with a crazy fast hard drive. This hard drive is a 1.3 terabyte hard drive that runs at 7200 rpm’s. It also comes with a quad core processor! Oh yeah, this baby is definitely fast! The processor is an Intel Core i7-7700HQ that is clocked at 2.8 gigahertz. Multiply that by four baby and you got yourself a mean machine! The graphics card is fantastic as well seeing how it is an Nvidia GTX 1070, and you get sixteen gigabytes of DDR4 ram to boot! The laptop itself comes in a sleek silver color that is definitely very vibrant from the outside, but hey were not interested in color, we are interested in efficiency right? If you are worried about weight, have no fear because it only ways about eight pounds. However, the battery life might disappoint some of you because it only allows you to have it on without it being on the charge for about seven hours. Newegg has this laptop priced just right for all of the good hardware that comes with it, and it will cost exactly $1194.26 which is basically the same price as buying a brand new desktop. Amazon also has brand new models for just a couple bucks more, if that’s more your style. That is okay because you will get your hands on a very nice Alienware that will run exactly like new!

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Conclusion: What’s The Best (and most reliable) Refurb For The Money?

In this article we have featured refurbished laptops that are extremely low in price, and others that are a bit higher. My honest answer to selecting one of these machines is this, if you are strictly looking at buying a refurbished computer I wouldn’t spend over five hundred dollars. For around a thousand dollars you could get the exact same hardware that is featured in products like the Alienware or ASUS, so for the purposes of this article only I will have to say that I would go with the Lenovo Black. It shouldn’t be extremely slow like the Acer chromebook, but it will be faster than the Dell or the HP. Happy shopping everyone, and don’t forget to spend your money where you need to spend it. No need to go all out on used equipment, so think smarter, not harder!

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