Affordable Virtual Reality Headsets For Iphone & Android Compared

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Which VR Headsets Offer The Best Experience For The Money?

Chances are if you are reading this, then you probably own a mobile phone of some sort. Whether it is an iPhone, or a phone that supports the Android operating system, chances are you probably have one or the other. Today we have a million more choices when it comes to our entertainment than we did fifteen to twenty years ago, and I want to inform you guys about some of the latest technology that you can use in conjunction with your smart phones. If you purchased your smart phone from a retail store like Verizon or AT&T, then you also have probably seen their VR headsets on a display counter, and these things are absolutely a ton of fun. Most VR headsets have a panoramic type display that moves when you move your head around, and a lot of the images are just mind blowing.

So, today we are going to be discussing some great brands for your smart phones that are definitely worth your money. Please keep in mind every one of these models will be easy to find while just browsing on Amazon, so you won’t have to wade through a sea of search results to find any of these products.

The Top 5 Best Budget VR Headsets For Iphone & Android Phones Compared

BlitzWolf 3D Goggles

This model from Blitzwolf is an amazing buy right now, but not because it has VR that is compatible with both Apple iPhones, and Android operating systems, but because it is on sale, and I mean it is really on sale! The original listing price for this model was over one hundred dollars, and you can buy it straight from Amazon for a very low price of about thirty dollars. That is a seventy percent discount, and to sweeten the pot even further, they have featured upgraded lenses in this model which has added leather protection around it to keep you comfortable as long as you use the device. They even went the extra mile and had an eight- layer nano coating to the lenses themselves. I would say the guys at BlitzWolf are trying to definitely stay ahead of technology, and they want to make sure they deliver the best quality products to you.

Furthermore, for those of you who have short sightedness, the goggles will try to help you play with your new VR headset without any vision problems because they can be adjusted up to five hundred degrees for anyone suffering with this problem. You even have the option of pupil adjustment by up to sixty-five millimeters. These guys are really going above and beyond to try and cater to everyone, and I would say so far it really shows.

After all, how many companies take into consideration that some people suffer from vision problems, and not everyone might be able to enjoy their product?

Moving on, the device itself works with well over five hundred different applications and games for both Android and iPhone products, and it will even work with bigger sized phones like the Nexus 6P, iPhone 6, 6s, the 7 plus, and the Samsung S7 Edge. I don’t really think you can find a current smart phone out there that this headset isn’t compatible with, and that is a great thing, because just about everyone will be able to use it without worrying about having a specific device. The device itself also comes with a remote control that will help make menu selection and setup as smooth as pie while you sit back and enjoy the ride that comes from using Virtual Reality.

ETVR Immersive Virtual Reality Headset

ETVR is a great headset if you only have about twenty dollars to spend. This brand offers a 120 viewing angle that sits much closer to your eyes than most VR headsets, but please take notice if you use this device for too long, then it might cause you some eye strain. It is a known fact that the closer you sit to an electronic display, then the worse it is on your eyes, but the amount of time you use the device also plays a huge factor in this as well. The lenses also are made with Japanese optical grade anti-blue lenses which boast that it won’t cause you eye straight; however, I wouldn’t believe this unless you actually got the information verified from an optometrist. For all we know, this could be a cheesy selling tactic, and when something only costs twenty dollars, then it is usually because the company is making the product very cheaply. The point I am trying to make here is always have your facts verified whenever you buy anything that is making what sounds like outlandish claims.

Furthermore, ETVR features a one button design that can adjust your headset, and I have to admit that is definitely a nice feature. It is placed on the right side of the headset, and we have some new value added to this product. The headset itself also comes with right and left adjustable sliders to fit your smart phone perfectly, regardless of its size. The smart phones this device is compatible with are as follows, the iPhone 6, the 6 plus, the iPhone 7, the Samsung S5, S6, and 7 edge. This thing works with quite a few different phones, but I am still skeptical about the quality of the images, and definitely skeptical about the hardware itself. I have really never heard of this company, and we don’t know for sure if they are pulling the wool over our eyes or not. However, it might be worth to spend twenty bucks just to find out, but I am going to suggest to my readers to move to our VERDICT, and go with the devices we selected as today’s winners just to be sure you are getting your money’s worth. Before moving on out of fairness I want to mention that this headset does look comfortable, and it does come with adjustable headbands, because the company did take into consideration that usually products like these are not a one size fits all deal, so there is somewhat of a thumbs up from me on their part. If you have noticed I am slightly negative towards this product, then you are correct. If you are wondering why, then I will be more than glad to give you an explanation. When I first browsed Amazon to dig for the best VR headsets for your money I came across this Virtual Reality headset and I started reading about the price, the value in the product itself, and how the description was written. After a while I scrolled down to see the very same product offered by the very same company, but with several different advertisements.

Usually, multiple advertisements can be expected from newer companies to gain more brand awareness; however, when these advertisements are placed on a United States website with very noticeable broken English, then that is usually a big red flag to stay away. For example, having a product description for a Virtual Reality headset that states, “More Lighter More Comfortable”, is definitely not an appealing advertisement for a piece of new technology. On top of all of that, who starts a sentence with More Lighter? If you are a native English speaking person you know that is terrible English to begin with, and this company probably had these devices manufactured by the thousands on a shoestring budget, which in turn means that the quality is most likely lacking somewhere. As consumers, and readers of my blog, I encourage you to please be on the lookout for red flags like this.

Samsung Gear VR

This next model, the Samsung Gear VR only works with select Samsung smart phones, so I am sorry iPhone users, but I had to put it on my list because I happened to try one of these babies inside a Verizon store, and the experience completely knocked my socks off. This device has lets you explore the world of VR from three hundred and sixty degrees with a one hundred and one degree field of view. Not to mention, the graphics felt like I was playing on my desktop, and no I am not kidding, because they were that good. The only con about this product is that is priced at about one hundred bucks, but even at that higher price I still think this piece of equipment is a must have for your entertainment collection. Samsung even includes a premium VR video service. You will also get another excellent feature when you buy this product, and what I am about to explain will probably have many of you very excited. When you buy the Samsung Gear VR it allows you to create your own VR experiences and you can also share them through their premium video service platform. You can be your own developer, and you have the ability to wow thousands of other individuals with your own creations! How cool is that? I also love the fact that this product only weighs about two pounds, so it won’t feel heavy while you wear it, and it is extremely comfortable. Out of the one hundred and thirty three reviews left on Amazon, this product scored a solid four out of five stars, and these are real customers leaving real feedback. This model also comes with its own controller, but don’t forget to pick up a pack of AAA batteries, because it takes two of these batteries to run the device. There are hundreds and hundreds of games to choose from after you purchase this device, and most of them are made by the founders of VR itself, Oculus. When a company like Oculus is making your games, you know they are literally going to be out of this world. The Samsung devices that this VR headset works with are the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, and the Galaxy S6 edge. If you own one of these devices I would highly recommend that you drop the extra cash to try this thing out.

The Verdict

This verdict is going to be a stray away from our normal one winner takes all approach. Today I am going to be choosing two devices that deserve your purchasing power, and the device will be different depending on what kind of smart phone you have. If you own nothing but Samsung products I encourage you to spend the $100 dollars and buy the Samsung Gear VR. Not only is it engineered for comfort, but it was made to be immersive, and make people really feel like they are exploring a whole new world. I mean even your hand movements are measured by this thing, and you can pick different items up, and grab different objects in your virtual world. I also chose this winner do to the fact is compatible with just about any newer Samsung device out there, and it will offer entertainment for hours on end. Sometimes it is better to throw away a few extra dollars when you need quality, and the Samsung Gear VR definitely comes packed with tons of quality.

Finally, if you own an iPhone I am going to have quite the different recommendation for obvious reasons. The first obvious reason is because since you don’t own an iPhone you won’t be able to pick up a Samsung Gear VR. Blitzwolf is the clear winner in this category, and I picked them due to their low price, high quality VR headset, and I also really liked how they took nearsighted people into consideration when developing their product. I believe this is a company that is going to make it quite far in the VR world, because they think out of the box. There are your two new winners today for the Virtual Reality category, and I hope you guys enjoy trying either one of these products, because they are both worth every dollar in my opinion. Have a great day and have fun!

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