Ways to Get Paid to Write Amazon Reviews

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In the online market, Amazon has a huge presence and offers over 400 million products. Almost any product you can imagine is available on Amazon, not to mention the amazing convenience of shopping on Amazon, making it the No. 1 choice for shoppers across the globe.

Apart from spending tons of money shopping for all your favorite things on Amazon, there are several ways by which you can use Amazon to earn money, and in this article, we will be discussing the ways you can get paid to write Amazon reviews. It is not very surprising that with so many options available, the No. 1 method that customers use to decide which product or brand to buy is by the rating of the product and the number of reviews.

As a company selling products, it is but natural that you would like your products to have good ratings and lots of positive reviews. And, several companies today, are willing to pay for positive reviews which can help to boost their product sales.


There are essentially two ways by which you can write reviews for Amazon products. One is to write mini-reviews or review blurbs on the Amazon website itself, for which you get paid. Or, the second option is to review Amazon’s products on your own website, which allows you to earn more money.


Method 1

Writing Reviews on the Amazon Website

Amazon.com has a comprehensive review system which allows the customers to give their feedback on the products that they have purchased. The reviews offer an indicator of the product quality and have the ability to influence the sales. Amazon makes use of the information to determine which products will be featured and the order in which the products are displayed on the site.


Products that have got several reviews or having a higher ratio of positive reviews are usually featured higher up on the Amazon search results, which is why companies are extremely keen on garnering positive Amazon reviews.


Sometimes, companies ask customers for honest feedback and you can either say that you liked the product or hated it. However, for such reviews, you usually do not get a monetary reward, but you could get some discounts on your future purchases or an entry into a raffle, among other things.


Getting positive reviews is quite difficult. People are quite lazy when it comes to reviewing and giving feedback on products unless they are unhappy with the product or the company. This is probably why many companies will pay customers only for positive reviews of their product on the Amazon site.


Recently Amazon has changed its terms and conditions where paid reviews are concerned. Earlier on, companies were allowed to ask for reviews and offer free products, as long as this was stated explicitly in the review. However, Amazon does not allow this any longer and as a result, paid reviews have decreased. Nevertheless, companies still require product reviews and you can earn money; although, it would be a violation of Amazon’s terms and conditions.


But if you’re still interested in earning money by writing product reviews for Amazon, there are 2 ways by which you can do this.


Work for a Review-Style Website

There are several review websites which facilitate the process of reviewing and they do this by helping the companies and reviews interact with each other. These review websites get requests from companies for reviews on their products, which they then pass on to individuals working for them. The companies requiring the product reviews pay a fee and the writers get paid a part of the fee. This is a great option for companies requiring reviews, as well as for reviewers looking to earn money.

This method is quite common in the case of eBooks, which are digital and can be shared easily. Thousands of websites offer their services for promotion of eBooks on Amazon and several of these sites depend on paid reviews as a key component of their service. Sometimes, the amount paid to the reviewer covers the fee for the review, as well as, the cost of the book which they must buy.


So, how does this work? Reviewers are required to buy an e-book at a specific time and they are given a specific time period in which they must read the book, write a review about it and publish it. Usually, when the reviewers buy the e-book, there is a surge in traffic, which propels the e-book into the Amazon bestsellers list. And, when the reviews are published, the book gets an overall good rating, which helps in its sales.


Finding these types of jobs can be quite tricky because most companies do not explicitly state that they are hiring reviewers as it is against the company’s and also Amazon’s terms. So, you need to pay attention to the types of reviews on Amazon and figure out the ones that may be paid reviews and then get the required information about these companies that are hiring people to write paid reviews.


There may also be sites such as MoneyPantry where you can get information about paid review jobs. However, one thing you must be very clear about is that you will not be paid by Amazon to write any product reviews even if you can influence customers.


Work for Yourself and Make Money

While review sites may make it easier for you to find paid review jobs, however, the limitation is that the earning per review is rather low and since the job is quite easy, there are many takers and fewer opportunities. In fact, several companies do not pay for your review and will give you a product instead, which means that you do not earn any income. So, if you want to make money you should try and work on your own.


Several top reviewers on Amazon get requests regularly to review products and may receive free products in exchange for the review. While this practice is against the policies of Amazon, it still does not deter companies from asking for them and several reviewers continue to get compensated for reviewing products in some way or the other. However, for this, you need to be recognized by companies as being a significant reviewer, which means that you need to be among the top 10,000 reviewers and write useful and extremely comprehensive reviews. This may take a lot of effort and time.


Another method is to sell your services as a reviewer on sites like Fiverr and this will allow you to charge your own fee. However, to do this you will need to have several published reviews on Amazon, including reviews for products that you have bought and used. And, you should have a good balance of both positive and negative reviews, which may call for doing some unpaid reviews too.


So, it is really worth it? Well, writing reviews for Amazon do count as a way of making money online but when you consider it to be worth it, then the money that you make by writing reviews may not really be enough to pay your bills and at best can be considered a hobby. For instance, you may be paid $2-$3 for every book review on Amazon and if you do 20 reviews a month and also factor in the time for reading each book, then you would be earning around $40-$60 a month, which is quite low for the effort. So, to make some decent amount of money, you may have to take up writing reviews for several companies.


Method 2

Posting Amazon Reviews on Your Website

The other option of making money is by writing Amazon product reviews and posting them on your own website. This method is a better way by which you can build long-term income that you can depend on. You write the reviews on your website instead of writing it on Amazon and then make money via Amazon Associates, which is an affiliate programme offered by Amazon.


In this method, you get paid per purchase you make rather than per review and this approach offers a greater income potential as you can increase the traffic to your site over time. If you earn $10 for each review that you write, to make around $1,000, you need to write at least 100 reviews. However, if you write a long one-page review on your own website, the page remains online forever and creates an income stream for several years down the line.


And, although you are an online business, you are an informational site and you don’t have to buy and ship out products, etc. All you need to do is write your opinion on products, somewhat like a blog post and there are two ways in which you can do this.

  • Buy the product, use it and then write your review on basis of your experience.
  • Do online research and consolidate information about the product and then write your review.


You can earn a commission on any sales which you get with affiliate programs. However, Amazon’s commissions are not very large and so it may be worth your while to promote products of other companies of your website too. Nevertheless, since Amazon as a brand is very big and trustworthy, it offers several advantages.


The method of reviewing products and writing informational blogs on your own website is an excellent and effective way to grow your online income in the long term. You can start your review website on almost any topic that you wish and add links from hundreds of companies that will enable you to earn money online.

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