Ways to Make Money as a Stay-At-Home Mom

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The job of a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job and sadly, you don’t even get paid for it. This may make it extremely difficult to rely on a single income to run your home or build your savings. However, the good news is that today, there are many ways by which, as a stay-at-home mom, you can make money without leaving your home or your kids.

There are several jobs that enable you to make money while your kids are asleep or are away at school. While the earning potential of the jobs may not be extremely high, you can still make a tidy sum in a year.


Telemarketing is an excellent job for stay-at-home moms. The job is usually in shifts and can be quite suitable for your demanding life as a mom. To be a telemarketer, you do not require a bachelor’s degree or plenty of training, which means that the entry barrier for the job of a telemarketer is fairly low.

As a telemarketer, you need to make several telephone calls which may be to sell products, get donations, conduct surveys, etc. and the job calls you to be customer friendly, have good communication skills and be quite thick skinned. Having any sort of sales experience can be an added plus to be a telemarketer.

On an average, as a telemarketer, you can earn around $16 per hour and you can easily find telemarketing jobs via job sites such as FlexJobs, Upwork, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.

Taking Online Surveys

A very quick and easy way to make money is by taking up online surveys. Sites like Harris Poll Online offer points for completing online surveys, which can take anywhere between 5 to 25 minutes to answer. You can accumulate points by taking many surveys and redeem the points for gift cards from retailers like Starbucks and Amazon. Other companies such as Swagbucks, Global Test Market, etc. pay you cash to take up surveys.

And, the best part is that there is no cost associated with signing up with any site to take surveys. While filling out surveys on just one site may not bring in a lot of money, it may be worth your while to join multiple sites and fill in many surveys to make a decent amount per month.

Evaluating Websites

Another excellent way in which you can make money as a stay-at-home mom is by evaluating websites. You can earn up to $10 for around 15-20 minutes of work. You need to sign up with sites like UserTesting and then evaluate websites. For this job, you will require a computer, an internet connection and a microphone.

You need to fill a form with your demographic profile and if your profile matches the target audience of the websites being tested, you will receive work. Then, you need to download the screen recorder and record your comments and movements on the screen as you navigate through the website. Typically, website owners are looking for feedback on how easy or confusing it is to navigate the particular website.

Online Expert

If you have a professional degree or some high-level skill but are a stay-at-home mom without a full-time career, then there are many options where you can use your expertise from the comfort of your home and make money. If you have a professional degree in a high-skilled area such as medicine, law, accounting, marketing, etc., you can create your profile on expertise marketplaces, where you can either bid for a job related to your expertise or a client may approach you for your services.

Some of the places where you can get started are JustAnswer, where you can sell your expertise, potential clients can post their queries online and registered experts such as lawyers, engineers, doctors, antique dealers, etc. can bid to answer a question. You can offer your expert services to clients over the phone where you are paid by the minute on platforms like Clarity.fm.

Some of the other platforms where you can sell your expertise are TaskRabbit, for home and errand services, Upwork services required by lean organizations, Amazon’s Home Services handyman and home improvement services, Fiverr offers services required by entrepreneurs such as digital and video marketing, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk for menial and repetitive computer-related jobs. These various marketplaces vary in terms of the expertise required and the payment.

One more way to make money by selling your expertise online is by creating a class in the area in which you have expertise such as public speaking, personal finance, online marketing, etc. on one of the several online learning platforms. This would essentially require plenty of work such as creating a syllabus for the class, recording lectures, developing assignments, etc.

Once you do your work, all you have to do is post your class online and you will receive a percentage of sales and sometimes royalties which are calculated as per the minutes of the videos watched. Some online learning platforms you could consider are Skillshare, Udemy, Zeqr, etc.

Market Testing and Research

Several companies pay money to get your opinion. For such jobs as a market tester and researcher, you can work from home but need a smartphone or a computer and an internet connection. The money you can earn for such work varies. For example, as a website tester, you can earn up to $10 for a test that can take around 15-20 minutes to complete.


Some of the different ways by which you can participate in market research and testing jobs are:

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a great way to earn money, especially if you love shopping and like spending your time in shopping malls. You can earn money by doing many things that you may already be doing regularly such as eating at restaurants, watching movies, shopping at certain stores, etc.


Many companies employ mystery shoppers to visit a store, restaurant, etc. and pretend to be a shopper while evaluating the various aspects such as the customer service, cleanliness, attentiveness, etc. Sometimes, you may be required to do remote assessments or call the customer service which you can do from home.


Join a Focus Group or a Research Study

Several companies pay people to join focus groups and answer consumer-related questions. They may require you to spend an hour to maybe even all day to participate in focus groups and research studies and the pay varies depending on the time you spend on these studies. Some of the companies that hire people for research and focus groups are UserTest, Analysia, UserTesting.com, etc.

Virtual Tutoring

This is a good job for stay-at-home moms that allows them to create their own convenient schedules and use their subject expertise to tutor students from their home. You can deliver your lessons via Skype FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc. While to be a virtual tutor, you don’t require a teaching certification, most companies require you to have a bachelor’s degree and a demonstration of your skills in the particular subject via some sort of an assessment or exam.


The online tutoring companies offer online training modules which are very convenient and if you already have experience in teaching or tutoring, it can be an added plus. Tutors in math for various grades and for exams like SAT, ACT, etc., Science subjects, English reading and comprehension, essay writing and ESL for grammar and test preparation, are usually in high demand.


To get a job as an online tutor, you can create a profile which will allow a client to contact you for your services or you can bid for clients. You can check out online tutoring companies like Tutor, Revolution Prep, Wyzant, etc.


Another excellent opportunity which is growing and has become popular in the recent years is to teach English to students abroad such as in countries like China, Japan, Korea, etc. Some companies where you can sign up as an English tutor are VIPKID, Lingoda, Twosimas, Englishunt, etc.

Social Media Evaluator

As a social media evaluator, your job would be to gather information about the social media presence and strategy of a company. The job entails evaluating the relevance and quality of search results, news feeds, ads, etc. in the specific market. To work as a media evaluator, all you need is an internet access and you can work from your computer or your smartphone.


However, the drawback of this type of a job is that the hiring process can be completed online and impersonal and can take several weeks. Nevertheless, the work of a social media evaluator is extremely easy and the hours are flexible. The pay range for the job can be anywhere between $10 and $14 per hour, but it depends on your location. You can look for social media evaluator jobs on job sites like FlexJobs, Glassdoor, etc.



A transcription job essentially requires you to type out scripts and for this, you require to be fast and accurate in your typing. For the job of a transcriber, you will require a computer, headphones, an internet connection and a word processing software like MS Word. Having a foot pedal to control the video or audio recording can be beneficial.


Transcription is an excellent job for stay-at-home moms, as you can do it remotely and it does not require a long period of training to get started. While you may think that there is nothing more to a transcription job than just typing, it requires a fair amount of time and concentration.


Typically, most transcription jobs come in every day and need a fast turnaround. So, unless you are working as a transcriptionist with a particular company, instead of doing the job as a freelance project, your workload can be unpredictable and vary from day to day.


The average hourly pay for a transcription job is around $15 per hour and if you want a more stable job and income from transcription, you can consider medical transcription, which pays more but you will require to train for it. You can check out transcription jobs on websites such as UpWork, Glassdoor, Go Transcript, TranscribeMe, etc.


Virtual Assistant

The job of a virtual assistant (VA) is an excellent option for stay-at-home moms. As a VA, you can work across several types of industries, but at the core, the job of a VA is administrative. You can work for a business or an entrepreneur online or remotely on a freelance basis.


As a VA, your job will entail handling various jobs on behalf of the particular business, like scheduling meetings, data entry, taking calls, handling social media, managing blogs, managing emails, online research, customer service, etc. If you are extremely organized and possess good communication and computer skills, then you can be extremely successful as a VA.


If you feel that you are skilled in certain areas or particular kinds of jobs, then it may be a very good idea to offer your services in those particular areas. When you join any company as a VA, you are usually given training in the various processes of the business and what they require you to do.


As a VA, you can earn between $15 – $20 an hour and if you have more experience, you can earn even up to $30 an hour. You can look for a job of a VA in sites like UpWork, FlexJobs, Freelancer.com, ZipRecruiter, etc.


Customer Service Rep

The job a customer service rep has a low barrier to entry and is a great job for stay-at-home moms who don’t have the additional education or training. A call service representative typically helps customers and takes inbound calls. The job involves interacting and speaking with a lot of people and helping them with their orders, service issues, solving their problems, etc.


Customer service jobs offer jobs in the shifts where they require employees. Usually, as a customer service rep, you are connected to the organization’s system via your computer and telephone line and you answer all incoming calls via a handset. When any customer calls the business’ customer care number, they will be connected to you and you can help the customers by answering their questions or solving their problem.


Usually, when companies employ home-based customer service reps, they train you in what you need to say to the customer and go about answering their queries or solve their problems. You are also given access to the company’s manual which is either available online or you can download, which lets you look for answers to all the customers’ questions. Being attentive, friendly and having good communication skills is a huge plus for the job of a customer care service representative. And, as a customer care rep, you can earn around $16 per hour.

Selling Online Crafts

If you are creative and love creating stuff, you can sell your unique art, creations and designs on online crafts marketplaces like Etsy, ArtFire, Amazon Handmade, CraftIsArt, Zibbet, etc. Most of these websites charge you a fee when you list your items and when the items are sold, they take a small percentage of the sales.


If you decide to sell your items via one of the platforms online, then it is recommended that you list on 4-5 sites instead of just focusing on a single site. Another way to sell your items is to start your own e-commerce website. However, in this case, you will have to set up your store, pay a monthly subscription, etc. You can also make use of digital storefronts like Big Cartel, eCrater, etc. to set up your online store.


Selling your arts and crafts online is an excellent option for stay-at-home moms as once you have your inventory and list your items, the entire process is quite passive until a sale is made. Once an item sells, you need to package and ship it. If you are selling customized designs, then you must consider the cost of materials and the labor to make these custom items.


It is a good idea to invest conservatively in your materials and test whether your crafts have a market before you go the whole hog. And, you may want to also check out if the local boutiques and gift stores will sell your items instead of completely depending on online sales.


You could consider taking up a job as a babysitter which involves various tasks such as picking up a kid from school or some lessons, helping them with their homework, bathing and changing them, etc. These are probably all things you’re familiar with your own kid as a parent and working as a part-time babysitter may be a good fit for you as a stay-at-home mom.


This may also be a blessing in disguise for your friends who have full-time careers, work at an office and need an experienced trustworthy person taking care of their kids while they are at work. You can babysit for a couple of kids or you could run a daycare from your home.


However, running a daycare would mean that you devote more time to the job and also require licenses and permits. You can offer your babysitting services via your social media, your personal networks and word of mouth. You could also try getting babysitting jobs via sites like Urbansitter.com, Care.com, etc. With a babysitting job, you can earn around $10 per hour in a smaller city and in larger cities, you can earn much more.

Freelance Writer

If you love writing, but don’t want the hassle of running and maintaining a blog on a regular basis, then you could look for a job as a freelance writer. Today, there are many options such as corporate, media and websites who are on the lookout for freelancers who can write, develop or edit content. While some of these jobs pay by the hour, others pay on a project-to-project basis and some pay per word.


Sites like Textbroker.com allow you to register free of cost after which, you need to submit a sample of your writing and based on the quality of your content, you will receive a rating and then you can choose the kind of projects you want to do on the basis of your quality rating and you can earn around 1 cent – 5 cents per word or even more. Websites such as FreelanceWriting.com offers a list of writing opportunities that have been shortlisted from various websites.

Virtual Recruiter

The job of a virtual recruiter is to find suitable candidates for job openings. Virtual recruiters essentially contact diverse applicants by making use of “virtual open houses” where they meet interested candidates and speak about the organization and the positions online and by making use of questionnaires, they screen candidates who are interested.


A virtual recruiter helps to save an organization the time and effort and screens the candidates before the company meets them face to face. Typically, virtual recruiters work for an agency or as freelancers and can earn between $30 to $40 an hour. If you don’t want to invest any money for access to job board subscriptions, expensive recruitment tools, etc. then it is better to work for an agency.


The job of a virtual recruiter is ideal for a stay-at-home mom who is willing to attend training on the process of recruitment, tools, etc. However, it would be beneficial if you already have an HR or recruitment background. As a virtual recruiter, you need to be intelligent and understand what a company is looking for in a candidate. You don’t require a bachelor’s degree for the job of a virtual recruiter, but you must have an associate’s degree or relevant experience. You can easily find jobs on sites like LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, etc.


Today, we live in a world connected by technology and being a stay-at-home mom does not make you any less than a woman with a full-time work-at-an-office career. There are lots of options available for a stay-at-home mom. Not only can you make use of the knowledge and skills you have to make a successful career, you can explore your interests and earn money doing things you really love. With so many career options available these day, being a stay-at-home mom need not be staid and boring. Go ahead and get an exciting job and get the best of both worlds.





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