How To Make Money With A Fashion Blog

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I bet most of us find it awesome, to earn while doing something that you love and enjoy doing. Fashion blogging is no longer just a hobby, it is more than just that, here are various ways of earning money while at it. The fact that you earn while you do what you love, makes fashion blogging more fulfilling. Several fascinating bloggers have earned a lot through fashion blogging and this has really changed lives of many. However, one should not think that it’s a one day project where you start and expect to shine but we should keep in mind that it will take some time before you start it and getting noticed. Blogging has recently grown rapidly and became one of the most popular ways of passing and spreading information and trending news and since there are literally million of blogs online one has to stand out by becoming a better person and good in writing and expressing ideas so as to capture the attention of more than million audiences.

One can make income in blogging through the following ways:

Through the use of Affiliate links

This is whereby the blogger uses the related sites and create links on blogs to link directly to products that the blogger is wearing or buying in photos and posts. Through this means the blogger with his or her pay through either clicks or the commission on the total sales made from their posts. Affiliate links work with cookies and once a client click on a product featured on the blogging site and purchase a product from its home company website then the blogger simply gets paid.

Getting connected to other bloggers

Blogging shouldn’t be considered personal, instead, bloggers should interact with other bloggers and look for ways to create an informal virtual alliance with other bloggers with whom they can share content or bloggers with related interests to cross-promote and offer support to each other.

Through mass education

This can be possible only if a blogger or influencer has a niche , they can either teach through seminars, paid online classes or one-on –one session. The fashion and beauty bloggers to partake in speaking opportunities. Individual’s bloggers host these panels and classes to teach Instagram skills, DIY projects or photography.

Conducting marketing campaigns

One should note that this is very different from sponsored content. This is whereby instead of giving the blogger something to create on his or her personal site, it is done by the company’s marketing team and stays on the company’s site, promoted by the company but also can be shared on the blogger’s platform.

Through sponsored content

This is also whereby the blogger is paid for by the brand through the post, mostly Instagram has dominated since it reaches several people and its being updated after every second worldwide and it is trending, YouTube videos, and Facebook and Pinterest collaborations. This depends on the medium a blogger chooses to use and usually, it is a combination of all the outlets together. For this to happen, one has to be outstanding and be at the top of his/her game so as to be approached by a brand to approach one himself. The qualities or the required standards from the blogger includes; being authenticity, a good storyteller, blog engagement, blog aesthetic, compatibility, and professionalism. That is just to mention a few.

Recently it has been seen that in a blog post the hashtags #ad# sponsored or “in collaboration with” to indicate that the content is sponsored by a certain brand being advertised.

Through photography and other creations

This is because many bloggers take photos of themselves, some get really good at taking and editing pictures which can lead to the point where other companies and fashion brands can hire bloggers for their phot skills leading to income for the blogger.

Through writing for other networks

If you are good in writing then this is the best way because one doesn’t have to have a large number of followers to do well in this field, what is required only is a good work and this means that you could be using your own blog as resume and writing samples. One can pitch him or herself as a writer/ blogger for sites within the niche. If you want opportunities that are paid though the payment varies from site to site depending on the quality of the work that one submits.

Some bloggers even make the transition to printing. This depends also on the skills and how you are good at pitching. If one can manage this, these opportunities tend to pay a lot.

Through Product sales

This is great if you have a lot of information to share and an audience who are engaged enough to buy your products. In DIY/craft blogging niche, several bloggers have developed product deals with major stores or others who sell their products on Etsy. If you do sell a product, your blog becomes a marketing platform and therefore earning income will be simple.

Through consulting

Since this field of fashion blogging and social media is totally a new frontier not only to individuals but also for brands and small businesses, fashion bloggers should know how to capitalize on their newfound knowledge and share it those who need it. But the service should be offered a certain amount of fee. Bloggers who have worked for a long time and have the experience can help businesses grow by acting as consultants as this will make a perfect match and it will lead to income generation.

Brand collaboration

This is the most commonly seen method of generating income that we see from fashion bloggers and other influencers. This method is also known as the advertorial way whereby a brand will pay for a feature on a blog post or social media. All brand collaborations can be as simple as wearing a garment for a brand or full –fledged fashion production.

Most of the fashion bloggers will be eager to know how much time it will take them before they start making a reasonable income.

This blogging job requires patience, it will take even more than five good months before you get even a single click or a follower and one should not give up since the income will be pretty proportional to an amount of time you put in.

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