What Camera Do Famous Popular Youtuber’s Use Most?

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What Affordable Cameras Do Popular Youtubers Use For Their Videos?

Have you ever wondered what kind of cameras famous Youtube stars use? Maybe you are thinking about starting your own Youtube channel, or perhaps you already own a channel and want to give your viewers some real high quality videos. Whatever the case may be, we will giving you a breakdown of some of the best cameras for Youtube.

Canon Powershot G7 X

The Canon Powershot G7X is loved by stars like PewDiepie, Faze Rain, and Joey Graceffa. I bet one reason that these stars love this camera is that it is super compact, and comes with features like selfie ready camera angles! This model can even record videos with a 1080p full resolution at a stunning sixty frames per second. Did you know that the human eye is only capable of seeing things at a speed of sixty frames per second anyways? The quality of the video is absolutely stunning on this and it even comes with built in Wifi and NFC. Ten years ago, I would have never guessed that our cameras would be able to connect to the internet! This camera has some super crazy features, and honestly it is not that expensive for a high-quality camera. The actual price is $581.99 straight from Amazon and you can get this product in as little as five days if you choose their expedited shipping method. I forgot to mention that this camera even comes with a touch panel LCD screen, and I mean who can live without one of those these days. Touch panel LCD screens are a must have for the avid photographer! I wouldn’t get too hung up on the video capturing qualities of this camera, because it takes awesome still pictures too. That was just an FYI, because I know this is technically about Youtube, but it still an all around excellent device! If you purchase this camera you will also be able to record videos in slow motion, and it can auto focus. That is another must have feature of any camera.

Additionally, I want to stress that the compact size of this camera will be awesome to shoot videos with it because it isn’t a large and clunky piece of equipment, so it fits easily into your pocket!

Canon EOS 70D

Moving on, other Youtubers like Aspyn Ovard and McJuggerNuggets love using the Canon EOS 70D. If you purchase this camera you should know that it isn’t as compact as the Powershot G7X; however, many professional photographers love using DSLR’s like this because they offer the best quality. DSLR’s are also favored by many film makers and these kinds of cameras are great when your shooting in low light scenarios. This camera also has a built-in flash and also shoots in 1080 that will provide you with that lovely sixty frames per second. I would like to say that this model has all the bells and whistles one would want with a camera too. Like the Powershot you can expect this model to be wi-fi compatible and it even comes with a remote control for instant sharing. However, if you want this cool feature you will have to download their EOS remote application. That being said, I don’t think there will be much of a problem there, because who doesn’t have a smart phone now days? The original listing price is $1200, but Amazon has a great sale going on right now where you could swipe this for only $799. That is quite a discount in my opinion. I want to also say that if anyone reading this is new to the camera world, then don’t sweat it, because this is still an awesome buy. You might be wondering why I mentioned you newbies in that last sentence, so I’ll go ahead and give you the scoop. This badass camera will also come with a digital instruction course so you can shoot like the pros anytime anywhere. You could learn how to use this thing very quickly and become a Youtube star too! Imagine all of those followers and subscribers just waiting for you to release new content. If you think seven hundred bucks is a lot of money to spend, then just think of this item as a long-term investment. If you decide to create your own Youtube channel just think of all the ad revenue you will be receiving just because YOU bought this camera! This camera also has a wide variety of lenses available for it which customizability and utility is always a big plus when you are buying a camera, duh! You really aren’t going to beat the price of this model either, because most cameras that have this kind of quality are in the three thousand dollar range, and for many of us that is just not affordable. I want you guys to go back to that $799 price tag and ask yourself if eight hundred dollars is really a bad price now. If you don’t believe me, then just go do a quick Google search and I would almost be willing to bet you will be going right back to this camera.

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Canon ELPH 330HS

Our third recommended product has one main wow factor that has inspired several different Youtubers to pick this as their go to camera, and it is not hard to see why. Earlier in this article we talked about how important it is for a camera to be compact, and not a bulky, hard to carry piece of equipment. This camera beats them both because Cannon announced this is literally the thinnest camera in the world! It is unbelievably small, no joke! If you still want an excellent camera that shoots in 1080p full high definition, but you don’t have the kind of cash to spend on a model like the EOS 70D, you won’t have to look no further, because you will only be spending around $137 for this tiny camera. It comes with something called an ECO mode that will help save power so you can shoot footage for longer periods of time. Did we also mention that is has a 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and a 10x zoom?

Conclusion: What To Buy If You’re Just Starting Out

My suggestion is check out the Canon ELPH 330HS model if your budget is under $500 bucks. If you are just starting out as a new Youtuber, then you don’t need a thousand dollar camera, but some lights light these can go a loooooong way with your smartphone. If you can spend $700 dollars, check out the G7X which what all the top youtubers used when starting their channels, and you can find other similar vlog camera models here too. It always pays to be practical or else it might just sit on your shelf if you decide creating videos isn’t for you. The $137 price tag is also very hard to beat considering it shoots both great photos and videos on the go. Happy snapping folks!

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