What’s The Best Asus Laptop? (the top 5 models compared!)

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In this guide we check out all the latest and greatest technology and usually pit different companies against each other to see who really brings the best equipment for the best price. This guide will be quite similar except we are not comparing different companies, but we are comparing one company, ASUS, and see what is their top five laptops!


You might remember me mentioning a ROG in a separate article featuring ASUS, but this time we have the ROG GX800VH and it is one of the latest and greatest laptops from ASUS.

To back up my epic claim I am going to tell you exactly what is in it. Be prepared to be amazed, because this laptop is bringing way more than what we usually feature.

First, this version of the Republic of Gamers model comes fully loaded with dual Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 graphics cards. You read that right, SLI for a laptop! This machine also doesn’t use fan to keep the hardware cool either, but instead it uses a liquid cooling system. You know that most high end laptops that use fans to cool their system usually don’t work right anyways and they somehow always run hot. This baby just eliminated that problem with ease. I want to also inform you that this is the first laptop in the world that supports 4k ultra high definition, so you definitely want to play some of the newest games to see the amazing video quality you will be experiencing. Any competitive gamer also knows that no system is complete without a genuine mechanical keyboard. If you want to play with the best you definitely need one of these and this new model comes with one. The guys at ASUS also created this keyboard with customizability in mind too because you can assign each key a different RGB color and the entire thing will be backlit. This is definitely what dreams are made of in terms of technology. Consumers can also be prepared to unleash the power of the Intel i7 Kaby Lake processor when they buy this sick piece of equipment. I got caught up with all the nice hardware in this laptop that I forgot to mention you will also be doing everything on an eighteen inch monitor! This masterpiece is going to be a tough nut to crack!

Pricing last updated on 2021-09-15 - Disclaimer

ASUS Zenbook UX430

If you aren’t looking to do any hardcore gaming, then we have another great choice for you. This model is the Zenbook UX430 and one of its main features is that it is super lightweight, so that means it will be extremely easy to haul around anywhere! This is a great machine for both college students and professionals. The exact weight of this model is two and a half pounds, or 1.25 kilograms. It has anti-glare technology on its lovely compact fourteen-inch display. You have the option of overclocking this Zenbook to 3.5 gigahertz and giving it up to sixteen gigabytes of DDR4 ram. It will also have an Nvidia 940mx gaming chip so you still have the option of playing some of those games that require a pretty gnarly system. I know a lot of you are probably concerned about battery life and I can tell you the battery in this specific model will last up to nine hours. That is a long time compared to most machines, so that is definitely a plus for the Zenbook UX430. The keyboard on this machine isn’t mechanical like the ROG GX800VH, but still is a backlit keyboard and it even comes with a touchscreen! Not a bad choice!

ASUS Zenbook Pro UX501

Since we just discussed a Zenbook model I figured we would discuss the big brother of the Zenbook. This product is definitely trying to compete with the ROG lineup and let me tell you why.

First off, this beast has copied the ROG 4k UHD display so that means it has a resolution of 3840 x 2160, damn that is going to give you some great image quality! If you decide this is the machine for you, then you will also get a quad core i7-6700HQ processor along with a sixteen gigabytes of that solid RAM you desire. The battery life is about six hours for this model, so it won’t last as long as the Zenbook UX430; but, I guarantee this one is a bit more powerful if that is what you are looking for.

If you are looking for speed, ASUS put a solid state disk that has the newest technology called PCIe x4 that will read and write sixteen times faster than your typical SATA III. ASUS keeps giving us great machines and this battle is going to be a tough one!


This laptop is from the K series and it has some of the convenient features that the UX430 brings like being lightweight, and very minimalist, but it too has some intense hardware inside its tiny body. When I see the K501UX it brings one thing to mind, and that is the fight between David and the Goliath. I say this because when you look at small laptop computers you usually think, well since they are so small they couldn’t possibly have any kind of good hardware in them. Wrong! This laptop has an intelligent fan system that has two copper fans to help keep the GPU much cooler than other laptops we have discussed in the past. ASUS even claims that your system will stay nice and frosty even when you are working on the most intense computer tasks. We all love that because many of the competitor brand laptops will actually end up burning your hand if you rest it too long on them. The intelligent cooling system along with the design actually keeps the laptop temperature below your regular body temperature and ASUS guarantees that you will always be comfortable while using this setup. They even manage to include a lovely Nvidia Geforce GTX 950 graphics card in this tiny monster that way you can still sit back and enjoy some entertainment for the times you aren’t working. Solid machine right here!


We have one more model to bring you today and this is another leading laptop from the Republic of Gamers Series. This G752 laptop comes with an Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 that makes it VR ready! If you buy this machine you will be able to enjoy all the latest technology in the gaming world, and that is pretty cool! ASUS also has built the world’s first anti ghosting keyboard which comes with this machine! You can press up to thirty keys at a time and the laptop will interpret each one of them correctly. This is definitely a gamer’s dream right here. If you are into streaming your game play it also comes with Xsplit gamecaster which is also a nice touch. I would say this is a pretty good laptop too!

The Verdict

I am a big fan of the biggest and baddest on the block, so let me be very straight forward. Personally, I would choose the ROG GX800VH. I love the idea of being able to watch movies and play games on 4k UHD. That is definitely how one should be enjoying entertainment! It might be a tad more expensive than the other models, but I bet it is worth every red cent. You really can’t go wrong with purchasing a machine from ASUS; however, the GX800VH is my pick of the day!

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