The Best Place To Buy Your Infrared Sauna (and which brands are best)

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Over the last couple of years, the questions “which infrared sauna brand is best” and “where’s the best place to buy an infrared sauna” roll in day in and day out. Trouble is, each person is usually looking for something that meets their individual needs right?

So not every sauna brand (or model/size) is going to be right for everyone.

But we have it narrowed down pretty good, so much so, that it’ll save you a ton of research.

Matt created as a way to rank and rate specific infrared sauna brands, that tested well above the rest.

Where To Buy My Infrared Sauna?

In the past, it was usually better to only buy your sauna direct from the manufacturer. But now after the quarantine, and a few of other industry changes (like people working remote, and companies hiring outsourced call centers to take calls) it has gotten harder for customer to get good service.

For example, in the case of Clearlight Jacuzzi saunas, we used to recommend customers buy direct only. Now, you can get better service (and a lower price) from certain dealers.

What About The Sauna Scams?

The Wayfair thing is still a problem, as is the Amazon knock offs. For example, Radiant Health saunas, the sauna of the year for 2019, can only be purchased from Radiant Health.

Though you can still do a search on Wayfair or Home Depot, and come up with search results for “Radiant” saunas… they’re no the same. In fact, they’re just as bad as the worst sauna I’ve ever tested video on youtube.

The Best Place To Buy Infrared Saunas

Truth is, this changes from time to time. Last year’s recommendation, isn’t so good anymore, so we had to change it.

But here’s what we did to make it easy… Head over to Certified, and you’ll always have the updated recommendations on where to buy your sauna at the best price. (and with the best customer service!)

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  1. Hi
    I am looking to spend 3-3.5 k on a sauna
    Does radiant health saunas only have the ELITE versions? Do they have a basic version. ?
    NotNot interested in a MP3 or any sounds realistically only one in the top shelf brand provide good overall experience daily
    Can u let me know ?


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