Where To Buy A Domain Name Without Web Hosting

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It’s fairly common for people to want to register a domain name when they get a great idea, just to secure the concept right away (very smart)  Even if they don’t have plans for a website just yet, and don’t need a hosting account right away, it’s still a good idea to register the domain right when they search for it.  (because hosting companies have been known to register domains you search for through their system, so they can charge you a higher price for it later after you’re already invested in the concept)

Which Companies Are Good For Registering Domains Without Hosting? My Favorite Registrar Ever!

If you go to a company like Godaddy to register your domain without web hosting, they’ll hound you with offers and up sells to add a bunch of nonsense you don’t need while you’re developing your idea. I’d recommend Namesilo since they have the easiest interface to use on the planet, and there’s no bullshit emails constantly hounding you to buy this and that garbage add on.  I’m currently transferring most of my domains up for renewal from Godaddy to Namesilo now… I like the service that much.

One thing I didn’t touch on is price!  Godaddy used to be known for the best pricing on domain namers anywhere, but recently they’ve been upping their rates on renewals, which is less than stellar if you have a portfolio of hundreds of domains.  The going rate to renew .com domains with Godaddy is now between $12-$15, WITHOUT whois privacy.  At Namesilo, the current rate WITH whois privacy is $8.99.  For me it’s a no brainer, and I don’t earn anything extra by telling you one company over another, just what I use myself. (I do use affiliate links, but it’s not like the pennies on the dollar from one registrar/company over another make any kind of difference.)

If you don’t like Namesilo, you could try Namecheap or Internet BS, both of which I have used extensively.  But personally I use Namesilo for everything now, and recommend them to everyone I know.

Should I Just Get The Hosting Now When I Register The Domain Name?  Is It More Cost Effective

It’s actually really smart to buy domains without hosting if you’re thinking of becoming a blogger/start a business, even if you don’t know the pros and cons up front.

First, it’s a good idea not to buy hosting from companies that predominantly specialize in domain registration, as the quality of the service is generally less performance oriented.  With the way most CMS’s are headed these days, speed of use and load time is going to become more and more important as the years go on, and you really want to be on a provider that caters toward that, especially if it doesn’t cost anything extra compared to going with a real hosting company.  You could take advantage of a free domain offer from bluehost for $3.49/mo with 12 months of purchase if you’d like… that might save you a few bucks and get you a jump start on the site as well.  If you have a slightly higher budget, and want 2 free domain names, LiquidWeb has a promo for $15/mo with 2 free domains.

What To Do After Buying Your Domains – When You’re Ready For A Website

When you buy your domains from Namesilo, don’t sign up for any sort of hosting service or any other jazz.  It’ll just be a waste of money if you’re not ready to use them, and there are better ways to setup your hosting account after the fact anyhow.

Once you’re ready for a website, you’ll probably find everything you need in the HOW TO Tutorials to setup your blog or website in a few short minutes.  There are guides there that show you how to setup a small business website, or even start a blog, all step by step.  I hope that helps you out if you’re considering grabbing a few names, and get crackin’ on that idea!

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  1. Thanks for your extensive article. I just signed up at namesilo – $6.99 with privacy! Awesome!

    I had previously went through the process of registering a domain with my current web host and after several weeks of waiting for them to get their act together, I found your article and took the plunge without hesitation. 30 seconds and 2 clicks later, my domain is safe and sound.

    Thanks again!

  2. Hey, Thanks Matt. I’m really happy to have found your site, aside from the great info, You’ve helped me save some ca$h 🙂
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