Where To Buy 100% Grass Fed Organic Beef (better than locally sourced meat farms!)

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Having a hard time finding grass fed beef locally? So was I!  And let me tell you, with the way our food is constantly degrading in quality year after year (don’t even get me started on all the hormones and GMO feed!!!), it’s really important to me to have clean meats from farmers who are humane, care about their operation, and are against factory farming with poor conditions and mistreatment of animals. In addition to that, the more and more we inject micro amounts of antibiotics on a consistent basis, the more it’s like we live at the doctors office and are constantly sick and fighting our own body… or so our immune system thinks!  Not to mention being a man, with so much estrogen in the foods, I’ll be amazed if that are any “men” left in another decade or two without man boobs!

Where To Buy Grass Fed Beef That Doesn’t Cost An Arm And A Leg (and that gets delivered consistently to your door with no shortage!)

Okay okay, enough ranting… we know why we both want a quality source for grass fed beef and all the health benefits that come along with it. I searched high and low on the internet and locally here in Orlando, FL for top quality meat farms that could supply me with 100% organic grass feed meats. After realizing most are raised elsewhere and shipped into town to be sold as “locally grown” (or simply frozen and sold at the farmers market for over $20/lb, not to mention every other week it seems like they’re out of stock) I ran across a cool new (new to me anyway) delivery service called Butcher Box.

It’s like any other subscription box service, whereby you pick out your meat selections and they send you a Styrofoam cooler full of your meat selections once a month, once every two months, or once every three months for those that don’t eat much meat. They’re supposed to be adding chicken and pork soon, so you can mix and match different packages to suit your needs. (I’m curious to hear about how their chickens are raised, and if they’ll also offer pastured eggs along with them)

If you’re not into cooking, I’ve also found these grass fed beef jerky snacks with tons of good reviews for quick healthy snacks.

Make Sure You Know What 100% ‘Finished’ Grass Fed Cows Truly Are

butcher-box-packagesThere is a huge difference between grass fed beef, and beef from cows that have eaten a 100% grass fed diet with no supplemental corn feed! I did not know this back when I first became interested in eating cleaner meats that weren’t factory farmed, but even most cows from organic farmers only eat pastured grass about 75-80% of their lifespan, with the remaining 15-20% being supplemented by grain feed. The danger there is that most likely the grain feed has GMO’s additives in it, since it’s extremely difficult to police the sourcing of large quantities of supplies like you’d need for a farm. The small portions they do test could fluctuate quite a bit compared to the entire truckloads of feed delivered if you think about it. Personally, I don’t want to mess with thinking/wondering/worrying about all that, and stick with grass fed meats like Butcher Box has because they have 100% finished meats.  (their cows eat 100% grass fed diet, grazing in pastures, with NO supplemental grain feed containing GMO’s.)

For most paleo eaters or anyone doing a crossfit style diet, it’s almost imperative to reduce the corn/gluten products consumed as discussed in Grain Brain.

Compliment Your Grass Fed Beef Meal By Cooking/Marinating With Organic Grass Fed Butter & Pure Seasonings

If you haven’t been already, try butter from grass fed cows the next time you fire up that pan for a delicious serving of steak and eggs for breakfast! (Only buy pastured eggs too! Don’t support chickens being crammed in a grow house with zero sunlight, it ain’t right!)  It really does make a difference, and doesn’t have all the additives of typical processed dairy butter, and certainly nowhere in the same stratosphere as margarine or other dairy butter substitutes. If I’m limited to local shopping at a Whole Foods or Fresh Market, I’ll get the Kerrygold pure irish butter. I learned about the possibility of GMO’s being in the butter from Bulletproof, but unless this is the only source you ever eat or consume in large quantities, it’s going to be the best you can get relatively easily in any local city… And I use it regularly and love it!

Other Places You Can Buy Grass Fed Beef, Chicken/Poultry, and Pork Online For Delivery

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, I wasn’t sure when Butcher Box was going to come out with chicken and pork, but it looks like I need to give them a test run and update this post with these new options! I like the idea of being able to mix and match the different boxes so you get a better selection for different types of meals. It looks like their pricing on these new packages is VERY competitive, and much cheaper than Whole Foods or Fresh Market if you’re in a city like I am most of the year. (Orlando, FL is home base for me) Gourmet Pasture Beef looks like they closed down the shipping department for delivery orders, but I think Butcher Box released all these new packages just in time!

Butcher Box Packages Of Grass Fed Meats Delivered Locally

If you’ve tried any other meal delivery services, particularly that specialize in grass fed meats, pastured eggs, or paleo cooked meals, let me know in the comments I want to try it!

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