The Top 5 Places To Get Free & Paid Stock Photos For Your Blog

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One of the things that can make your blog look sinstantly more professional, is having rally good imagery. This will carry through to how many social shares you get as well, because there’s tons of competition on sites like Pinterest… The better quality your images, the easier you’ll stand out.

Here are my top 5 places for getting stock photos, both free and paid. (free is fine sometimes, but if I want to make a really good image, I buy a stock photo that’s higher quality.

Top 5 Stock Photo Sources

# 1) Deposit Photos

This is my favorite place to buy stock photos, and a lot of the stock images you see used here on Clever Leverage come from there when I don’t use my own images. They’re awesome to deal with, don’t have a clunky back end interface, and have one of the largest selections of niche stock photos of anywhere online. They also have a credit system, so if you buy your photos in bulk blocks like I do, you pay the same price whether you download a large format 300 dpi quality image, or a tiny jpeg which is awesome. If you get the higher quality image every time, that will allow you to do almost anything you need to do graphically without buying anything else in the future. (say you want to do something in print to match your blog… easy peasy, you already have the high quality version instead of having to go back and buy it again)

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2) Pixabay

Pixabay is a great free resource for stock photos, even though a lot of them tend to have a European flare, they can still be useful. You won’t get the massive high quality selection like you do at Deposit, but hey they’re free!

Free Stock Photo Plugins For WordPress

The next two aren’t exactly the actual sites per-say, but a lot of bloggers don’t know these plugins exist. If you’re just starting out, and aren’t familiar with editing images or using a graphics editing tool, this can be an awesome easy way to add high res photos to your blog with no hassle. (these are what I use on tutorial sites and demo sites to quickly get some mock up photos uploaded automatically)

These two semi-secret plugins automatically show you stock images from your dashboard, and you don’t have to download any pictures to your computer first… they automatically upload right to your blog. The only cons are they’re never the exact right size for your theme, since you didn’t resize them prior to import. And second, you don’t get the chance to change the image file name, which could present a future optimization issue depending on how seriously you take that in the future. But if you’re just starting out, this will save you a ton of time…

3) Unsplash

The Unsplash plugin works just like I mentioned, whereby you can download free stock photography straight to your media folder. Simple. Easy. Perfect for beginners.

4) Pixabay Images

Just like the main site listed above, this plugin gives you direct access to the same images right from your dashboard. For those bloggers who don’t want to edit images and make graphics from them right away, this is a perfect way to get those photos uploaded quickly and easily.

The Best Place To Get Stock Photos For Blogging Is…

As I mentioned before, my favorite place to get stock photos, and where I consider to have the best selection of high res images, is Deposit Photos. That’s pretty much the only place I buy my stock photos from now, and they frequently have a bulk deal that I buy a couple times a year in blocks of 100 images.


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