Which Host Offers The Best Cpanel Hosting?

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Our Top Three Picks: Cpanel, WebHosting Hub, Siteground

Cpanel hosting is a for Linux users that want to add automation and a graphical user interface to simplify their process of hosting a website. For this topic we are going to discuss three big name players in the industry, starting with Cpanel.com, then we will discuss webhosting hub, and finally we will talk about Siteground. These reviews will consist of features, prices, user friendliness as well as how well they will work for both small businesses, and large companies.


Cpanel.com is a leader in this industry. They offer a variety of services for your hard earned money. The professional services Cpanel does offer right now are email services, third party app services, security services, domain services, database services, file services, and even website tracking services. That is a lot of services in a single sentence isn’t it! I am going to start out by telling you what exactly comes with these services step by step so let’s get going! The email services that are included allow you to create emails with autoresponders, forwarders, and spam filters.

Additionally, Cpanel will give you BoxTrapper, and SpamAssassin to manage your spam content in conjunction with your user set spam privledges. You will also be able to set up your own mailing lists with Cpanel. As far as security goes, you will be provided with the ability to create password protected directories, SSL, TLS, and GnuPG key settings to restrict others from accessing protected information. If you have a blank stare on your face and you aren’t really sure what these are, well let me tell you! SSL means Secure Sockets Layer which protects data by means of encryption. TLS is virtually the same thing except it stands for Transport Layer Security and gives the user and their application security over the internet as well. For the last security measure, GnuPG, this allows you to sign and encrypt your data as well. Many technological terms here everyone, but the more you know, the better off you’ll be!

Moreover, you can venture forth into exploring CPanel’s domain service and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you can create sub domains, have parked domains, and redirect visitors to exactly where you want them to go. That is definitely some cool tech! They will even offer you third party applications to help you setup blogs, bulletin boards, a guest book, and even an e-store! If you need room for your massive data garage you can breathe easy because CPanel will allow you to store this data via MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. I hope you guys are getting excited about this, because I know I am! The final service they offer you once you sign up with them is a feature that will allow you to track your website’s performance using two different applications. These applications are called Webalizer and AWStats.

Furthermore, let’s talk money people! How much does it cost? Well if you are needing this for personal use, or possibly a small business it is about two hundred dollars a year; however, you do not receive a stand alone server, but you get a virtual server. The more expensive option comes with an actual stand alone server, but it is going to dig a little deeper into your pockets, and by this I mean about two hundred and twenty five dollars a year more than the virtual server. So, that is a total of four hundred and twenty five dollars per year. It does look like they offer a viable way to contact support if you ever are in need of any, and that is a great thing to hear, right guys? You bet your bottom dollar it is! You can either contact them via support ticket, via phone, or via email! It looks like these guys really want your business and they are really going out of their way to get it. Nice job Cpanel.

WebHosting Hub

Can the almighty Webhosting Hub stand up to the all powerful Cpanel.com? I would wager they can hold their own, yes. This Linux Cpanel hosting service offers some nice features as well. The features they offer are quite similar but different in several ways. The services that WebHosting Hub offers is, one click application installs, email management, data backups and the ability to transfer data, file management, domain control, along with different software in order to manage your website. WebHosting Hub will give you a free domain, or transfer your existing domain for free if you sign up for their service, and they offer over four hundred applications that could be installed with a single click in order to provide the best quality content for your website! We can also count on WebHosting Hub to do our hosting with great security features, because they offer us suPHP encryption with advanced firewall technology. This is encryption that is similar to what CPanel.com offers, but of course in a different variation.

Moreover, if you do decide to signup with Webhosting Hub they will give you the option of having someone call you and take you step by step through the process which will ensure a successful transition for your hosting needs! That is a very nice personal touch if you ask me. With all things considered, this company also has continuous around the clock support in case the need ever arises for it, but how can we contact them? We can contact them exactly in the same manner as you would CPanel! You can call them, email them, or even chat with them in case you ever experienced a problem with any of their services. So far everyone, this looks like it is going to be tough competition between all three of these companies, and right now I am not sure who is even in the lead. These two companies are definitely on par with one another in terms of service and customer support, and soon we will see who can offer us more services for less money. I think that might take the cake, but don’t worry, I haven’t forgot about our third contender Siteground either! But, let’s finish up here and then we will move on to Siteground. Some other top features that come with Webhosting Hub are, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, two hundred and fifty dollars worth of ad credits with Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Holy cow, that is a lot of ad credits people. This is definitely a start to building your presence online. Ding! We can also expect a very easy to use GUI panel, ad management, and a free website builder. Before we blow our tops let’s once again, get down to business. How much money are we going to be spending with these guys? Well they offer three options just like CPanel, and the cheapest option is $4.99 per month which is a great deal; however, they kind of lied on their features page. This is because they said we would get two hundred and fifty dollars worth of ad credits when signing up, but the cheapest plan only gives you seventy five dollars worth of ad credits, and you can’t obtain the full $250 unless you purchase the Dynamo option; however, it is only $8.99 a month for that version, so they aren’t really gouging us. Good for them, but I hope they kind of do away with that type of advertising. It can be misleading. If anyone was interested in their middle of the road option it happens to come to be about $6.99 a month and this is called the Nitro option. Now that you know what Webhosting Hub offers, lets continue to the grand finale!


This is our final Cpanel hosting company that we are reviewing today and this Cpanel hosting is provided by Siteground. Many of you probably know most last contenders don’t seem to have a fair advantage on the playing field because they are listed last, but I implore you to keep reading. We might see something we don’t normally see, you never know! Anyhow, we are going to explain what Siteground has to offer all of you tech savvy consumers out there, so here it is.

First, they are offering a Cpanel that will manage website files, databases, enable you to make custom email accounts, manage domains as well as sub domains, and they are also claiming that their application is definitely user friendly. My only concern with this is, there is no further explanation of their services. They aren’t telling us if they have added security features, or what else they really offer. At the end of their description via their website it says they are offering a lot more. But, what does a lot more mean? What exactly are they giving a lot more of? I know you guys see the dilemma and I can’t back a claim on a company that isn’t giving me much detail to work with. I would be posting a positive review for a company that really hasn’t earned it, and that essentially would be unethical. But wait! If you do happen to click the blue underlined text saying CPanel demo, then you can check out these other services, but most people aren’t going to see that very quickly and could deter someone from using their service. Anyhow, besides the little mishap, let’s check out this demo so I can let you guys know what is going on with their service, and if it is a good fit for you or not. Once you actually check out their demo, they do actually offer quite a lot of options that could really help your website. They offer both Joomla and WordPress, both one click installs, and they do have Cloudflare technology. That is amazing, but why don’t they let us know this on their landing page? You can have FTP services with your purchase, and helpful MySQL databases which is always nice, and you will also be able to access a PHP manager. Their email program also comes with Apache SpamAssassin just as Webhosting Hub allows you to have user level spam filtering, and Sg-Git for creating and deleting repositories. This company has just as many features as the rest, but unfortunately, their website fails to really let consumers in on their secrets. It is great to have a demo, but let us know what else we’re getting ahead of time too! Finally, the price for purchasing this great service is about $3.95 a month which is cheaper than both Cpanel, and Webhosting Hub. If the company website wasn’t so ninja like I would have been ecstatic about the pricing and the features quite a bit more.

The Verdict

The final verdict on these three companies will come down to price. The first company, CPanel is an awesome company; however, it is very pricey at $200.00 a year, and not many small businesses can afford that so they are out. Siteground offers amazing features for a hosting company, but somehow can’t get their own webpage to accurately display their features without being cloaked in the shadows. AKA the small underlined text named “CPanel Demo”. If you own a hosting site I suggest you try to elaborate a little more on your features instead of making them difficult to find. Also, Siteground mentioned nothing of additional security, so I am sorry guys you are out too!

Finally, the winner of this CPanel competition has to be Webhosting Hub with their clearly visible features and their $4.99 a month price tag to boot. As a consumer I know I like to know my stuff is being protected and it’s not being tampered with by outside forces. Congratulations Webhosting Hub you are the winner for today and shall go down as the CPanel dream hosting service. Everyone have a lovely day and enjoy purchasing your new CPanel site you crazy Linux users! You are the elite of the computer world, and you deserve to know what is best!

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