Why 3rd Party Sauna EMF Reports Are Bullshit (seriously)

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Ever wonder why every sauna company you call, always says their sauna is the best? You question them, you ask about their emf levels, if they’ve been verified, and on and on. You normally get some kind of rebuttal like: “look at our 3rd party EMF test results certified by XXXXX company.” This is standard by all the top companies, and the shady sauna salesman that sell them, as it makes it easier for them to sell you their supposed “safe” infrared sauna. usually this is never questioned at the source, and commonly companies are ripping people off like the one’s sold at Costco. But it isn’t always malicious, and in order for a sauna company to compete in the marketplace in this day and age, they have to conform to the standard of marketing. However, these so called “emf reports” are total and utter bullshit.

That’s a bold claim isn’t it? Well you better strap in, because we’re about to go on a ride down the truth roller coaster that might shock you…

How Infrared Sauna Companies Use 3rd Party EMF Reports To Manipulate Their True EMF Levels

It’s almost standard operating procedure thee days, for an infrared sauna company to import their cheap Chinese sauna to the states, hire out an emf testing facility, and take their manipulated report and sell you a sauna with an insane mark up.

However, no one is questioning or even looking at, how these EMF tests are done. If they were, there would be a giant shit storm in the industry, and we would finally see a shift in forcing sauna companies to start producing better safer products.

But I digress. All I want is for my readers to be well informed before plopping down five thousand dollars for a sauna that may or may not be what it seems. it took me thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and painstakingly testing several saunas before I uncovered the truth about infrared sauna EMF levels.

Most companies don’t even measure for electric fields, RF radiation, and only focus on showing you their magnetic field levels in various parts of the sauna. Usually this is done with pictures, and not video, which can easily be manipulated by using a lower EMF portion of the sauna to make themselves appear lower EMF.

Taking The Heaters Out Of The Sauna And Sending Them Off To A Lab

Excluding Other Equipment In The Sauna From The EMF Test Altogether (do you see any mention of WiFi, Bluetooth, etc… in any of the reports? haha, clever right….)

Not Measuring The Sauna In Use On Video

The Word EMF Is Not A Blanket Term. There Are 3 Types Of Potential EMF In A Sauna

Magnetic Fields

Electric Fields

RF Radiation

Using Meters That Can Only Detect One Type


It Isn’t The EMF Measuring Service’ Fault: They’re Just Doing What They’re Paid To Do

However, It’s How The Reports Are Used & Marketed Toward You, The Consumer, That Is Wrong

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