Good WP Engine Alternatives: Still Fast Enough for WordPress, Lighter on the Wallet

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Let’s get this straight. We completely adore WP Engine for its speed, reliability and security. Its managed WordPress hosting service is one of the best you can find out there and their tag line of “WordPress hosting, perfected.” is completely justified and undisputed! Austin-based WP Engine was founded in 2010, which means it’s the relatively new kid on the block. Despite that, the web hosting company has managed to gain an impressive number of users for its sole focus on WordPress hosting. Thus, if you’re someone who places a huge priority on security, speed and obviously, WordPress managed hosting, WP Engine is a great option. Using the service requires prior technical knowledge though, which is why established bloggers, large online businesses, and those who have sites that experience heavy traffic, are more inclined to use WP Engine.

Summary: The Top 3 Best Alternatives To WPengine

However, great as WP Engine is, it’s also one of the priciest web hosting services out there and not everyone can afford to shell out the kind of investment that WP Engine requires (their basic plan starts at $29 a month!). And all said and done, nothing’s perfect, not even the latest Christopher Nolan flick! (We hate to break it to you, but “Dunkirk” sadly had quite a few inaccuracies!) Which is why we’re giving you alternatives to WP Engine that are still fast enough for WordPress and much lighter on your wallet.

Apart from the costs incurred in using WP Engine, there are a few cons that could convince you to make the switch to cheaper alternatives:

  • Not ideal for non-WordPress platforms
  • Certain plugins and themes are unavailable on WP Engine
  • Additional charges, such as charges on excess number of visitors, excess storage, and heavy overage charges

So let us make life easier for you and give you a few alternatives that you could use instead of WP Engine.


Headquartered in Bulgaria, SiteGround was founded way back in 2004 and has serviced more than 800,000 domains ever since. The company provides different types of hosting such as shared, cloud and dedicated-server hosting.

What makes SiteGround a great alternative is that it offers some pretty awesome wholesome WordPress hosting and starts at a mere $3.95 (“mere” in comparison to WP Engine, at least!). This means great value-for-money without compromising on some pretty great web hosting. Additionally, the company also offers great uptime, speed and excellent customer support. However, the amazing pricing only works if you purchase plans by making an annual payment; if not, there isn’t too much of a price difference between SiteGround and its competitors. Another big plus point with SiteGround is that it’s got some great features that are sure to be user-friendly for beginners and still manage to impress the professionals, such as:

  • Free WordPress migrations
  • WordPress staging sites setup with only a single click
  • In-house caching tool free-of-cost (SuperCacher)
  • Enables the installation of “Git for WordPress” tool, which is great for users, especially developers


  • High uptime of 99.98%
  • Consistent load time of 500 ms or lesser
  • Well-trained and knowledgeable customer support service
  • High-performing WordPress hosting regardless of which plan you choose
  • Free security add-ons
  • Free migration
  • Affordable pricing ($3.95 for the “StartUp” plan, $7.95 for the “GrowBig” plan, and $14.95 for the “GoGeek” plan, all on a monthly basis)
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Limited storage space
  • Additional “setup fee” if you bill on a monthly basis

Thus, SiteGround is a great option if you value a mix of great performance, excellent support, some pretty advanced WordPress-oriented features and of course, if you don’t mind a lump sum payment annually.

Lightning Base

One of the most affordable web hosting services out there for managed WordPress hosting, Lightning Base is known for its speed and efficient site performance (as the name suggests!), with many users claiming that it is the fastest managed WordPress hosting provider in its price range. Founded in 2011, the company initially started off by providing personalized services and today, is equipped to handle sites with a larger amount of traffic.

Having said that, Lightning Base isn’t the ideal option for sites that face extremely large amounts of traffic, such as e-commerce sites or well-established and popular blogs. It is, however, one of the best and least expensive options for beginners to blogging or small businesses. Lightning Base has some pretty great features, such as:

  • Reliable hardware infrastructure
  • A global content delivery network (CDN)
  • Great security
  • Efficient Linux-based software
  • Site setup/transfer
  • Automatic backups
  • Multi-site support
  • WordPress service and support


  • Lightning Base is super fast
  • Highly affordable ($9.95 for the personal plan, $19.95 for the small plan, $49.95 for the medium plan, and $99.95 for the large plan)
  • Efficient managed-WordPress host
  • Great customer service and technical support
  • Great for sites with low traffic


  • Can’t handle high amounts of traffic
  • Not as feature-rich or sophisticated as some of the other web hosts out there (for instance, doesn’t provide staging options like WP Engine)

To conclude, Lightning Base is the cheapest option for you, whether you’re just starting out with your blogging or whether you’re an established blogger (to some extent) who doesn’t want to incur high costs on hosting your site. This web host is for you if well managed WordPress hosting, affordability, speed and reliability, are your focus!


Founded in 2012, Flywheel is one of the fastest-growing web hosting services out there, gaining attention in 2014 when it managed to raise a $1.2 million-seed-round for itself! Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, Flywheel is known for its excellent services that have an all-around focus on different customer groups, whether they’re web designers, collaborating freelancers or even agencies. It not only offers some pretty great managed WordPress hosting but also makes it easy to build websites from scratch with its one-click staging feature and free demo sites.

Some of the great features that Flywheel offers are:

  • Free migration
  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • Password protection to keep your website safe
  • Cache enablement or disablement
  • Website cloning
  • Creation and restoration of backups
  • Create free demo sites and only pay for them when they go live
  • Lets you easily collaborate with other collaborators


  • Cloud-based infrastructure for excellent site performance
  • 10 data centers located on different continents with servers that are optimized for the best performance possible (due to a continuous backup of custom server configurations)
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Excellent security due to high-quality IP blocking and partnership with Sucuri
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Varnish caching engine for WordPress-hosting optimization and increasing your website’s loading speed
  • Server response time of less than 400 ms and well-equipped to handle high site traffic
  • Extremely diverse and affordable pricing and plans (single site plans starting at monthly rates of $11.25 for the Tiny plan, $22.50 for the Personal plan, $56.25 for the Professional plan; bulk plans starting at monthly rates of $75 for the Freelance plan, $187.50 for the Agency plan, and a customizable plan with differing rates)


  • Does not have built-in Git deployment
  • Required to have a DeployHQ account which can be inconvenient to web-developers
  • Allows for the installation SSL certificates, but does not let you buy them

Well-designed and user-friendly, Flywheel is a great web host to start out with, as well as an easy and quick option for experienced WordPress users. The dashboard is easy to navigate and does not require any prior technical skill or knowledge for you to be able to use it. Thus, Flywheel is a great option for web designers, developers or WordPress users who are looking for secure, reliable and easy-to-use WordPress web hosts.


Formerly Zippykid, Vid Luther founded in 2010 what is, today, known as Pressable. One of the leading managed WordPress-hosting solutions in the world, Pressable allows website owners to focus on the creation and publication of their content and has made it its mission to provide users with an excellent hosting solution focused on WordPress, minus the cons of WordPress. Whether you’re a startup, medium-sized business, or a “Fortune 1000” organization, Pressable can more than meet your hosting needs!

Some great features that Pressable has are:

  • 5 shared hosting plans (“1-5 sites plan” at $20.83 per month, “10 sites plan” at $37.50 per month, “20 sites plan” at $75 per month, “VIP plan” at $750 per month, and “private cloud” plan at $3,500)
  • Every plan includes standard features such as CDN, support, caching, daily backups, malware scanning and removal and staging sites
  • Unlimited storage and monthly data transfers
  • Automatic upgrades and pre-installed content management system (CMS)
  • Staging URL that clones your site to let you test out different features such as website layout, theme and design before it goes live
  • Allows you to set up access level limitations
  • 100% uptime


  • Unlimited storage and data transfer on a monthly basis
  • Automatic daily malware scans and backups
  • A great staging feature to test your website before it goes live
  • Access level feature enables collaboration with other designers and experts
  • 15-day free trial
  • WordPress and plugins are automatically updated


  • Does not offer free WordPress site migration service
  • Customer support isn’t that great as the company does not provide live chat, a forum or phone support; it only offers an email ticketing system for assistance

Like we said, if you’re a fan of WordPress and are looking for an excelled managed WordPress host to avoid the hassles of using WordPress itself, Pressable is a great option despite its slightly expensive nature (in comparison to other competitors like SiteGround), whether you’re an individual or business!


A web host that offers very efficient, fast and secure managed WordPress hosting, Pressidium was founded in 2013 by John Andriopoulos, Andrew Georges, Filip Slavik and Giannis Zachariadis to provide hassle-free managed WordPress hosting that is on par with the standards of the web hosting industry. With Pressidium, you’re sure to get a lot of pros, such as free website migration, state-of-the-art infrastructure for speed, security and scalability, automatic backups, auto-updating of WordPress and SSD storage.

Some of the features that make Pressidium such a big hit are:

  • Run by a team of experienced staff and employees
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Cloud-based hosting with SSD storage
  • Integration of CDN services for quality performance and speed
  • Optimized PHP platform for improved site performance
  • A quick and speedy SSL process for security
  • Variety of plans for a variety of users (Personal plan at $42 per month, Professional plan at $125 per month, Business plan at $250 per month, and Business Plus plan at $500 per month)
  • Fast and free domain transfer
  • 99.95% uptime guarantee where customers are refunded 5% of their monthly fees (in the form of credits) for every hour of downtime they experience beyond the guaranteed percentage
  • Great security and backup
  • Highly skilled 24/7 customer support


  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • User-friendly dashboard that allows for easy customization of the administration process and tools for your WordPress site
  • All major forms of payment are accepted by the company
  • A filtering system that keeps your site protected
  • Super fast load time


  • Slightly expensive in comparison to other web hosts
  • Pressidium also charges you based on the number of visits your site gets (higher the visits, higher the price!)

With its amazing architecture, great security, uptime and speed, it isn’t a wonder that Pressidium is making fans across the world! Whether you’re a startup, established business or individual blogger, Pressidium can give you some great hosting, minus any worries about downtime or support.

The Final Word

WP Engine is a great web hosting service, but like we said earlier, it comes with its own cons, such as its highly expensive nature and limited performance. Therefore, we gave you a list of 5 alternatives to WP Engine that are easy on your pocket but don’t compromise on any of the standard or quality that you would get with WP Engine itself. The next time you want to use a web hosting service that is relatively inexpensive but retains its performance, give a shot to either SiteGround, Pressable, Pressidium or Lightning Base, and we assure you that you definitely won’t miss WP Engine with any of these guys hosting your site!

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