Why You Can’t Start A Successful Blog Without Starting A Blog

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Seem like a contradictory title that doesn’t make sense right?

That’s because it is.

Everyone wants to know “the system”, the secret, and the formula for creating a successful profitable blog, but no one actually looks at the one common denominator across all the successful bloggers out there making six figures or more.

Sure, each of them may make their money in their own way, and also share similarities in how they grew their blogs. But that’s kind of the point… unique and similar.

Why You Have To Start To Your Own Blog
In Order To Learn How To Have A Profitable Blog

Everyone wants “the formula” or “the blueprint” for running a successful or profitable blog right up front before they lift a finger. I know I did!

I wanted to KNOW FOR CERTAIN, it was going to work before I put effort into it. But the trouble with that thinking is, and it’s the same reason I wasted 7 fucking months not getting anywhere, is you don’t discover certain things unless you’re actively in the trenches working on it.

So for instance, I could have a 5 minutes conversation with you, and identify immediately what your blog topics or blog categories should be, how you should write, how you can help people, and how you’d make money, inside of about 15 minutes.

However, what I wouldn’t know, is where your road might take a hard right turn unexpectedly along the way, or some unforeseen opportunity that will present itself once you’re putting enough effort into a particular area of your blog.  THIS is called inertia, and very often we don’t know what doors will open until we get half way down the hall… this is why I stress SO much, you have to just get started.

I wanted the perfect blog theme, I wanted my blog to look “just right,” I wanted my content to read a certain way, and I wanted the whole thing to have a particular feel to it. And you know how much all that stuff mattered in the end? Nada. It was all a distraction. None of it contributed to me making my first $50k from blogging, at all. Zilch. Zero. Didn’t matter one bit.

My point is, there’s a lot of bullshit out there in the industry right now, so take advantage of learning from someone who doesn’t have anything for sale yet. I’ve lived this. I eat, sleep, and breath this, to the point where it’s all I think about. I promised myself I wouldn’t write any books or sell any material on blogging until I made over $100k/yr just from blogging.  (But I have a little secret I haven’t told anyone… It’s the middle of 2017, and I’ve already surpassed that goal, I just don’t talk about it. I just have so much work to do, I can’t get it all done. But I still want to help others escape the rat race, like I would’ve wanted someone to do for me many many years ago.)

Want the cliffs right up front?

You never know what’s going to lead to “the thing” that will hit for you.

You can buy the latest and greatest course, blogging book, and read all the top earning blogs out there, but unless you actually take the first step and get going, your story will never unfold.

Here’s what I know and believe…

Everyone has a thing, either a gift or talent, or just simply a combination of hard work and persistence that begins to bear fruit.

But never planting a tree guarantees you won’t EVER bear any fruit right?

So by having a tree (your blogging platform, brand, ecosystem) you can experiment with different fertilizers, watering multiple times per day, shade and sunlight changes, and on and on and on.

Eventually, even if you don’t know what you’re doing, (and this could be your ultimate advantage, because the people who DO KNOW what they’re doing (me) are usually consumed by analysis paralysis and stuck in a loop that won’t allow them to shine no matter what they do), something will begin to bear fruit if you stay after it. And when it does, you’re all set… because then you can take that and leverage into your next level of momentum.

The tough part, is what I talk about all the time during my early income reports from the first twelve months of starting a blog: working harder than you’ve ever worked, without seeing a damn thing happen.

It’s. A. Bitch.

But you know what?

It’s what separates those of us who make $100k/yr in our underwear from anywhere in the world, and those who are stuck on the freeway sitting in traffic right now, trying to get home from work… making someone else’s company rich to boot!

But it doesn’t have to be that way, and in hindsight the barrier to entry is NOT all that significant.

Let me put it to you another way, with asking you one simple question: If you could give up your luxuries for two years, to live the rest of your life making six figures, with no income cap, from anywhere in the world, in your pajamas, helping people… would you do it?

What you need to do today, is start your side hustle and never look back. Keep your 9 to 5, but plan your exit strategy NOW, and begin chipping away at it. It’s like Kai Greene says, you set your mind to your goal, and just begin honing away at the stone.

It took me less than a year, I expect you to be able to do it in 2. For those starting below the bottom, 3 tops. (unless you follow my advice of course… I should be able to save you significant time if you’re willing to become who’s required)  <—– did you spot that nuance?

But look at it this way, would you rather trade 3 years of your life, to live the rest of it like your wildest dream, or continue complaining about your current circumstances, and let the ship stay the course on the 9 to 5 bandwagon for the rest of your life in boredom?

I was faced with this decision 2 years ago, even though I was already self employed, and I went all in. Now look what happened.

Is it a guarantee? Hell no.

Am I ungrateful and ego getting a little big? Fuck no!

I’m the most fortunate person on the planet right now. I get to live life on my own terms, am building a platform that will allow me to make a living however I want, and affect or help as many people as I can…. All with no income ceiling. No boss is going to walk in a tell me my salary is capped this year, no matter how many hours a week I work.

My point is, I’m fired up so you will get fired up. It’s not easy going against the grain of society, but then again, when they’re looking at your pictures on the beach, these are the types of things people always wonder about…

How the hell do they get to work like that? What did he do to get where he is? And on and on.

The point is, the opportunity is yours for the taking. There is a gold rush going on right now, and we are living in a time when anyone can literally make $50k – $100k a year doing whatever they want. LITERALLY!

Don’t believe me?

I am living proof.

Can you do it your own way? Fuck yes. >> Get started right now.

“But Matt, I Don’t Have Anything Special That People Would Like”


I said it above, and I’ll say it again… everyone has something to give.

The reason you don’t know what that is yet, is because you haven’t started, and you haven’t put in enough time working the wheel in order to uncover it.

I’m telling you, I never, in a million years, expected Clever Leverage to turn out like it has so far. I never wanted to start a lifestyle blog when I originally set out to build this…

And now, because I have a tiny tiny bit of wisdom through experience, I won’t be shocked if it turns another corner in another direction two years from now once again.

“Well okay, but I don’t even know how I would get started…”


The other thing is inertia. Nobody knows exactly how something is going to be, unless they’re knee deep into it, and keep working their plan toward their goal until they reach the next milestone. You can’t skip this step, and it’s why so many people fail at making money online… they’re just trying to copy everyone else, but not everything works for everyone. You have to find your one thing, and you can only do that by mining for gold.

Side note – can you imagine if back in the hay-day gold miners said, “I’m not sure if we should go down the shaft today, we didn’t see any promising rock last night.”

It’s Going To Take Longer Than You Want It To

The main reason I say do as much as you can, as fast as you can, it’s in alignment with my only regret about starting my blog. (that I didn’t do it sooner!)

Things take time, and unless you want it to take even longer, the faster you can do it wrong, the quicker you can do it right. Follow what I mean?

See not everything is going to work out the way you think it will right now, and you’ll need to adjust along the way. Things will pop up you could have never anticipated, both blessings and hardship alike, and the only way to uncover them is to keep chugging along. The faster you can get to this plateau, the better off you’ll be.

Live Example Of A Blog Idea I Never Would Have Thought Of
(but the door opened because I started)

For example, when I first started my blog, I had an idea of what I wanted, and knew what it should have been about. I also had an idea of what I was good at, and knowledge I could use to help other people/small business owners. However, never in a million years did I anticipate manufacturers sending me cool products to review, or that I would make my first $100 from blogging all because I got fed up with my lack of progress, and publicly reviewed a mountain bike I bought.

So to state this another way, I had initial intentions of starting a blog on lead gen, local seo, diy website design tutorials, WordPress, hosting, and all things techie. I have a background in local marketing, and knew I could help local businesses all around the world get more customers leveraging the internet. (that’s part of where the name for my blog came from – fun fact btw)

But it didn’t go as planned when I started, and I pulled the trigger and went all in. To do that, I had to eat, and to eat anything other than ramen noodles, I had to gain momentum as fast as I possibly could.

Eventually I will go back and develop all the small business tutorials, and probably even write a book on local lead gen. But in the meantime, there is only so much time in a day. I tried tons of different things, and basically threw everything at the wall I could, to see where untapped potential lies. I stumbled onto the fact that there was literally unlimited potential wrapped up in my life, life experiences, problems and pain points, and anything I’d become good at throughout my 33 years on this planet. I wasn’t crazy about some of them, and it wasn’t sexy, but I could literally create helpful content off the top of my head by leveraging what I already knew.

And that’s when it hit me… I could very easily setup a lifestyle blog (though I didn’t even know what that label really entailed at the time), and it wouldn’t take 100’s of hours to develop the helpful content or tutorials like it was going to for the small business guides I was working on (of course, this was my “perfect vision” that I was making ZERO progress on). It would also give me the personal freedom and flexibility to experiment with anything I wanted, since there are no rules in the lifestyle game. The business stuff felt more rigid to me, and I had a big picture of how it was all going to look and should be. (you have to think of the audience it will be helping… they won’t respond well to a guy in flip flops without prior relationship, so it takes a lot more production effort to produce videos, articles, and so on.)

Point being, the blog you see here today, WAS NOT my initial plan or vision. But it became the plan, because I worked a fundamental plan. The fundamental plan is a simple 3 step process to getting ANY content on a website, blog, YouTube channel, whatever, initial traction from search. Search means Google, and without a hefty investment nut to crack paid advertising (it’s not the money really, it’s having the right offer/ads/etc…), you’re limited to bootstrapping search, social, and traffic leaking. Trouble was, I couldn’t create my ecosystem fast enough to have enough valuable pillar pieces for traffic leaking. (or so I thought!) So, I went down the route of a massive workload, testing over 100 different things, and in the end it all came back to the basics:

  • commercial intent
  • optimization
  • 250k words (i.e.- write your fucking ass off)

But I Want The Successful Formula For Starting A Profitable Blog!!!

Like I said in the beginning, no one can predict what “your thing” will be. We all have a unique story, a unique life, and a unique set of circumstances that we can leverage to help others with. If you choose to leverage them like I teach you to do, there will be no competition. There is only one you, so start being the best you you can be today!

Everyone thinks that the path to success is a straight line. Well, I’ve got news for you… it’s gonna change, even if you think you have it all figured out before you start, this is why blog business plans are worthless.

Everyone want’s “they way”, “the secret”, and the right blogging system to make the cash. I know that desire well, I wanted it too, even though I was sitting on the answer the whole time.

But almost no one wants to put in the blood, sweat, and tears over this bitch of a hump you have to crawl over.

And I’ll be the first to tell you, my “thing” hasn’t hit yet. I know it will be one of 5 things most likely, but I don’t know how, and I don’t know when. That hasn’t stopped me from making over $50k a year though, and it isn’t because I had the perfect plan either.

It’s because I have a history and experience with the fundamentals:

  • willingness to help people
  • an open mind to work toward the invisible
  • able to identify commercial intent
  • some knowledge of on page optimization
  • belief/work/do it mentality
  • actually wrote 250k words

Everything takes an investment. Unless you have money to invest, you need ot match that stash with time. The more you invest, that faster results come.

My only regret is that I wouldn’t have listened to my own self doubt, or asked any of my friends and family what they thought of my idea, and just done it sooner. I wasted 7 months him hawing over what to do, can I really do this, will it work out… and all along I knew exactly what to do. In fact, I knew too much, I could have done this in my sleep. The only thing holding me back, was myself, my mind, and my beliefs. I have to expand those first, in order to be capable of being a person that could execute on the grand idea. (though I had the idea all along… kinda weird.)

I would have been where I am now, much much sooner. Speed matters. The gold rush is now, get your motherfucking pick right now dammit!

The Magical Blogging System Guaranteed To Make You Money

So for everyone out there who wants the magical system to start your own money making blog, here it is for free:

  • Follow the 5 pillars of strength to identify how to use what you already know, to get where you want to go.
  • Open your mind to the possibility that you already have everything you need to be successful, and then work on your core beliefs that will allow that to happen.
  • Lean the difference between informational intent and commercial intent in the content marketing world is. I lay it out for you here.
  • Write 2k words a day, even if you’ve never written before. It’ll be hard at first, but it gets easier and easier really fast. This is the lifeblood of training yourself to become a producer instead of a consumer.
  • Learn affiliate marketing, so you can start making extra money by helping other people save time, money, or frustration… all without having to build a product of your own yet.

What this process will do for you: groom you for success

What it won’t do for you: let you copy my (or anyone else’s) topics, keywords, blog posts, etc… because it won’t work for you. What you should be modeling is the framework, not the actual content. I know some people want to take the easy way out, but the truth is, you’re opting for the long way home. (and by home, I don’t mean the path to success, more like the interstate to keeping your 9 to 5.)

Why You Have To Copy The Framework I Teach, So You Can Develop Your Own Voice, Leveraging Your Own Life

My life is mine, and my experiences are mine. If I write a post about getting rid of anxiety, or how to get mercury out of your mouth because it’s poisoning your brain, the amount of emotion, authenticity, and energy behind those words is hard to compete with.

Why? Because I’ve lived it. I’ve laid on the couch at night reading WebMD wondering if I was dying or not. I searched high and low looking for answers after feeling like shit for months. I’ve literally had so much brain fog, fatigue, and exhaustion that I couldn’t function at times.

Those life experiences are a gold mine opportunity to help other people coming on the next wave behind me, simply because I suffered so much. There is a tremendous gift buried within those hard times, and it gives me the ability to save people time, money, agony, and on and on.

I don’t tell you all of this to paint any kind of special picture here… I’m telling you this because I want you to start spotting things that happened in your own life, that give you a special ability of intimate knowledge you can use to help people. This will become the fuel to your fire, and it’ll be the one thing you can leverage to start a badass lifestyle blog that know one can compete with.

If you go the normal route, and buy into some bullshit internet marketers course, showing you how to get free traffic blah blah nonsense… Here’s what will happen:

  • the tone will be off
  • the experience will be lacking
  • you won’t be able to convey confidence in your writing, and you’ll be wondering how the fuck can you write posts like this? (the answer: you can’t unless you’ve lived it)

No fucking keyword tool helped me seed this blog post idea you’re reading right now.

No one asked me this question.

I was sitting on the floor in my living room eating lunch, wondering what I was going to work on next, when suddenly, the idea came to me out of nowhere. It’s because I’ve programmed myself to constantly be thinking about these ideas.

I’ve lived it so I know where the sticking points are, and how other people are going to be feeling when they embark on their journey. You can’t make this shit up, or learn it, it must come deep from within you. There is no competition when you start a lifestyle blog using your own 5 pillars of strength. You are unique to you, and some people will hate you, and some people will resonate with you.

This polarization is what separates the hobby bloggers from the bloggers that make bank. Hell, we wear rain coats it fucking rains so hard.

My point?

You must do you. It will unfold. Start believing it. It won’t be a walk in the park. Though, it will make you a better person. You will grow. You will be tested. You will succeed if you want it. You can impact millions of people. You can live life on your own terms. You can be independent and make your own money. Tell your boss to fuck off. Live a life of contribution, and make a difference while making a living. Love what you do, and it will love you.

I can’t stress this enough though… You have to start opening enough doors, to find the treasure behind the right one.

You know how many things I tried in order for one to hit?


One hundred, and fucking THIRTEEN blog posts over the course of MONTHS without earning shit.

Think about that.

Cranking out content, and working (mentally) harder than I’d ever worked before.

And not a damn thing happening.

Can you say…. “Hello self doubt, how are you.”  I can’t tell you how much I had to work on myself mentally, in order to put my all into something when nothing visible was happening for months. Any advice or validation I looked for from friends and family, was like going backwards… “Why would you want to do that,” “Stick to what you’re good at,” “I think you’re putting the cart before the horse,” “Those people don’t really make any money, it’s just a scam.”

Which lead to even more thoughts of questioning myself:

“I don’t know if I can do this.”

“I don’t know if this is going to work out or not.”

“I don’t know what everyone will think, no one thinks this is possible to earn a living online in this manner.”

Fuck that.

You go all in.

You give it your best, because you don’t want to be sliding in to to home plate at the end of your life here on earth and wonder, “IF you could have.”

My only real regret in all of this, is that I didn’t start sooner. All I had to do was spend 20 minutes setting it up, and then chip away at it a little everyday.

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  1. Usually, many people at the very beginning of blogging don’t know what to blog about but they find their inner voice at the end! I agree however, that you always have to offer something to your readers! This was a good read Matt!


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