What Is The Best Camera For YouTube? (G7x vs. RX100 -OR- 70D vs. D7100)

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Youtube is by far the go to today when it comes to finding popular videos online. It is a means for you to show the world interesting videos with your camera; but it also a means of potential revenue for income. Thousands of people have become “famous” via Youtube videos and some have turned this tool into a method for making a career as I’m sure you know. In this article we are going to take a look at some different variables to identify what is the best camera for Youtube for you. We are going to be comparing the Canon G7x with Sony’s RX100 which are the best point and shoot camera models… as well as the Canon 70D with Nikon’s D7100, which are two of the top rated DSLR’s that popular YouTuber’s use.

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What’s The Best Point And Shoot Camera For YouTube Videos?

Canon G7X VS. The Sony Rx100

When we are looking at point and shoot cameras, we typically compare three different features that really matter for making your YouTube recordings sharp and look good. The three main ones are having a large sensor for good low light shooting, a small design so it’s easy and compact to take with your and make vlogging videos from anywhere, and a good lens.

Both the G7x and RX100 share very similar qualities when it comes to the sensor capabilities, as well as an almost identical compact design body/housing. They both shoot incredibly high quality pictures with megapixels of 20.2, and now the Mark II and Mark IV are almost the exact same weight unlike previous years models. (the G7X is notably heavier than a lot of point and shoots)

When we look at the lenses this is where the two cameras are most different. Both lenses take up around the same amount of space when zooming in and out. However the Canon has a 4.2x zoom, while as the Sony has a 2.9x. The difference in this lens optic is quite considerable! If you will be taking videos from a distance, this is something to take into consideration.

Pop-Up Viewfinder (pros & cons of Sony VS Canon)

Although Canon has a much more impressive lens, it is sometimes difficult or almost impossible to shoot a video when you are not able to see someone on the LCD screen. This comes into play mostly on sunny days where the glare is too overpowering on the screen to be able to see what is going on. Sony came out with a viewfinder that pops up on top of the camera. The viewfinder acts as a telescope in order to be able to effectively see what you are videoing without having to look at the LCD screen.

Video Camera Recording Specifics

When we take a look at video recording ability, both cameras are able to shoot video at 1080p Full HD. On top of this the cameras have a small microphone in order to catch audio as well as a wind-cutting filter for gusty days that works well for a camera mounted microphone… But if you’re used to an external mic like a Rhode or similar, you may be a bit disappointed with the onboard microphone. (why Canon doesn’t make an external mic input on the G7X I have no idea! It would literally be the best vlogging camera on the planet for the money if they did!)

What differentiates the Sony from the Canon in the actual video department, is the amount of settings Sony offers. Sony enables you to use Auto, Priority, and even Manual exposure to adjust for different video environments. The Canon camera is limited to an Auto setting, that works very well for most people, as well as choosing different scene settings if desired. However it does not give you the ability to set its image affects manually. Also the Sony battery enables you to have 32% more battery life for if you are shooting longer videos, or looking to travel on long day trips with no portable power bank to recharge.

At the end of the day what, you are looking at is whether or not you need the ability to shoot film at a long distance. Also if you really need the ability to manually change video settings, the Sony is the clear winner there. If you are looking for basic video, that’s easy to setup without a lot of gadgetry, then the Canon G7x is a great fit for you… Not mention it is the better buy for the money at just under $800 dollars for the Mark II model, compared to just under $1,000 for Sony’s Mark IV. However if you are looking for a product that is more versatile and one that enables you to set camera settings manually, then the Sony RX100 is your best bet if you have photography experience.

What’s The Best DSLR Camera For YouTube Recordings & Vlogging?

Canon 70D versus Nikon D7100

These two options are both DSLR cameras for those of you that are interested in recording with a digital lens reflex camera. Often the advantage of shooting with this type of camera, is you have the ability to customize a lot more options, and can match your lens with the distance and style of shots/distance you’re looking to shoot at.

When you are comparing both cameras from strictly a video standpoint, one of the huge advantages of the Canon, is that it has a quicker auto-focus while shooting video. You’ll be able to quickly and easily shoot YouTube videos without having to constantly adjust the focus of the lens, and as you move around, it snaps into focus much quicker on it’s own.

The 70D Canon also has a touchscreen for those that are interested. Depending on your preference for use this could be a game changer for some.

When we take a look at the general set up of the Nikon D7100 it is a more compact camera. If you are shooting videos without a tripod, or traveling quite a bit, this may be very important for you. The Nikon is 10% smaller as well as 10% lighter over the Canon. On top of this when we take a look at the actual screen itself, the screen has a 20% higher resolution, and a 10% larger screen. Essentially the Nikon is a smaller and lighter camera, making it more compact yet it still featuring a larger screen with higher resolution to view your videos while filming more effectively.

Better For Photography?

Outside of the video recording abilities, if you’re mainly looking to take the highest quality photos possible to load up your Instagram or blog, the Nikon has 24 megapixels as opposed to Canons 20… Which will of course make a difference for straight line photography users.

Back to video, when we look at the Nikon it has great low light video performance. However it does not have the ability to change aperture control in the middle of recording. The advantage with the Canon and its ability to do this, means that you may be shooting a video where the image light changes throughout the shoot, and the ability to change this control enables you to maintain a clear bright image while recording.

If you are on a strict budget. keep in mind that the Nikon is quite a bit more affordable. However the Canon is the better all around choice for multi-use video and photography usage.

Should You Go With A Point & Shoot OR DSLR For Your YouTube Video Camera?

Now if you look at the two styles of cameras we reviewed above, we essentially covered the top rated blogging/vlogging cameras in the two main sectors. The Canon G7x versus the Sony RX100 are the top dogs in the point and shoot market, and the Canon 70D versus the Nikon D7100 in the DSLR market.

You may be looking at both of these thinking we have opened up a whole new can of worms for you. Lets take a quick look at whether or not you should go with a Point and Shoot or a DSLR camera for your YouTube vlog videos, and blog pictures

Keep in mind that Point and Shoot cameras have been modified and improved immensely making them a fantastic compact tool these days. A huge benefit to them is that they are way more compact, and even the models with a long digital zoom, retract when powered down for a sleek “fit in your pocket” type size. This means that you can fit them in your day pack and shoot video whenever the moment arises, instead of having to lug a camera bag with different lenses and accessories. Of course the trade off is slightly lower image quality, and quite a bit less video quality in low light or harsh windy conditions for your audio.

In addition to the general compactness and size, having a fixed lens means that you do not have to worry about interchanging lenses. Point and Shoot is a much more convenient automatic way to film for the majority of people, and is the better choice depending on your budget.

When you take a look at DSLR cameras, they simply have much more control, and can easily adapt to your shooting environment. With a DSLR camera you have better options when shooting in low light situations or during night scenes. In addition, with DSLR cameras you can change the lens that you are using, which enables you to use wide-angle lenses that capture more of a general view while filming video. Point and Shoot cameras typically have a narrower view, meaning you cannot capture as much of an image width, but they’re a lot more convenient to use.

As the digital photography world has developed over the years DSLR cameras have also become quite a bit more affordable. However if budget is truly your number one purchasing factor,  Point and Shoot cameras are typically more affordable and offer the most bang for your buck

Which Type Of Camera Works Best For Shooting In Low Light?

DSLR cameras are typically better at shooting in low light conditions, but the camera sensors are getting better and better every year. If you are to compare the two DSLR camera options we gave you earlier in this article, you would be looking at the Canon 70D/90D versus the Nikon D7100. The Nikon D7100 is better for typical low light conditions however the Canon 7D has the ability to modify aperture while filming for continually changing light conditions.

What’s The Best Cheap Camera For Making Youtube Videos?

One of the best budget cameras for developing Youtube videos is the Logitech C920 Webcam. One of the crazy things is, yes it is a webcam so you will need your laptop with you. However it does shoot in 1080p HD Video and is under $65 brand new.

With this camera you get free software in order to edit settings as if you were using the manual features on a camera. Of course you also have the option to place the camera in auto mode.

One of the great success stories of this camera comes from Sunny Lenarduzzi. When she was originally building her Youtube channel she developed it completely from the use of this webcam. Once she got to over 17,000 viewers she chose to upgrade. However it shows that this webcam develops videos that are of high enough quality to attract viewers.

You may also want to consider this as an additional camera being that it is so cost effective. It is also great for developing live videos on Youtube as well as a way to record Skype calls or Google Hangouts.

Are There Any Good Cameras For Youtube Beginners That Are Easier To Use Than Others?

One of the best Youtube cameras for beginners is the Canon ELPH 300 HS. One of the benefits to this camera is that it is Point and Shoot. If you are brand new to the photography/videography scene a DSLR camera may be unnecessary. A high quality Point and Shoot camera can essentially meet all of your current needs.

The ELPH does come in 1080p Full HD. For those of you brand new to the industry, that essentially means high definition. It is the standard in today’s world for quality videos.

One of the features that is very popular about the Canon ELPH is that it has a wide angled lens. Wide-angle lenses are typically more common among DSLR cameras yet not so much among Point and Shoot. The wide-angle lens is really what you want when shooting most video footage because it enables you to capture more of the scene.

Also a great feature for beginners is the image stabilizer that is built into the ELPH. This stabilizer helps compensate for slight shaking that you may have when filming.

You can find the camera second hand on Amazon for under $100, which is an absolute steal. You often do not need a brand new camera as long as it is in “like new” condition.

Newer versions of the camera have recently been released that have the microphone on the front of the camera. With the older editions the microphone was on the top. Make sure to get one that fits more of your needs. If you will be shooting most of your footage front, on either microphone setting will be fine. However if you will be speaking from behind the camera you may want an older version with a microphone that is placed on the top.

Coincidentally a lot of information about filming video for Youtube can be found on Youtube itself. There are may people that post comparing variations of cameras like Video Creators,  and you can see first hand the type of footage and audio that is filmed from the camera they use in the video comparisons and camera review videos.

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