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Join the conversation on Matt's case studies at CleverLeverage.com as he discovers and tests new ways to earn more income, learn alternative investment strategies to net >10%, maintain good health, and turn passions into online businesses.

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  1. Hey Matt – Great videos. I am self-service oriented, so I was able to watch them, learn, and get most of my questions answered before ordering. I know from working in IT that most people will do a little bit of that, but then, once they are convinced on the “why,” they want to have someone walk them through the rest of the how/what part of the decision. Check out the site for “The Nest” (the thermostat) for an interesting way to walk people through the decision cascade. The rest of my 2 cents are: consider recreating only the videos that were the most popular or that answer the most FAQs. supplementing with an FAQ document, and hire a UX person to help (sometimes it’s hard to design to solver for our own problems),. lol Serious;y though, you can find some great free-lance UX people.

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