The Best EMF Meters (for keeping your family safe)

Looking for the best emf meter to measure harmful RF radiation or magnetic fields emanating from your home? In this article, I discuss the emf meters I own, which ones work best for homeowners trying to learn about emf mitigation techniques without spending a fortune, and which meters NOT to buy if you want to be able to test all types of EMF accurately. By the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of which emf meter is right for you. As always, if you have questions about EMF’s or any of the meters listed below, ask away in the comment section at the bottom of this page.

Edit: I’m updating this article and changing the recommendations. Now that I have over $1,000 worth of multiple meters, some work much better than others for less money. Coming soon…

(I forgot about lseeping on a non metal spring mattress… when our parents were kids, it didn’t matter. Now, it matters more than ever since almost ever room in the house has enough emf in it just begging for an antenna)

The Top 3 Rated EMF Meters For Testing RF & Electric/Magnetic Fields

First off, how do I know about this and why does it matter to me? I’m a professional blogger, and I make my living using electronic devices that connect to the internet. If that in and of itself isn’t bad enough for my health, I am constanctly connected to WIFI, and never even knew this was an issue until I FINALLY got relief from year and years AND YEARS of chronic allergies. Little did I know, I had mercury fillings in my mouth from when I was a boy, and over the last couple decades, the mercury had been leaching into my body forming an internal antennae that’s a little more “magnetic” than most people. (if you get what I mean… minute metal particules scattered around the body make you more conducitve

Long story short, when I got my amalgams removed, and my allergies went away in less than 30 days, I pressed forward with figuring out why I was tired all the time, and seemed to suffer from unexplainable fatigue and anxiety. Along with diet and exercise, I went in to get my hair mineral analyis, blood wrok, etc… all tested, and one of the thigns that came up, was my work environment, lack of sunlight, and above average expsoure to electronics/wifi/dirty electricity/office smart meters. I never knew in a million years that constant daily exposure to emfs, can stop the bodies cells from operating as they normally would… and ultimately, lowering the immune system function altogether… and we’re not even touching on things like sleep. Insomnia, anxiety, weird thoughts and feelings, depression… all sorts of things can affect people differently, just as I don’t die from eating penuts, someone else will.

This lead me to stumble on to the work of Dr. Jack Kruse on grounding, Selfhacked on Adrenral fatigue, Ben Greenfield on chelation, and so many moire I don’t know where to start. Things like grounding my workstation and putting a smart meter cover on my home office, had never even been on my radar. I didn’t know what they were, or even why you’d need them at the time.

Now fast forward to today… I’m doing much better, no longer have brain fog or anxiety, and sleep like a baby. The biggest benefit for me, has been improved health, mental clairty, and creativeness for work… it’s like someone flipped the switch and turned my brain back on. Now I won’t mislead you here, and say this is all because of reducing emfs in my environment… that definitely makes a huge impact on my health and life, but other things that helped me detox from mercury and heavy metals like taking chelation supplements, infrared saunas, and doing cold plunges have also assisted tremendously in getting the heavy metals out of my body. You see, when you have heavy metals, I believe you become more conductive. Meaning, normal wifi exposure and clel phone radiation at normal levels that wouldn’t usually impact your daily life, become a little more impactful. When I went for my first hair test, my aluminum levels were higher than anything else, including mercury… which was alarming, considering I had mercury fillings for over 20 something years, and the dentist even commented on how one of them was discolored, and the other super polishged shiny. (meaning, it had been wearing against my other teeth, slowly dumping trace amounts of mercury into my sinuses and down my throat, contributing to my chronic sinus infections year after year) This too was unsettling, and I began looking in to what the hell causes high aluminum levels, and found out about cookware, deodorant, etc… (btw – if you need some good metal free deoroadnty, I have a list of the ones I use here)
With more and more of our lives going digital these days, it’s absolutely essential to be able to test for things you can’t see. You may not even be the culrit, it could be your neighbor, or the power company, or even an appliance. But for most people, if they can’t see it, quantify it, touch it, or know someone who knows about it, they don’t normally do anything about it. In the case of living in urban environments, your life almost depends on it\

Warning – DO NOT Live In An Apartment Building Without Owning An EMF Meter

Apartments Have Arrays Of Smart Meters And Building Boxes Affixed To Exterior Walls Of Your UNit

Hihgly Concentrated Doeses Of EMF (much more than in a single family home)

For instance, here’s a picture of the apartment I went to look at that I live in now (normally I would never live somewhere like here)

I turned it in to an opporunity to help you guys

If I can mitigate emfs from 10 smart meters right outside my ktichen, I think I can help a single person reduce emf radiation from their home

Other benefits to owning an emf meter and knowing how to use it: optimizing your sleep environment

What Is EMF

What Is An EMF Meter

Why So Many People Get Confused On What EMF Meters To Buy

What NOT To Buy (don’t waste your money)
– cheap ghost hunting emf meter on ebay
– expesnive emf meters for professionals when all you need to test is if emf levels are present
– the right meters to buy if you want to keep your family safe for life

What Are Safe EMF Levels

What Appliances And Objects Do You need To Measure To Be Safe In Your Home
– the most common offenders of radio frequency radiation (RF) &
– Smart Meters: frequcney, pulse rate, which meter you need to detect it, and how to mitigate it once you know you have it
– Cell Phones
– Wifi


Why This Is So Important: Your Body Doesn’t Regenerate While Sleeping When Exposed To EMF’s All Night Long

Weird Ailments And Diseases

Anxiety And Depression

Top Rated EMF Detectors For Detecting RF, ELF, EMF Radiation

EMF Testing Devices

How A Guass Meter Is Different From An RF Meter

Should You Buy A Trifieled Meter Or Spend Extra Money On A Two Meter Setup (separate meter for RF & EMF for better accuracy)

The Best EMF Meter For Your Budget

Under $200

Under $500

Under $750

The EMF Testers I Purchased And The Meters I Use And Why

No Ghost Hunting Equipment! – Not Your Ordinary Ghost Hunter EMF Detector (we want to protect our health and our family)

– cheap ebay junk isn’t worth saving a few bucks over for your childrens health
– fake emf detector apps on smartphone designed for ghost hunters

real electromagnetic testing

What Other EMF Testers Should You Look Into

faraday cages require grounding
buy an outlet tester before hooking up a grounding pillow

Solid resources:

emf sense

mistakes I made when moving to a new condo: didn’t test at night when the current draw is MUCH higher than during the day… when all the realtors do house tours!

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  1. Please finish the article! This is exactly the help we need. It’s so great that someone else has been there and done that and can give some advice. Here in Australia they are charging $500-$1500 for an emf meter from EMF websites. I don’t believe we should have to pay that for a meter! Looking forward to hearing your recommended meters.

  2. Please finish this article. No links or details just headings to be finished. Want to cut to the chase. And what are your selection factors. Need info on which meter for all aspects you discuss to check, and budget is better since I have lyme and cancer.

  3. Nice vidro you did of emf/etc evaluation of the Radiant Health sauna, with all your meters… Thanks! You did the hassle and meter cost for me. Convinced me on which sauna too, which I had dithered a while and was leaning SaunaRay due to no toxic finish, hypoallergenic basswood, Klinghardt’s recommendation mention, etc. But now you have convinced me on the Radiant Health… features, heating, build, plus amazing test results.

  4. Any idea as to when the videos with your updated recommendations for the various emf meters will be available? Or if you could list your recommendations?

  5. Hello Matt. I am looking for a way to test electrical fields, magnetic fields RF and body voltage. I am looking to test an infrared sauna and also use around the house to mitigate Emf exposure.

    Could you advise of any options . Are there affordable options that are still accurate? Or do I have to get more expensive metres to be accurate?

    Thanks very much for all of the information you have been providing it had been eye opening to say the least.


    • Hi Crystal,

      Not sure how to answer this. A neutralization device that doesn’t reduce or remove the source, is usually quantified differently that most of the testing I do. Some people report that by introducing resonant frequencies and other things do help them, so I don’t want to take away from that. But as a general rule, said devices are not removing or reducing the source of EMF in the environment itself. Does that make sense?

      Funny you mention orgone… when I went to the Wilhelm Reich museum in Maine, some of the experiments he used to do with orgone energy boxes were pretty fascinating. I’m thinking about building one.

  6. A relative has a smart meter on the other side of her inner (thin) bedroom wall. I am intending to get a meter and demonstrate how dangerous that is; she will take some convincing.
    I understand you can shield them with metal gauze around them (and some kind of metal shielding inside the bedroom on the wall), but if you wrapped the smart meter with gauze, surely it would not work, and would be able to send readings, so the Utility Company wouldn’t allow it?

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