Infrared Sauna Dangers

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Worried about using an infrared sauna, and unsure about legitimate infrared sauna dangers?  I’ve tested over 11 different infrared sauna brands now, and I can tell you firsthand what to look out for, and what is safe in the sauna world. Many people have been scared to death by fancy marketing lines from high dollar infrared sauna companies… getting you all worked up about toxins in the lumber, chemicals in the bamboo heater guards that cover the infrared heaters, and on and on with this stuff.

Now I do worry about emf levels in my infrared saunas, simply because most every sauna company is lying about their emf “testing” done by third parties. Generally they outsource this, so as to remove any liability on their part, but the fact is, the sauna is dismantled, heaters shipped off to a lab to be tested in another state, and then this pretty little “report” is generated for them to use in their marketing. (I’m sure you’ve sen them… “HEY, look at me… see, our sauna IS IN FACT, low emf, and it’s the best… wanna put $5k on your credit card now?!?!?)

I’ll take care of you though, as all Clever Leverage readers can attend the Sauna EMF Masterclass for free. Never again will you be blindsided by fancy talking sauna sales people, and you will be armed with the right knowledge to make sure you and your family are in a safe infrared sauna that’s not harmful to your health.

For legal purposes, I need to tell you I am not a doctor, cannot offer you medical advice, and we have to disclose certain dangers of infrared saunas. (or any type of sauna for that matter) People with heart conditions, high blood pressure, or any type of disease or health ailment, should always check with their doctor before doing anything that increases core temperature, heart rate, etc…

Below, we’ll cover the run of the mill dangers of steam sauna use, or any type of heat shock therapy. I personally do not worry about dehydration, thermal injuries, nutritional depletion, etc.. because I am following the infrared sauna detox therapy protocol. All of your electrolytes and minerals will be replenished when you adhere to the right supplements, timing, and body care regimen.

Is An Infrared Safe Really Safe?

Sauna therapy is usually associated with relaxation and health benefits and there are not many risks linked to infrared sauna usage. However, although there are very few hazards associated with the use of infrared saunas, it is a good idea to understand the possible dangers before getting into a sauna therapy session. In fact, there have been several studies indicating that saunas can cause problems like overheating, symptoms of dehydration and other health issues. It is wise to know the adverse effects that saunas can cause so that you can prevent them from affecting you.

Potential Hazards of Infrared Sauna Use

Although most of the people using saunas do not experience any troubles, there may be an odd case, where you may experience some adverse effects due to the high temperatures of the sauna, especially in the following situations:

  • Overheating causing heat stroke or heat exhaustion.
  • Dehydration that may be caused due to insufficient fluid intake.
  • Consuming alcohol during the sauna therapy session.
  • Toxins that are mobilized in the bloodstream because of detoxification.
  • Interference with certain medications.
  • Medical conditions that have been triggered.
  • Adverse effects on implants.

If you are healthy and are not taking any medications, the symptoms caused due to an overdose of sauna are usually heating effects such as overheating, dehydration, depletion of electrolytes, etc. And, if you suffer from any medical conditions or you are taking any prescribed medications, it is a good idea to check with your medical practitioner before undergoing sauna therapy.

Common Infrared Sauna Dangers

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

Even if you are extremely healthy, too much of exposure to the high temperatures of the sauna can result in the body getting overheated, beyond naturally recoverable levels. An infrared sauna uses light waves to transfer radiant heat to your body and increases the body temperature. Since the heat waves penetrate the body to around 1.5 inches, you may confuse the symptoms of overheating with the warmth or the hot sensation that you may experience in the sauna.

Overheating usually occurs if you spend more time inside the sauna than it’s normally recommended. So, it is extremely important to be cautious the entire time that you are in the sauna and if your skin begins turning clammy or you start feeling nauseous, dizzy or faint, then you should get out of the sauna immediately. A good way to avoid heat exhaustion or heat stroke is to ensure that you keep a thermometer at hand and monitor the temperature constantly and also ensure that you are well hydrated.


Another big danger of the sauna is dehydration and it is important to understand the symptoms of dehydration so that you can prevent it. If you spend around 30 minutes in the sauna, you may feel very thirsty or you may feel that your skin is very dry. However, if you are experiencing symptoms such as dry mouth, dizziness, headache and sleepiness, then you are probably suffering from dehydration. It is always a good idea to drink a lot of water before getting into the sauna and after the session too. And, avoid starting the sauna session until you are rehydrated and are feeling better.

You can take a bottle of water with you into the sauna and keep drinking. However, you must take care not to pour the water over yourself. This only will increase the humidity in the sauna and make you even more uncomfortable. Even if you have finished your sauna therapy, keep drinking water for at least 1 hour after the session and drink around half a cup of water every 15 minutes to stay hydrated. Avoid drinking sugary drinks, soda and alcohol as this can increase the risk of dehydration and also overheating.


The sweating caused due to sauna therapy and the increased blood circulation can affect the effectiveness of certain medications that you may be taking. So, if you are taking any medications it is a good idea to check with your doctor before going in for sauna therapy. Some medications that may be affected by sauna use are:

  • Insulin
  • Skin-based or trans-dermal medication

When you have sauna therapy, it releases the toxins which are stored in the fat cells in the body. When this occurs, some of the medications trapped in the fat cells may also be released. Any residues of sedatives, antidepressants, anesthetics, chemotherapy drugs, etc. that you have used previously which have been stored in the fat cells and have been dormant may re-emerge and re-enter the bloodstream causing problems.

While any symptoms because of this are usually temporary because as the body detoxifies, it will remove all the medication from the bloodstream; however, while it occurs, you must ensure that the potential side effects are not severe and hazardous.

Medical Conditions

If you are suffering from certain health conditions, then it is advisable to avoid using the sauna completely, unless it is under the supervision of a therapist or medical practitioner. You should be especially cautious and avoid the use of a sauna if you have suffered from:

  • Heart attack
  • Aortic stenosis
  • Stroke (that has been caused due to bleeding in the brain)
  • Lupus erythematosus
  • Brain tumors
  • Angina pectoris
  • Multiple sclerosis

If you have are suffering from diabetes, have any implants or a pacemaker, then you should check with your doctor before taking up sauna therapy. Also, while undergoing sauna therapy, if you experience any discomfort, pain or any other signs of intolerance, check with your therapist or doctor before using the infrared sauna again.

Drug Use in the Past

If you have used psychedelic drugs like LSD in the past, you could experience the effects of the drug when the drug residues are released from the fat storage into your bloodstream because of the detoxification effects of infrared sauna. These drugs can have dangerous physiological, as well as, psychological effects. So, if you are going in for sauna therapy, and you have used drugs in the past then it is a good idea to be honest with your therapist and have supervised sauna sessions.

Depletion of Nutrition

Long-term, heavy infrared sauna usage may lead to the depletion of some vital minerals and nutrients from the body in some cases. However, if you follow a diet that is nutritious and wholesome and ensures that you are well hydrated before, during and post the sauna sessions, you will not have problems.

If you have been prescribed to undergo an infrared sauna detox program or are planning to take up infrared sauna therapy for a prolonged period, then you must ensure that your nutritional intake is sufficiently wholesome and can support the detox process properly. It is a good idea to speak to a qualified dietitian or nutritionist to customize your diet as per your requirements.

Are Infrared Saunas Safe?

Many folks are wondering if infrared saunas are really safe or not. With all the hype for zero emf this and that, the marketing teams of some of these sauna companies really do a number on the consumers to skew things one way or the other. In reality, they’re not doing proper testing on their saunas, and commonly defer to third parties so they can blame them if word ever gets out their sauna is super high emf.

So is an infrared sauna safe to use or not? 

In this next section, we’re going to discuss emf levels in infrared saunas. Aside from VOC’s and the quality of construction materials used, this one of the main deciding factors that determine whether or not an infrared is truly safe for you family to use. You can always Google “Matt Justice Sauna Reviews” to see the truth on live video instead of being left wondering.

EMF or Electromagnetic Radiation

Infrared saunas make use of heaters that generate EMF or electromagnetic field radiation. EMF radiation is also produced by other electrical appliances and gadgets that we use everyday like mobile phones, microwave ovens, WiFi, etc. Exposure to high EMF levels has been known to increase health risks and cause problems like cancers. So, it is extremely important that you limit your exposure to EMF as much as possible.

The EMF levels produced by infrared heaters in saunas is usually quite low; however, the level can vary depending on the brand and manufacturing quality. So, if you’re planning to buy an infrared sauna for your home, it is a good idea to check the EMF rating before buying one, or if you’re going for a sauna therapy session at the spa, you should check the rated EMF level of the heaters installed in the spa sauna. And, if you are planning on using the infrared sauna on a regular basis, it is better to determine the EMF levels at the start so that you can minimize any health risks in the future.

May Damage Silicone Implants

The effects of infrared sauna on silicone implants has been a topic that has been debated for a very long time and although studies reveal that sauna therapy normally does not affect breast implants, using it for a very long period of time can have its dangers. If the silicone implants are of poor quality, then there is a possible danger of the silicone melting or getting deformed, causing the silicon shell to break or get ruptured.

Generally, silicone has a high melting point, over 392 degrees, it is still recommended that you check with your doctor and the manufacturer about the implants and ensure that it can withstand the high temperatures of the infrared sauna.

May Cause Thermal Injury

According to the International Commission on Non-ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the heat from infrared radiation may cause thermal injury. Prolonged exposure to infrared radiation can cause problems of hyperpigmentation. However, infrared light exposure does not cause skin cancer and other acute skin problems. So, it is recommended that you check if the infrared sauna facility is ICNIRP compliant to prevent any risk of thermal injury.

Children and Infrared Saunas

Kids are very sensitive and must be protected from extreme temperatures. However, it has been found that infrared saunas are safer for children when compared to traditional saunas as the infrared saunas are heated at much lower temperatures and also infrared saunas are more comfortable compared to regular saunas. However, to ensure that children using saunas are safe, the time they spend in the sauna should be restricted to around 15-20 minutes and you should also ensure that they are well hydrated. Also, ensure that the children are never left alone in the sauna and are supervised by an adult at all times.

Infrared saunas are very safe, as long as all the precautions are taken and you consult a medical practitioner if you suffer from any previous conditions or experience any abnormal symptoms. It is good sense to use the sauna wisely and not overdo it. Keep a watch on your body and if you don’t feel alright, then step out of the sauna immediately and if the symptoms persist, seek medical assistance. If used properly, infrared saunas are a great way to detox, relax and feel good.

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  1. Have you ever tested the EMF levels of JNH Lifestyles saunas? They have far infrared and full Spectrum models. Thank you for any insight you might have.

  2. I am talking mainly about the Portable heaters and all reflectors-filament and coils used to heat made of alloys. I am concerned with the dust and fume emanating from the filament of the radiating heater. Some of them are made from aluminum proven to provoke alzheimer, other coils are manufactured from dubious alloys nickel, chrome, tungsten and amiante proven to start amiantosis (cancer of the lungs). I like the clean and surrounding heat of these electric radiating heaters. But I am still so worried. I have read so many scientific research and other articles over the internet but i do not trust the internet as anybody can publish whatever sensational scary news to cash Google Ads Money. PLEASE TELL ME THE TRUTH: ARE THE INFRA READ HEATERS WITH METAL COILS HARMFUL WITH THEIR FUMES AND DUST EMISSIONS OR IT IS VERY NEGLIGEABLE??? CAN YOU SEND ME A HONEST REPLY?

  3. Hi Matt.
    I bought a Radiant Health Sauna and used you as a reference. Thank you, I love it.
    I’m a person who feels if a little is good more is better. I have owned a conventional sauna and used to high heat and long saunas for years. I made the mistake of staying in this new one for an extended amount of time at149. I know, not very smart. I triggered a massive detox. Have you ever known someone to do this. If so how did they handle it.

    It started in my face, red swollen skin very painful to the touch. Then started moving to other parts of my head as the red and pain in the initial parts disappeared.Just wondering how many days it will last.

    Thank you
    Judy G


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