The Best Call Tracking Services Compared

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Call tracking is one of the most underutilized tools in a small business’ arsenal. Most small business owners aren’t even aware of how it can fully benefit them, especially when running or paying for any type of advertisement. Marketing companies love to tout big figures, and what they an do for your business, but rarely ever let you track every little nook and cranny down to every cent you spend… They would lose money right? Well, whether you just want to see how many customers are calling you from Google, track the effectiveness of a magazine ad or local magazine drop, or truly measure brand awareness on a big billboard ad, call tracking services can make your life a LOT easier. I also use them to spot check sales people by recording inbound calls, and it’s very easy to make sure the secretaries are answering the phones properly using this technique as well.

Call tracking is so effective, I don’t start a new business with a landline anymore. I use a voip service exclusively now, so I can get access to the dashboard of analytics. We can easily tell when our website kicks in, a paid advertisement is working or wasting money, and making changes to the phone system has never been easier since there’s no waiting around on the phone company to do anything.

Before we get into which call tracking service is the best for your situation, you should know right off the bat that what most people call “call tracking” isn’t the only way to measure inbound leads for your business. Simply using a VoIP phone service, with call analytics, can give you simple insights without having to sign up for some expensive call tracking service with dynamic insertion number code you have to embed everywhere for it to work. When I do a lead gen campaign for a client, I don’t use dynamic call tracking at all… and in this article, I’ll share with you my method for making smarter, more lucrative business decisions based on customer call data.

A large chunk of the potential success of any business is the outreach and how they approach their customers. Most successful businesses that serve consumers directly are highly dependent on their capacity to attract customers and retain them over time. The most common method of undertaking this outreach is through the telephone. If you are running even a small or medium-sized business that serves consumers directly, you will recognize the large volume of calls that you receive and make every day. While the labour force can only undertake a certain amount of conversations with customers every day, you might be receiving many more calls on average, all of which you should ideally make the most of.

This can only happen if you are equipped with systems that help track calls, record them and ID them in certain cases. Not only is it the first step toward outreach, these analytical solutions can help make some important business decisions as well. For example, tracking services can often help you understand the geographical density of areas around your business that have the highest demand for your product. Activities and budget pertaining to marketing can be undertaken based on this data. This is just one example, but the essence of the matter is that call tracking might be one of the handiest services to make use of when you are running a small, medium or large business. This article will review some of the best-known call tracking and analytical services and how businesses can use their features to gain an upper edge against their competition.

Top Call Tracking Services


Available on laptops, tablets as well as smartphones, Invoca is a call intelligence platform that has been making some good ground amongst top marketers. The program is such that it creates insights and analytics on customers before, during and after calls to help marketers come up with ways to improve the marketing and sales process to accommodate rising consumer demands. Not only is there call tracking and analytics available, but also insights about large-scale dimensions like conversion rate as well as sources of traffic generation.

They also have a service called Invoca Engage that works as a real-time engagement machine that analyses engagement and creates suggestive inputs to better the customer targeting process that is being undertaken. It also provides campaign insights that can allow marketers to understand which campaign sources what calls. Moves for budgeting and campaign optimization can be made based on these insights that allow marketers to dig deeper into the workings of several marketing campaigns and gauge their effectiveness – something that can make a huge difference in revenues.

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The services offered include API, auto call distribution, call monitoring and reporting, call routing, call tracking, caller ID, conversion rate optimization as well as ROI analytics. They offer a free trial for new customers and is meant for medium- to large-scale businesses. They currently operate in the Canadian and American market.


CallFire is a company that specializes in the provision of several different call center features that help in automating, optimizing and tracking outbound campaigns and the associated business activities.

The major categories that CallFire serves are voice broadcast, text messaging, call tracking, IVR, cloud call center and developer API. Their cloud call center feature integrates CRM and Excel spreadsheets to provide customer history and associated comments/notes all in one place. Campaign analysis can be undertaken through the call tracking and reporting features along with interactive voice response (IVR) services that help set up surveys and campaigns over the phone as well. Not only this, IVR can also support payment methods, calendar appointment and reminders, etc.

Apart from these features, the app also supports unlimited call transfers, lets you record calls along with pre-recorded messages, add custom scripts to messages and so on. Once again, the app runs in the Canadian and American market and is applicable for small-, medium- as well as large-scale businesses. Besides the aforementioned services, other features include SMS-enabled tracking, call routing and auto attendant, multi-line dialing, single-line auto-dialer, remote/home agents, CRM integration as well as DNC/FTC compliance information.

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Some of the solutions that these services provide for businesses range from ease of communicating announcements to measuring the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns by routing leads through the service. When a company needs to call a large number of people to inform them of an update, automatic calling features are highly useful.

The call tracking services are also highly useful to understand how marketing campaigns are reaching people and how these potential customers view these services that are being offered to them, along with the channel through which they revert to you.

Finally, offers of promotions and discounts, etc. can also be sent out in large chunks through CallFire’s SMS products while running analytics on the reach and penetration achieved.


One of the best-known companies when it comes to communication solutions and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, RingCentral offers a host of services to streamline the communication within your business. Not only is there a vast array of services that RingCentral offers, it also turns out to be cheaper than the usual on-premise systems that perform these functions usually. RingCentral has also been recognized as the leader in the 2015 and 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications worldwide.

They operate in European, American as well as Asian markets and are renowned to provide communication solutions to large companies like BMW and Twitter. Even though they power such giants, the services they offer are applicable for small as well as large businesses. However, it would be cheaper to use the services for a larger company as their prices drop based on the number of users. This is because the service is priced in a way such that the cost per user within the company keeps declining as more and more employees sign up for the RingCentral service. This also helps connect all the employees to a single platform and streamline operations.

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RingCentral serves as an integrated communications platform that takes care of every communicative function while integrating all your devices irrespective of the systems they run on. Not only this, it is streamlined to integrate with most third-party business service providers like Google, Salesforce, Dropbox, Microsoft, etc.). With over a decade of investments in research and development, RingCentral is currently one of the most innovative names in the communications industry. It offers all the services required for streamlined communication such as cloud PBX, call recording, call tracking, audio/video conferencing, collaborations, online messaging, business SMS, toll-free and local number integration, internet fax, multi-level IVR, secure VoIP services, Caller ID, RingOut and RingMe alerts, hot desking, call logs and so on.

The features offered by RingCentral allow for a streamlined and well-connected team of employees that are directed toward a common goal with high communication channels between them. It also allows for great cost-efficiency by cutting vast amounts of operational costs and providing a single solution for all these services. The results are also visible instantaneously. The service also does not require any maintenance budget or hardware costs because everything is provided by RingCentral. For large companies that are based all around the world, such a service makes tremendous sense and cuts costs of international calling and conferencing by a massive amount. Moreover, RingCentral also makes room for emergency situations where it is considered to be one of the foremost services in business continuity in case of loss of internet and network. It automatically switches to cellular and voice data networks and does not lose any data in the process, allowing the user complete ease and smoothness in operation.

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Known as the company that allows you to know what makes your phone ring, CallRail provides call analytics to marketers that provide insights into campaigns and audiences. It measures different streams of call conversions that include search campaigns, digital marketing campaigns like pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, offline campaigns, etc. It offers a range of features that allow you to dig into several aspects of call-based marketing and outreach such as call recording that is used for customer service improvement, qualifying leads as well as coaching the staff for scripts and tackling customer complaints. The entire journey of the visitor is identified and captured before and after the call to create deeper insights of the audience.

The features that are part of the CallRail service include call recording, dynamic number insertion, campaign-level call tracking, keyword call tracking, AdWords call tracking, dynamic website call tracking, static call tracking, call flows and channels, visitor and keyword-level tracking, call scheduling, call follow up and lead capture.

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They also provide a call analytics dashboard that provides a lot of detail about individual calls and consolidates data to identify patterns and trends that may be useful to marketers to gauge audiences and target specific sets of audiences for specific campaigns. Visitor timelines show the various ways in which website browsing occurs as well as the time spent on particular pages and how that affects the revenue as well. If the website is optimized based on services offered, you can make some important discoveries regarding products that attract audiences and others that don’t. This can also be integrated with several different marketing and analytical software such as Google Analytics, AdWords as well as Salesforce. These are measures that can go a long way to improve ROI and understand the ways in which further investments and budgeting can be undertaken. This is the reason why these services flourish and why CallRail has been rated very highly in small- and medium-scale businesses to find the correct direction of growth and development.

The Final Word

Having reviewed some of the best services for call tracking out there, the next step is that of making the choice amongst them. This might be difficult to undertake, but must be based on specific criteria that are central to your business operations in the current climate.

The first consideration should be the kind of solution you are looking for. As is clear, there are services that are specifically for call tracking while there are other services that are meant for all sorts of communication needs. The next consideration would have to do with the budget and how much you are willing to spend on such services. Finally, the size of the business and markets in which you operate should be enough to help you arrive at one answer.

If you are looking for integrated communication services for your business, there is no service better and more reputed than RingCentral — it’s a no-brainer. However, it would be much more cost-effective if the business has a large number of employees who can all be connected through this service.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a service that is specifically based on call tracking and no other feature, CallRail might be a good option, owing to the various types of call tracking possible, the high integration with third-party apps as well as the analytical dashboard that it comes with.

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Even CallFire might be a good call but its services would be better used in a business that requires mass outreach regularly. This brings us to the final consideration which is the size and market that you are operating under. A business that is based on mass outreach might be benefited through CallFire’s SMS packages and tracking services, whereas another business that receives a high number of daily calls might benefit from CallRail’s scrutinized call tracking categories.

Therefore, based on the features that each service avails and the various business goals you aim to suffice through the service, a decision about the right call tracking service for your business can be made. But, on a general level, these aforementioned call tracking services are some of the best in the world and will serve all the functions promised entirely. Integrating these services within your business will certainly provide a boost and help you invest in those areas of your business that have the highest return on investment — the best way forward!


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