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I have been searching for an EMF bed canopy for the last year, and struggled at first to determine which type of bed canopy I really needed. Everyone says buy a Swissshield EMF bed canopy, while others say the polyester has harmful VOC’s on the covered metallic bed nets.

Originally, I was just going to order a regular Naturell bed canopy. But I decided to redo the testing in my bedroom, and double check what makes the bed canopies mitigate multiple types of EMF instead.

Here’s what I found:

  • A lot of companies selling EMF Bed Canopies aren’t doing a great job educating you on what makes it work.
  • Folks have NO IDEA that electric fields pass right through an ungrounded canopy. (why does this matter? If you have a baby crib and you’re using a canopy for your newborn, all the appliances plugged in right next to the crib shelf… guess what, canopy probably ineffective)
  • Simply grounding a canopy to the grid is sometimes worse than an ungrounded canopy
  • The best emf bed canopy is the grounded WiFi canopy with dirty electricity filtration
  • A standard fabric can work as a 5g emf bed canopy

Let me explain in detail, so you don’t waste thousands of dollars on fancy fabric that doesn’t mitigate what you think it will…

How Do EMF Bed Canopies Work?

An RF protection canopy really has one main job: to mitigate (or at least drastically reduce to safe level) EMF present in your home, from neighbors wifi, cell phones, cell towers, smart meters, etc…

All of those things emit RF radiation, which is just transmissions from electronics nearby. The trouble is, each year this is becoming more and more dense within your city block.

A lot of people suffer from sleep disturbances, insomnia, waking up feeling tired all the time, anxiety, headaches, etc…

Heck, most people sleep with their phone beside their bed still. But once you see my video showing you the measurements when doing that, you will probably stop.

Point being, EMF and RF emissions are everywhere in our world.

The main intention of an EMF bed canopy, is to give you nervous system a break when you sleep, so you can truly rest and rejuvenate.

What most people don’t realize, is that EMF emissions in the home and nearby neighbors, are pinging your nervous system all night long. Some people are affected by this, and some are not. A lot of it comes down to how stressed you are, your personal personality traits, and your lifestyle.

For instance, are you busy as heck, have kids, and run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off? If so, you’re likely a person that has less reserves in the energy bank to tolerate additional stressors for example.

So How Does The Bed Canopy Protect Us From WiFi, Cell Towers, & 5G?

When you install a shielding net around your bed, and specifically a floor shield if you’re on a second floor or higher, you are essentially creating a faraday cage that filters out harmful frequencies while you sleep.

This is what I call a Sleep Sanctuary in my house, and has been my quest to create for a couple of years now.

The trouble is, it’s pretty easy if you’re in your forever home and can tear the room apart. But I am not, and have relocated twice since first learning about this.

Enter: portable emf bed canopy: take it with me when I move!

So now, there is a breathable barrier between you and all the signals coming into your home when you’re sleeping inside the shielding net.

The tight weave fabric has special metallic material inside, which blocks the wave pattern (or significantly reduces it down to acceptable levels)

The Best EMF Bed Canopy On The Market In 2021

Without spending a ton of time diving into the specifics, the best bed canopy for emf and 5g in 2021, is one that is metallic and grounded IF you’re willing to handle your dirty electricity.


It’s simple really. An ungrounded emf canopy allows electric fields from the room to pass right through. This can be seen in my body voltage video, where I show you how to check and see if you even need to be worried about this or not. (every house is diffierent)

What happens is, folks will buy a silver emf fabric, plug it into the wall, and then not know why they wake up feeling like they got hit buy a truck.

Bottom line is, it could be one of two things they’re creating by doing this that are worse than not having a canopy at all. 1) all the dirty electricity of hopping off the breaker box bus bars and is circulating around them on this “grounded” tent now. 2) It isn’t a true ground in the first place by plugging it into an outlet.

The opposite of this is true also.

Case in point: non metallic Swiss Shield fabric canopies.

If you’re going to shut the circuit breakers off in your bedroom every night, then this will work fine.

But if not, you will have electric fields pass right through the tent, potentially increasing body voltage while you sleep. (but no worse than without the canopy… don’t let me steer you wrong here, you just won’t be getting the full benefits of a canopy with this type)

My Personal Bedroom Setup

I want to show you my youtube videos here, so you can see what the levels were before adding the bed canopy.

I have some troublesome neighbors with WiFi extenders that come right through one of the walls on my house. There are also smart meters we detected pinging home during certain hours, and also a surge of dirty electricity that my Stetzer Filters did not take care of only at certain times of the day. (more on fixing that, then back to the bed canopy installation)

To be continued…

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  1. Thanks Matt for you time and expertise – Mitogen does not make a portable device and the shipping to USA is pricey. Any portable recommendations, Joovv has high profile backers like Ben Greenfield not sure how much is hype. Spoke with Luminousred founders (from Australia they give anyone a 30 min zoom call to discuss their product very convincing couple) they sincerely believe Joovv EMF readings are false. Just trying to do my homework before purchasing.


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