Best Sources for Organic Grass-Fed Meat Delivery

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For the longest time, organic meat was not easily accessible in the cities. You would have to go to your local store and buy the same old cold cuts that were probably processed at a factory that does not care about sustainability. Today, however, you can get organic, grass-fed meat delivered to your doorstep. The following are services that do that:


ButcherBox is one of the most popular and reliable organic meat delivery services around. The company brings organic meat to your doorstep, without any added antibiotics or hormones. The meat is humanely raised, grass-fed and nurtured in organic circumstances. You can rest assured that the beef you are buying is 100% grass fed, the chicken organic and free-range and the pork is of heritage breed. The service does not charge for shipping and endeavors to make clean meat available to everyone at a reasonable cost. ButcherBox is tied up with several small farms around the country that believes in the same values as they do.

How it works is that the service expects you to choose a plan. You can pick a box either of mixed meats curated by ButcherBox or customize the contents of your own box. The next step is to simply receive the box at a convenient time for you. The website is also interactive and offers several exciting recipes and tips for cooking the meat. Each meal will cost you under $6 and you also do not have to feel guilty about buying your meat from a cruel processing mill. If you are a student, you can even check to see if the ‘Unidays’ discount is available for a better price.

US Wellness Meats

US Wellness Meats has been around for at least two decades, trying to perfect how to bring the most organic and healthy meat to your doorstep. It is not simply a meat delivery service, the brand has, over the years, built a community of nutritionists, diet specialists and chefs to advice them about how to treat their meat and ensure that it was its organic best. There are also a series of recipes and tips on the website to guide you through how the meat should be prepared and cooked.

The service also has a catalog of different kinds of products. It is not only organic, grass-fed meat but also products curated for special diets. For example, there are meats that are higher in fat content and lower or carbohydrates, which are perfect for anyone on the ketogenic diet. There are also sugar-free offerings, AIP-friendly (autoimmune protocol) meats and more.

You can also find dairy products like grass-fed butter, pre-made broths and gelatins and you can even pick out your favorite fats and organs out of the meat. There is also an option to buy the meats in a wholesale arrangement if you are a restaurant owner. But if you are just looking to cook at home, simply sign up for an account and receive a package at your doorstep.


Pre is a great way to get grass-fed, grass-finished meat that has been raised humanely and with care. There are no added antibiotics or hormones. The product is guaranteed non-GMO and non-BPA. When the product arrives at your doorstep, it will be in a transparent, vacuum-sealed packet. You can assess the quality of the meat just by looking at it. You can pick different kinds of boxes and there is a whole variety to choose from, of course. Some of the boxes available include Steak Lover’s Box, Meal Prep Box, Grill Master’s Box and Chef’s Selection Box. You can also enjoy ground beef along with recipes to try it with.

Your experience with Pre is bound to be not only satisfying but also educational. Before you place an order for a steak, for instance, you can learn which kind of steak you need for the recipe you have in mind. Is it Ribeye, Filet Mignon or Top Sirloin? Pre offers all three along with the knowledge of which kind of steak you should use when. The beef is sourced from select regions in Australia and New Zealand, where the grass is healthy and organic. The cattle are raised in open fields and are on pasture for their lifetime. However, all the beef is cut, trimmed and ground in Chicago.

If you place an order over $125, shipping will be free. Even better, if you subscribe and order regularly, you will be eligible for several benefits.


Greensbury, over the past decade, has found some of the best organic farms and ranches in the United States to source their meat from. The brand has complete control over how the products are delivered to your doorstep. While there is no processing involved with the meat they deliver, a lot of thought and process has gone into how the meat is packaged. The brand uses roll stock packaging and technology like flash freezing to keep the meat fresh and ensure that all the nutrients in the meat remain protected. You can store the meat in your freezer for up to a year! At Greensbury, you will find organic, grass-fed beef, organic, free-range poultry and what sets it apart from several other meat delivery services, sustainable seafood.

The meat is sourced from different parts of the country. For example, the beef is primarily sourced from Texas and Ohio, the bison comes from Colorado and the poultry and pork come from Pennsylvania, among other places.

With Greensbury, you can also opt for the monthly specials where the brand curates special deals and discounts for customers. There is also a blog, which regularly publishes recipes, techniques of preparing your meat and other exciting tips and advice about how to cook your meat.

Organic Prairie

Organic Prairie is an independent cooperative of farm families that have been dedicated to rearing cattle in an ethical and organic way. The brand has been around since 1996 and has led the charge of producing meat without antibiotics or synthetic hormones. Their meat is also certified non-GMO. At Organic Prairie, you can buy organic beef that is free of artificial pesticides. The pork is raised on bedded straws and is unconfined for its lifetime, free to roam the field. The chickens also run freely through the field and are not confined to cruel pens and enclosures – the same goes for the turkey. All these animals are fed 100% organic feed, so you know what you are eating is healthy and from the earth.

There are grass-fed meats, ground meats, specialty sausages, hot dogs, etc, all brought to your doorstep in an organic and ethical way. You can shop for a host of breakfast meats and even avail of holiday discounts.

What is great about the cooperative is that not only the animals well care for, but before the meat leaves the farm, it is tested for bacteria before it is shipped off to you. The cooperative also adheres to external audits every now and then to ensure a standard of quality.

Farmer Girl Meats

Farmer Girl Meats comes from the heart of a farm girl who moved to the city and was appalled by the cellophane-wrapped, factory-produced cold cuts available in local stores. What started out as personal favors for friends who were looking for healthier, grass-fed meat became a full-fledged, organic meat delivery service. With Farmer Girl Meats, the owner Leslie has been able to enter the vacuum in the market where accessible, reasonably priced, organic meat should have been.

At the platform, you will find grass-fed beef, free-range chicken, heritage pork and pasture-raised lamb. The meats are 100% antibiotic free, hormone free and are far away from the horrors of factory processed meat. The cattle, poultry and hog are raised responsibly and with care and respect. Once you create an account with Farmer Girl, you can order specific things you like and as you need them, or you can even sign up for meal kits and subscription boxes. If you are happy with the service and have a requirement of meat more regularly, you can even sign up for recurring deliveries.

Other than the meat, you can also follow the community to learn how to cook these meats and what may be the best ways to prepare them before cooking. There are recipes on the site, tips and advice on how to cook the meat and testimonials from people who have enjoyed what Farmer Girl has to offer.

White Oak Pastures

White Oak Pastures is a whole other experience. Not only can you shop for grass-fed beef, goat and lamb, you can also experience a day on the farm through a booked tour. There are provisions for on-farm dining, guided tours to see how the animals are reared and taken care of and workshops to introduce you to the world of organic farming. What’s more, you can even check availability to see if you can stay overnight at one of the farm cabins. Take one look at the pictures of the cabins on the website and you immediately want to dive into a farm stay. The farm is 152 years old and carries forward the legacy of a family and its belief in the rural economy. It believes in zero waste and every part of the animal, even the inedible parts, is put to good use.

There are several things available on the farm that you can have in your kitchen or table in no time. There are artisan goods like sausages, broths and rubs. In fact, you can even buy some chews that your pets are sure to enjoy. Other than that, there is pastured guinea pig, pork, turkey, duck, goose, you name it!


The names listed above are essentially the best in the market for organic, grass-fed meat. But if you want to mix up your meats with some seafood, the following are two great options for sustainable and fresh seafood:

Vital Choice Seafood

By picking Vital Choice, you will quite literally be making a ‘vital choice’ to source your seafood in a sustainable and organic manner. No injected hormones or harvesting fish that are endangered. In fact, Vital Choice is only in business with fisheries that are certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council.

The brand limits itself to fish and shellfish, but there is still a wide variety for you to choose from. Among wild fish, you can get salmon, halibut, cod, sablefish and more! Among shellfish, there are scallops, mussels, clams, wild shrimp and a lot more. You can opt for a Vital Box too if you are serving for a large party (14-15+ guests). These boxes come in a variety of Wild Salmon Box, Wild Fish Box and Wild Seafood Box. You can also purchase Omega-3 supplements, organic food and seasoning, etc.

Sea to Table

Eat better seafood and be assured that it is sustainable and wild-caught with Sea to Table. Wild-caught American seafood is delivered straight to your doorstep. The seafood is caught responsibly, it is then frozen fresh and delivered to you with all its freshness intact in 1-3 days since you placed the order.

The website is also transparent about where the fish come from and the names of the fisheries have been listed in detail. Among what Sea to Table has to offer are Alaska Coho Salmon, Northwest Pacific Cod, Wild Gulf Shrimp and more. You can also order different boxes depending on what serving you need and if you are looking for more variety.

Final Thoughts

While the environment is going through a turmoil, the processed meat industry is at the heart of a lot of debate and lashing. Giving up meat altogether may not be easy, but the last you can do is ensure you know where the meat is coming from and that it has been raised in a humane, ethical way. Saying no to processed meat is not only better for animal rights but also for your own health and wellbeing. Try organic, grass-fed meat for a week and you will know the difference.


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