Top 20 Best Small Business Blogs You Should Be Reading

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Blogs that specifically target small businesses can be found all over the internet, offering all sorts of services and products. This tactical ploy to promote products makes it very difficult for genuine small-business owners looking for advice; it is hard to find something that cuts through the noise and offers something meaningful. If you are a small-business owner looking for advice or even inspiration, be sure to filter your choices on the internet. Whenever you visit a new website, try to figure out its motive earlier on; this is not a very difficult thing to do since most such platforms will try to engage you and sell a product right away.

In the sea of business blogs, how do entrepreneurs find reliable and useful sources of information? How do they know they are getting their finance and marketing-related suggestions from a source that has actually succeeded in the industry? These are not very easy questions to answer, but we have tried our best to make life a little easier for small-business owners. Here is a list of the best small business blogs in the market today. These blogs serve a wide range of purposes; they help entrepreneurs and business-owners navigate day-to-day challenges, offer expert insights on specific functions like financing, human resource management and marketing, curate success stories of entrepreneurs from across the world and offer a platform for networking and peer interaction.



Some blogs deal with specific aspects of small businesses like marketing or financing, whereas others look at topics regarding the creation of blogs for small business. BizSugar is one of those blogs that targets large-scale practices that aid several facets of a small business. The blog consists of several features for those who are just starting their small business. The blog is also crowd-curated; members vote for several different topics that could relate to small-business development. This way, you are assured of a reliable series of articles for all those who need help. The blog’s crowd-curated setup also facilitates community engagement and allows experienced professionals to contribute to the content bank.

New Perspectives

When Roland Hanekroot decided to start writing and giving advice for small-business owners, his aim was to allow others to think outside the box just as he did. While this is easier said than done, a quick peek at the content on the New Perspectives website will exhibit this sort of thinking on many levels. Strategies that have worked for Hanekroot have been perfected through practice and application in several sectors. One such perspective is his idea of setting the key performance indicators (KPI) of a business based on having fun. Being a business coach in several industries has helped his blog, New Perspectives, gain a varied and diverse base of contributors as well. While there might not be a perfect viewpoint that serves all businesses equally, ideas that are outside the box often work very well due to their unexpected nature as well as the novelty associated with the approach. This is what makes the blog worth a visit.

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Feldman Creative

Whether you are brainstorming strategies related to digital media or toying with the idea of starting a blog, this Feldman Creative might just be what you need. Barry Feldman, a journalist, creative director and marketing consultant, started this blog to express the impact of creativity in promoting businesses. In other words, he wanted to talk about marketing as a whole. If you are looking for ways to promote your business to the right audience, this blog’s wide range of tips and tricks might be very useful. As expected, all the steps necessary for a successful marketing strategy are mentioned on the website in the form of several types of articles. Everything, from starting a blog to creating a laid-out content marketing strategy, is available on the blog. Feldman is also known to promote the concept of “persuavity” – a mix of persuasion and creativity. This blend is the crux behind successful marketing activities in most industries. You can find innovative ideas like this (and much more) on the Feldman Creative blog.

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One of the most important pillars of a small business’ operations is funding and capital generation. It is a topic that is heavily discussed amongst various circles of entrepreneurs and offers several approaches that can work. Kabbage is a blog where you will find information on all this and much more. From financing to funding, loans to logistics and investments to inventory management, you will find plenty of tips relating to money matters on this blog. The blog also provides exceptional coverage of finance-related events along with some well-developed infographics and guides like the 2018 small business toolkit. While the guides are related to several aspects of business development, the prime focus of the blog is finance, logistics and operations. It also carries content on related topics such as inventory management and offering 401 9k to employees.

DIY Marketers

As its name suggests, this blog is specifically for marketers of small businesses. It offers them innovative tips on crafting successful promotional strategies without spending an excessive amount of money. Everything from media design to content curation for blogs and social media is covered through several articles. DIY Marketers also consists of several articles that are not directly related to marketing but might go a long way in ensuring efficiency and greater reach of marketing activities. The blog’s content also introduces aspects of design, like logo creation.

If you are thinking of starting your own blog, DIY Marketers might be a great place to find ideas pertaining to content generation, blog design, blog repurposing and other such aspects.

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Small Business Survival

This blog has been around for over a decade. It focuses on small business development in several types of markets including rural and small-town areas. You will find many Do-It-Yourself and How-To articles on the blog. It also has several tips related to digital marketing, especially social media. In addition to this, there are several other features of the blog that make it stand out, such as the brag basket where good news and several new developments are shared. The brag basket offers good incentive to engage audiences and gain a greater reach. There is also a lot of emphasis on customer-oriented services for obvious reasons. The blog is marketed as a collection of small-town and rural business resources, and goes a long way in providing pertinent suggestions to that market.

Google Small Business

This is Google’s official blog for small-business owners. The focus of the blog is small businesses and everything that falls under that category. The blog itself has several tools that are highly useful for business-owners, including workshops in several localities and online. Contributors conduct market surveys and post summarized research to help generate insights that can be used. This means the content available on the blog is backed by data and trends within specific markets, giving it credibility and quality. The reader can rest assured that any insights gained through Google’s own blog will certainly be useful in small business development. Readers also have an opportunity to join live streams that enable business-owners from around the world to connect with one another and exchange ideas. Features like these, which specifically benefit the small business community, are what make the Google blog a huge hit.

Small Biz Lady

Melinda Emerson is often known as the “Small Biz Lady.” She has earned a reputation as one of the best-known and successful small business advisors in the United States. Small Biz Lady has a large number of tools and tips pertaining to business development. These tips are very easy to understand and can be applied to various industrial settings. The blog also offers workshops and business chats every week, allowing people to ask business-related questions and network within the community. Guests from several backgrounds are also invited to these business chats – a very lucrative instrument to gain insights into several aspects of business development and success. Small Biz Lady covers a wide range of topics – from building and maintaining professional relationships to effectively dealing with workplace conflicts.

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Big Ideas for Small Business

One of the best-known small business blogs is run by Barbara Weltman – a very successful author, attorney and public speaker. What really stands out in this blog is the variety of articles dealing with the trend of the future. Big Ideas for Small Business aims to equip business-owners with a sound knowledge of the trends to come – cryptocurrency, for instance. Articles looking at payment through crypto-currency or the demise of the gig economy offer information that is very specific yet highly applicable to several businesses. This expresses a desire to predict or foresee trends and understand the dynamic nature of businesses. Not only this, there are other lighter topics that are also covered such as planning a holiday for yourself if you’re a business owner – an almost impossible task. A quick look at this blog will leave you with plenty of ideas!

Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch proclaims that he is the world’s most practical small business expert. This blog focuses, once again, on marketing activities that benefit small businesses. It deals with everything from your website’s optimisation to several media strategies based on budget and goals that might fit your business model. Duct Tape Marketing has a following of over 75,000; what’s more, the blog’s audience regularly implements Jantsch’s promotional tips and tricks. Since his advice is known to work, Jantsch has established a reputation as a credible and reliable advisor in the industry. Not only do they carry articles that deal with the traditional pillar of business development, you will also find articles elaborating on new technological solutions and their integration in business, such as Google Home and Alexa.

Farwest Capital

Farwest Capital is a blog with a different approach and aim as compared to others that have made this list. Farwest Capital prides itself on having funded several small businesses over the last decade. They provide custom business and finance solutions to several entrepreneurs in industries of all types. They have built quite a reputation in financing high-growth small businesses. Their blog consists of several articles that revolve around ideas of leadership and improved performance in the workplace. It also provides valuable information about new federal and state schemes that are applicable to small businesses. There are several other articles regarding lending, financing and investment that would be of great help to any business-owner. The success of the firm also translates to reliable contributors and sound advice – something that is extremely important in the growth of any small business.

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Small Business Trends

Another award-winning blog for small-business owners is Small Business Trends. It is one of the most popular blogs when it comes to the small business and entrepreneurial community. Not only does Small Business Trends help small-business owners by providing tips and advice, it also provides news and updates to all their subscribers. With over 63,000 Facebook fans and 140,000 twitter followers, they are clearly popular and highly reputed in the small business world.

The blog consists of all types of articles. Not only does it offer basic tips that every small-business owner would benefit from, it also carries a lot of content on aspects of design and aesthetics. There are extremely simple articles on topics like basic office supplies you need to start a small business. A few others deal with typography code for marketing. What this means is that all types of needs and requirements, whether big or small, are addressed on this blog. This is partly the reason why it is so successful and holds so much importance in most small business circles.

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One of the most critical functions in any business is that of human resources. Every company needs their human resources department to be functioning smoothly; this is why they are always ironing out any creases in the workplaces as and when they appear. These creases could be in the form of conflicts, frustration, discomfort as well as other personal factors. CakeHR, through its app as well as its website, looks to help small businesses deal with their HR challenges so that the key stakeholders can focus on the job at hand and contribute to their goal in a more efficient and effective manner. While this blog might not interest everyone that gets on it, some people might find it extremely beneficial. CakeHR will especially appeal to small businesses looking to implement good ideas and insights on workplace culture.

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Mixergy is a blog that is oriented to a very specific type of journalism – interviewing. The Mixergy blog is probably one of the most specific blogs in the small business community; it interviews entrepreneurs of all types and backgrounds to allow the readers to make their own interpretations about different business strategies and outlooks. It can be used as a very handy tool to understand how successful entrepreneurs reacted when they found themselves in sticky situations; situations that you might possibly be facing right now. The blog also offers excellent insights into the process of arriving at viable solutions to logistical or operational challenges that might be common in many industries. Readers will be able to find both case studies as well as interviews on the Mixergy blog. These stories are not just inspiring; they also give you insights into specific components that go into the process of growth and development.


As the name suggests, this blog discusses the ins and outs of small business marketing. It has resources that can be used by individuals, teams and organisations looking to streamline their marketing activities and appeal to potential clients. Everything from PPCs to CTAs is discussed on the blog and there are several tools such as workshops that can be used to develop a strong knowledge base in the field of marketing when it comes to small businesses.

Deluxe Small Business Blog

This is one of those blogs that provide tips and tricks to find new customers and increase the reach of your business over time. The Deluxe Small Business Blog consists of sections that go from the basics of starting a business all the way up to marketing and finance. The blog also includes interviews with relevant small-business owners. Given its ability to cover a wide range of topics, it should come as no surprise that it is very popular. Deluxe Small Business Blog has a Facebook following of almost 60,000 people and more than 10,000 twitter followers too!

Microsoft Small Business Blog

Just like Google, Microsoft also has a separate blog for small-business owners. The Microsoft Small Business Blog shows entrepreneurs how they can inculcate Microsoft’s business strategy within their own model. In addition to this, there are many interesting topics, like AI and IoT, that are also discussed in detail on this blog. Owing to the Microsoft brand, the blog has a very large social media following. All in all, it is rated among the more popular blogs in the small-business owner community.

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Xero Small Business Blog

Xero aims to make the global small business community even more connected in the future. By creating software and technology to achieve this ambitious goal, they are coming up with technological and financial solutions for small businesses. These solutions are applicable in several disciplines. Xero is an accounting software but the blog has articles that encompass financial solutions as well as upcoming trends in digital taxation and other such topics.

Xerox Small Business Solutions

Active since 2011, this blog deals with concepts related to automation – such as digitisation and cloud computing – while also providing content on human skills like networking and team building. This wide range of topics gives the Xerox Small Business Solutions blog a reputation of an all-encompassing platform – one that serves several functions and can help business-owners in many different ways. Make sure you visit this blog to gain insights into your business from a different and refreshing perspective.

Nav – Small Business Blog

Nav aims to help small businesses by providing them with tools for transparency when it comes to credit and capital. It generates easy-to-read reports and analytical tools that can be integrated into everyday operations to make life easier for the employees. These tools also help build business credit over time. The blog lists the many ways in which individuals can improve their credit scores. It also discusses the financial goals of small businesses and various strategies for expansion that can be implemented over time. It also has articles about achieving organizational goals in specific business climates and how companies can take advantage of such ebbs and flows in the market cycles.

This list consists of only 20 of the more interesting blogs. There are plenty of other bloggers offering valuable information pertaining to your business. The world of entrepreneurial blogging is an overwhelming one, with expert insights in almost every aspect of small business ownership and development.

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As you may have already seen in this list, small businesses deal with various different functions – human resources, marketing, accounting, financing and expansion. And this is just to begin with. Each of these fields has plenty of experts ready to share what worked for them. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and even a little confused to read so many suggestions – especially if these suggestions happen to be in conflict with each other. To make sure you get the advice your business is looking for, it is important to first set your own goals. Next, look for blogs that align with these goals. With time, you will be able to sniff out great content and apply the right pieces of advice to your own small business. And the more you read online, the better you will get at filtering out blogs interested in self-promotion alone. Now that you have an idea of where to start, make sure you know exactly what you are looking for and go through the blogs suggested in this article for the right solutions.

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