Top 5 Cheap Predictive Dialer Services – Cloud Based Auto Dialing On Steroids

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Sometimes it’s hard to find an affordable predictive dialer service that you know is going to save you time and make you more money.  Everything sounds good in theory, and we all know we need an auto dialer to speed up outbounds in order to hit our numbers for the day, but how much is too much? Some of these cloud based dialing services cost upwards of $300/mo for advanced features, but what it really comes down to is idle time. There are plenty of cheaper options below, but the real question is, how many more prospects can you hit with a better dialer system? Because if you can make just one extra sale per day because of a more efficient power dialer, your monthly cost will be covered in just 1 day, and the rest of the month is pure gravy once you get your setup dialed in for your workflow. Everyone is hung up on cost, while I say we should be focused on ROI!

The #1 Most Popular Predictive Dialer Service

1) PhoneBurner Power Dialer – power dialer, automation, & lead distribution.

Predictive dialing has been around for a few decades now and has changed the game for telemarketing companies. As opposed to automatic dialing, predictive dialing is intelligent and can assess when an agent might be wrapping up with a call and will be ready for the next one. Using its own algorithms and calculations, the predictive dialer discerns how long an agent takes on an average call and dials numbers accordingly so as not to waste any time. It increases the efficiency of agents and reduces downtime. If an agent had to dial a number manually they would take 30 seconds extra which doesn’t sound like a lot but adds up to a large number by the end of the month or even the day.

Predictive dialers are also different from automatic dialers because they can dial multiple numbers at the same time. But their revolutionary qualities aside, how affordable are predictive dialers? An average predictive dialer service is charged according to a monthly, per-agent fee. The basic ones can start at $50 and those with higher features can go up to $200 per agent. Let’s look at five of the best cheap predictive dialer services:

Greenlight CRM

Greenlight CRM is a UK-based call centre solution system that has clients all over the world. The company offers predictive dialing solutions in a variety of packages. The more agents using the solutions, the cheaper the packages are. For example, if there are 6-12 agents, the solution costs £99 per seat. If the number of agents goes up to 13 to 24, the solution costs £89 per seat. Similarly, if the number of seats is over 100, the solution costs £49 per seat. The service also comes with a host of CRM features, live call transfers, customizable script designs and more. There are also features like itemized billing, campaign voicemail and inbound call back requests. The technology is easy to use, has transparent pricing and you won’t hesitate to purchase more with its attractive pricing for large groups. If you’re dealing with a larger team of agents, this solution may be the right fit for you.


CallHub has an easy and efficient pay-as-you-go system. It does not have a monthly subscription plan but the prices start at $25 for each use. This sounds like a lot if you add it up but if you have a smaller team and don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription plan, CallHub might work well for you. It is entirely Cloud hosted so you don’t have to worry about the cost of extra hardware. There is also no setup fee and zero agent fee. This service is especially useful for seasonal campaigns or drives. If you are running a campaign for a few weeks, you can avail the predictive dialer services, along with ones like political dialer, press 1 campaign, voice broadcasting, SMS broadcast and peer to peer texting.

Call Center Hosting

The predictive dialer services from Call Centre Hosting are one of the more economical and affordably priced services. The starting price for a predictive dialer service is $69.99 per agent, per month for up to five seats. This package includes inbound and outbound calls and predictive as well as manual settings. If the number of seats goes up from the basic five, the starting cost increases to $99.9 per agent, per month (up to 10 seats), $149.99 per agent, per month (up to 20 seats) and $299.99 per agent, per month (up to 50 seats).

Other than the basic features, the dialer also generates concise reports to assess the overall productivity of agents, has an interactive interface and requires no extra hardware. Besides, the dialer is compatible with leading CRMs, giving your business a healthy boost of efficiency.


Hello Hunter

US-based Hello Hunter has several attractive packages for predictive dialer services. To begin with, there is a Single User Trial package, which costs $50 and lasts one week. Then there is a usage-based package which starts at $59 per agent, per month at 1¢ per minute for each call. If you have a larger team and bigger requirement, you can opt for the unlimited plan, which comes at $149 per agent, per minute. This plan can be used freely without having to worry about the cost per minute. If you want to go a step further, there is another unlimited plan for more than three agents, which comes at $139 per agent, per month.

Other than the monthly packages, however, the company also charges $30 per hour for support, beyond the complimentary 30-minute setup session. This is done to keep overall costs low for all customers. But the instructions provided in the interface are usually sufficient enough for users. The need for additional support seldom arises.


Ecsow Auto Dialer is an outbound dialing system fully integrated with Skype and SIP. The vendor charges a monthly fee and no long-term contracts. The monthly license price includes technical support and product upgrades. If you go for a multi-line license, there are different packages starting from $16 per month for two concurrent lines or agents. If there are three concurrent lines being used, the service costs $22 per month and so on and so forth. For 10 seats, the service costs $50 per month. If you purchase five licenses, the service will send you five activation codes which will need to be installed on separate desktops. The service also doesn’t have an automatic license renewal system. The software will remind the user that the license is about to expire and you will have to renew it accordingly.

Final Thoughts

The predictive dialer services mentioned above are one of the cheaper and more affordable ones in the business. While they will provide you with all the basic features and enhance your business and client relationships, if you’re looking for additional facilities, you make have to dig deeper in your pockets. Nevertheless, if your requirements are not as exhausting or if you are just starting out, the above predictive dialer services should be just fine for you.


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