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After a long, tiring day, nothing can be more relaxing and calming than a sauna therapy session and if you want to combine this with some satisfying hot yoga, then you can’t beat the Clearlight Sanctuary Y 4-Person Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna and Hot Yoga Room. Equipped with advanced infrared technology and luxurious looks, the Clearlight Infrared Sauna and Hot Yoga Room offers the best of both worlds.

Founded in 1998 by Dr. Raleigh Duncan, a chiropractor with several years of research in infrared therapy, Clearlight Saunas are made of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Clearlight is a pioneer of “low and no EMF heaters.” Clearlight Infrared Saunas are among the most innovative and effective saunas available on the market. Clearlight infrared saunas are different from other saunas in terms of their design and construction. All Clearlight saunas are built of top-quality close-grain wood and are built by hand. All the saunas are equipped with hand-crafted trims and handles, hand-sanded panels and do not make use of toxic glues. Clearlight believes in attention to detail and their main focus is the therapeutic benefits of the saunas.

Clearlight manufactures its own low-EMF True Wave full spectrum infrared and ceramic/carbon far infrared heaters that are used in their range of saunas. And, all the sauna models of Clearlight include the ELF canceling technology. All Clearlight saunas are fully tested. They are approved by 2 levels of quality control and are also CE and ETL certified. Clearlight has partnered with Jacuzzi, a reputed name in the industry and all the Clearlight saunas carry the Jacuzzi logo.

Best Clearlight Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna and Hot Yoga Room Review

Made of furniture-grade Canadian cedar or basswood, the Clearlight Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna and Hot Yoga Room has a contemporary design. The innovative state-of-the-art sauna is unlike any other infrared saunas on the market. The Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna like the other saunas from Clearlight is a True Wave Full Spectrum infrared sauna that uses near-, mid- and far-infrared technologies to ensure that you get the maximum out of your sauna sessions.

The Sanctuary Y Sauna is the only sauna that offers a cool combination of an infrared sauna and a personal hot yoga room. The sauna comes with two 35-inch benches that you can leave in to get an infrared sauna or you can simply remove the benches and convert the sauna into your own private hot yoga room. Wouldn’t you say that this is “wellness truly redefined”?

Features and Specifications of the Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna and Hot Yoga Room


The Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna has exterior dimensions of 76” (w) x 60” (d) x 77” (h) and interior dimensions of 71” (w) x 56” (d) x 74” (h). The infrared sauna can accommodate 4 people comfortably, which means that you can have a relaxed sauna session with your family and friends. The sauna has 2 removable benches of dimensions 35” (l) x 22” (w) and the sauna weighs around 716 lb.


The Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna has a contemporary and luxurious design. You can choose from either North American basswood or Western Red Canadian cedar (WRCC) wood. The Italian designed sauna has furniture quality cabinetry that can fit in any type of home décor. The front and ceiling are made of 8 mm thick tempered glass that offers comfort and style. The tongue and groove construction makes the installation of the infrared sauna extremely easy. The Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna has been designed with your health and safety in mind and the sauna is made of only non-toxic materials and Clearlight adheres to the highest standards of manufacturing.

True Wave Full Spectrum Heaters

The Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna is equipped with True Wave Full Spectrum Heaters, a combination carbon and ceramic far infrared heater that deliver 25x times power compared to other infrared saunas on the market. These heaters are made of ultra-thin carbon fibers (around 1/1000th of the thickness of human hair), which are combined with a micro-fine ceramic compound that delivers higher infrared output.

The carbon in the heaters produces long-wave far-infrared heat that penetrates deeper into the body and absorbs the heat more readily, while the ceramic component in the heaters delivers very high infrared output as compared to standard carbon heaters so that the heat can be directly concentrated on the body. Clearlight heaters deliver around 500 watts per heater compared to others that deliver 40-watt per heater. The True Wave heaters provide optimum penetration with the best results.

Heater Placement

The Clearlight infrared sauna has heaters placed on the front, back and sidewalls, in the floor and next to the calves so that you are surrounded by the infrared heat. The heaters in the front wall help to raise the core body temperature and help you to sweat and detoxify effectively. Most infrared saunas have tall heaters that start above the bench and reach the ceiling. This heats the air above your head and not your body, which results in the infrared heat being wasted.

The True Wave heaters in Clearlight saunas are the most effective heaters on the market and they are specially manufactured to heat the human body. The high output True Wave heaters in the Sanctuary Y infrared sauna are positioned in a way that the infrared heat is concentrated on your body directly.

Low ELF and Low EMF Saunas

The Sanctuary Y sauna cancels out both ELF and EMF offering the lowest and safest ELF and EMF levels among all other saunas on the market. The EMF level, when tested on the heater directly, is usually around 1 mg and when you’re sitting in the sauna, the levels are close to 0 mg. The sauna has very low ELF levels of 3x to 5x below the threshold levels, while most of the other infrared saunas on the market have ELF levels that are more than 20x above the threshold levels.

Medical-Grade Chromotherapy

The Clearlight Sanctuary Y sauna features medical-grade chromotherapy lighting. The sauna is equipped with 96 LED lights which make the chromotherapy offered by the unit unmatched. You can either choose an individual color depending on your mood or the auto mode will cycle through all the colors by switching the color every 25 seconds. The color light therapy can help in alleviating swelling, inflammation and pain, restore any imbalances in the body and contribute to overall health and wellness.

Reservation Mode

The Sanctuary Y sauna has a Reservation Mode feature that allows you to set the infrared sauna so that it will turn on automatically for up to 36 hours in the future.

Quick and Easy Assembly

The assembly and installation of the Sanctuary Y sauna are extremely simple and quick. Usually, 2 people can put the sauna together in 1 to 1.5 hours. There are no tools required for the assembly of the sauna, except a screwdriver to fix the door handle and an Allen wrench for the glass. The infrared sauna comes pre-wired that allows you to connect it very easily. The sauna is built in the Clearlight factory and tested to ensure that it meets the strictest quality control parameters. The sauna is then disassembled, boxed and shipped to you so that you receive it in perfect condition.

Lifetime Warranty

The Sanctuary Y sauna comes with a lifetime limited warranty from Clearlight for residential use. The True Wave heaters in the sauna have an estimated life of around 30,000 hours and even if the infrared sauna is used around 5 times in a week, the heaters can last for up to 125 years. The sauna cabin is air-dried and kiln-dried to 7% moisture content and every panel is pressed to ensure that it is free of cracking or warping.

All the electrical components of the sauna are manufactured to the highest quality standards and the sauna is set up, tested and operated for several hours to ensure that it is in working condition. In case of any issue with the Sanctuary Y sauna, the entire sauna i.e. the wood, heaters, electrical components, the audio system and controls are covered by the Clearlight limited lifetime warranty so that you can have complete peace of mind about the quality of the sauna you’re buying from Clearlight. And, if you are making use of the Sanctuary Y sauna in a commercial setting, then the sauna is covered by a 5-year warranty.

Other Features

The Sanctuary Y sauna has loads of other features such as an in-built audio and charging station, Android or iOS smartphone app that allows you to control the sauna remotely and a unique door handle that doubles up as a smartphone cradle that allows you to view media easily.

Add Ons

What’s more? You can add other accessories to enhance your Sanctuary Y infrared sauna experience.

  • Full Spectrum Heater: You can add a 300-watt 24 x 7 inches full spectrum heater to your Sanctuary Y sauna. The heater can be mounted on the interior of the sauna door easily. The heater is equipped with a mesh heater guard and wooden frame and can be conveniently plugged into the in-built holder in the sauna.
  • VRT (Vibration Resonance Therapy): You can add a VRT module, a combination of sound and vibration that can help to relax your body and mind to the bottom of the sauna bench.
  • Ergonomic Backrest: You can add a portable basswood or cedar backrest for an added level of support and comfort.
  • Bench Cushion: The 2-inch thick, mold-resistant, waterproof custom-made bench cushion helps to add an extra comfortable layer to your sauna bench.
  • Bench Pad: You can add a latex-free, quilted, washable bench pad for added protection to prevent any bacteria and odors in the sauna.

Pros of the Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna and Hot Yoga Room

  • The patented design of the Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna ensures a larger surface that enables greater production and coverage of heat that penetrates your body better offering deep healing.
  • The sauna has 2 benches that can be easily removed to create an open space for yoga, workouts or stretching.
  • The high output heaters are well placed to ensure that you are completely surrounded by the high-quality infrared heat from all sides.
  • The well-made and attractive looking sauna that can fit seamlessly into the décor of your home.
  • Toll-free 7 days customer support.
  • Clearlight has a BBB A+ rating.
  • The sauna is available in several countries including Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • The sauna is available at a very affordable price.

Cons of the Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna and Hot Yoga Room

There are no major drawbacks when you consider the Clearlight Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna and Hot Yoga Room. The only limitation is that the price of the sauna is not mentioned on the Clearlight website and the sauna cannot be purchased online via the company website. You can request the price of the sauna by either calling the customer service or by filling out the online form on the Clearlight website. However, the customer service of Clearlight is very helpful and effective and many customers have reported that interacting with the customer service personnel is a very pleasant experience.

Why Do We Recommend the Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna and Hot Yoga Room?

In conclusion, the Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna and Hot Yoga Room is an excellent addition to your home that offers ample space for 4 individuals to enjoy the relaxing benefits of infrared sauna therapy in the comfort of your home. With loads of advanced features, attractive looks and energy-efficient performance, the Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna is a great buy.

When you consider all home saunas, the Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna from Clearlight offers the best in terms of efficiency, durability and comfort. The Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna is the ultimate choice for those who want complete flexibility of how they can use the sauna room. Equipped with comfortable and ergonomic benches that can be removed, the Sanctuary Y Infrared Sauna is versatile and multi-functional, allowing you to relax and enjoy a calming sauna therapy session or simply moving the benches away to make ample space for some satisfying hot yoga, workout or stretching.

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