[SOLVED] Where To Find Good Infrared Sauna Companies In Canada?

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Searching for saunas for Canadians by Canadians? You’re in the right place. In this article, I’m going to show you the top sauna companies in Canada, but before you decide which i best for you, be sure to check out all my other sauna reviews here.

Here are the most popular Canadian sauna companies:

1) Radiant Health Saunas

Radiant Health has been the sauna of the year consecutive years, and definitely worth checking out to se if they fit your needs. They’re low EMF, Canadian based, and have some of the best performing saunas on the market today.

The staff is excellent to deal with, not pushy, and extremely helpful in getting you the right size sauna you need without having to upgrade your electrical system with an electrician.

The only con for Radiant Health is that they do not offer in house financing, thought it’s easy for your to get your own. Still the best Canadian sauna on the market today, hands down.

2) Clearlight Saunas CA

Clearlight is popular in the USA, and also sell their models in Canada. Similar to the Radiant Health, albeit not quite as good if your standards are strict, still a good option if you’re looking for certain features. One positive is that they do offer financing. The sales staff will be a little more pushy than we’d like, but overall still a good choice.

3) Saunaray Saunas

Saunaray is for you if you like to see a man cutting saunas up with chainsaws! Haha, in all seriousness it’s awesome the products they build are handmade in Canada, but that isn’t the end all be all. Saunaray claims to be low EMF, but they’re one of the only companies in the industry that runs AC power to a distribution box without shielding. They may be handcrafted in Canada, but if you check on with an EMF meter you’ll be surprised by the magnetic fields from the wiring.

4) Blackstone Saunas

Blackstone is a popular brand that’s sold much like Dynamic Saunas are at Costco in the states. An imported whitelabel sauna targeted at the big box stores, you’ll get what you pay for just like anything else. Cheap? Check.

5) Sunstream Saunas

I’ve spoken to several Canadian customers now, looking for a quality infrared sauna from a Canadian company. Well it just so happens, that the sauna I use everyday in my own home, comes from a Canadian infrared sauna company based out of Vancouver, Canada. The owner has been in the sauna industry for over 15 years, and is committed to quality low emf saunas that are safe for the entire family to use. His design is one of the few that passes all of my EMF tests, and is also one of the easiest saunas I’ve ever put together.

If you haven’t seen my infrared sauna reviews yet, you may want to have a look here.

It has been brought to my attention, that it’s hard to find a good infrared sauna manufacturer in certain parts of Canada, so I thought I would put together an overview to help people decipher a good option they may not know about below.From my experience, Canadian’s will have to pay the Province tax unlike US sales, however the shipping in Canada is generally much cheaper… so it balances out. Plus if you’re already in Canada, it’s nice to buy from a Canadian based company.

We’ll cover features, pricing, reviews, and any saunas that are on sale currently. There are also a lot of companies marketing near infrared saunas, so we’ll spend some time addressing near vs far infrared, vs full spectrum too… since there is so much confusion around the different types of infrared saunas.

Update – The  #1 Rated Canadian Infrared Sauna Company

Radiant Health Saunas – www.radianthealthsaunas.com

  • Use coupon code “matt-justice-500” for the Clever Leverage sauna discount
  • Or just tell them you want the Matt Justice Pricing if you’d prefer to call direct: 604-221-1799

Why are they the best?  Out of 12 sauna brands, the Radiant Health Sauna tested the lowest in magnetic fields, electric fields, ZERO RF radiation, and had by far the lowest body voltage.

If you’re comparing saunas, always ask what the three emf levels are:

  1. Magnetic fields (ideally you want them under 1 milligauss)
  2. Electric fields (ideally you want them under 200 volts/meter
  3. RF Radiation (zero if possible, the only way to get that is with no wifi, no bluetooth)
  4. Bonus – Low Body Voltage indicates the absence of EMF’s (ideally you want body voltage of less than 200 millivolts, or 0.200 volts)

Radiant Health Saunas are the only infrared saunas from Canada that meet these requirements.

Canadian Truths: Near Infrared VS Far Infrared VS Full Spectrum Saunas

Time for some truth bombs.

Why is there so much confusion from Canadian health “experts” on the subject of near infrared saunas, far infrared saunas, and the few that push full spectrum infrared saunas?

Well, in recent years, the sauna companies are all trying to one up each other, and are constantly spewing new marketing messages to compete as the market leader in their space.

I don’t want to go so far as to say, some of these sauna companies are manufacturing false evidence, in order to create some feature that lacks the benefit they’re touting, but it’s getting damn close to that!

Let’s take the near infrared saunas for example… we’ve even got some Canadian doctors and health educators now, claiming that you need a near infrared saunas, because it “penetrates deeper.” The trouble with this, is that a true near infrared portion of the infrared spectrum, doesn’t heat you up at all.

I would even argue that there is no such thing as a near infrared sauna. In the full spectrum saunas that are being recommended, you could disconnect the near infrared, mid infrared, or full spectrum heaters (whatever they’re calling them these days) and you wouldn’t feel a difference to when they were hooked up.

People are spending $7,000.00 dollars on some of these saunas, but are they really getting a better detoxifying sweat than in a traditional far infrared saunas?

I think not.

I’ve been in them all, and I can tell you firsthand, far infrared is the true workhorse in any infrared sauna. The more far infrared exposure you get your body in front of, the better.

Dead Set On Looking For A Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna In Canada To Buy?

Let me save you about $2,000.00 right now.

Before you go out and buy an expensive infrared sauna with this supposed full spectrum infrared, ask around and talk to some people about far infrared first. Many natural health doctors and naturopaths are being mislead by clever marketing schemes from modern day sauna companies.

The main issue with all the full spectrum heaters, is that the body is only getting less than 10% of anything other than far infrared. It’s the far infrared that is truly heating you up, giving you the good sweat, and ultimately helping you detox.

So what are you really paying for then, when you spend thousands more on a full spectrum sauna?

Don’t Buy In To The Near Infrared Sauna Hype

I hate to say that near infrared saunas are a ripoff entirely, because anything that gets your sweating, and gets you doing the right things to improve your health… is a good thing!

But if you look closely at all the research on near infrared, and really look at any true near infrared therapy device on the market, they are all LED powered. Even the research that everyone references from NASA is LED based.

So you can’t simply swap out LED case studies, for whatever element you put in a sauna like most of the sauna manufacturers do. They often refer to this NASA study, saying that near infrared does this or that… however, they are using a ceramic heater, or incandescent bulb in their “near infrared sauna,” not LED’s. The only company I know of that puts NIR LED’s in their sauna, puts them behind a cloth covered grill, which defeats the entire purpose.

And when you get down to it, near infrared LED’s don’t even make you sweat when you stand in front of them like a Joove red light therapy device.

Don’t Buy Infrared Saunas From Costco In Canada

I’ll keep this short, since you can refer to my Costco sauna emf review from the sauna I bought here in the states for more info. In short, it’s just another infrared sauna imported from China, with no quality control in the manufacturing process, or any regard to EMF levels.

Dynamic Saunas Of Canada, Is No Different Than Dynamic Saunas U.S.A.

A lot of people ask if the Dynamic saunas of Canada, are any different than in the US. The answer is no, they are both imported by the parent company Golden Designs Inc. You will run into the same trouble with the Canadian versions, as I did with the US versions here in the states.

Far Infrared Saunas Are The Way To Go, Hands Down

Out of all the saunas I’ve tried, the main thing that matters most for a detoxifying sweat, is the far infrared coverage.

It’s the one thing that will make a huge difference in how long the sauna takes to make you sweat, how much you sweat, and how much benefit you will get in the shortest amount of time. Sure there are a lot of gadgets and gizmos out there in fancy schmancy saunas, but when it comes down do it, what’s really doing the work is the far infrared.

This is why I like the saunas so much, because they focus on giving you the maximum amount of far infrared, everywhere they can. From the back calf heaters, the feet heaters in the floor, to the giant forward facing heater mounted on the back of the door, your body is truly surrounded by far infrared more than I’ve seen in any other sauna on the market.

What To Look For In A Home Sauna

The 5 main things I look for in an infrared sauna are:

  1. Low EMF
  2. Maximum Far Infrared Coverage
  3. No Chinese Unregulated Adhesives
  4. Decent Lumber Free Of Splintering And Poor Milling
  5. No Chemical Smells

In addition to this, I don’t like sauna companies that hound the living hell out of you after you call to get info. One of the main selling points for me with the saunas, was that the company is family owned and operated, and there were no high pressure sales tactics. I didn’t get called every single day of the week after speaking with them, which happened with a lot of the other sauna companies I have dealt with.

Indoor Sauna Kits Shipped To Your Door Anywhere In Canada (With Reasonable Shipping Costs)

The price to get a home sauna kit shipped to your door, are very reasonable. I was paying almost $40.00 a sessions to use an infrared sauna at my local spa, and it adds up fast.

For around 6 months of sauna use at a spa, paying by the session, you could almost own one of your own by buying a home sauna kit like I did.

Get Current Sale Pricing & Info On 2019 Models

You can see the baseline lineup price list here that does not include shipping costs to your area.

Discount Code – All Clever Leverage readers can use code “matt-justice-500” when you call to order to get the discount pricing.

Where’s The Best Place To Buy A Sauna In Canada?

In my opinion, the is the best value in the industry. saunas is the only company I know of who manufacturers an infrared sauna like the, and I chose to order from them even though I live in the states. For anyone who live sin Canada, you will be very happy with your purchase!

They were more than pleasant to deal with, super helpful, and make a better sauna than the competition, for less money. I feel comfortable recommending them to my friends and family now, after using their in my home for last 6 months.

Canadian Sauna Manufacturers Are Not All Created Equal

Some sauna companies flat out lie to you about certain specifications, and most sauna salespeople do not have any experience with other infrared saunas… except the one made by the company they work for.

I found this out the hard way, after testing over 9 infrared sauna brands on the market here in the US.

NO EMF Canadian Sauna Makers

I’ve put out several videos that address this, and you can see it my own EMF tests in the other reviews here on the blog. But in short, any sauna company that tries to sell on the idea they have a zero emf sauna, is nto being truthful with you.

Anything that plugs into a wall, has SOME level of EMF. The question is, is it high enough to be harmful or not?

The sauna companies that automatically try to pull the wool over your eyes, shouldn’t be trust with their 3rd party emf certifications either. In almost every single case, they take the heaters out of the sauna, and send them to a testing lab elsewhere…. virtually eliminating half of the EMF from the power supply, electrical wiring, etc…

6 thoughts on “[SOLVED] Where To Find Good Infrared Sauna Companies In Canada?”

    • Hi Matt,

      Where are they assembled and is every infrared sauna on the market assembled in china? which ones arent? I really liked your write ups on the different types of saunas and how they differed. I recently bought a rocky mountain sauna and wasnt impressed witht he fit and finish of it, we bought the commercial model and it had particle board on it, very diassapointing and a cheap feel to it….I am looking at the brand but will be doing more digging on them.
      I live in Vancouver canada FYI.

      Thanks for your insight and awaiting your response!

      • Hi Abe,

        Yep most all of them are imported except for a few that I know if. Most people aren’t thrilled with the assembly using tons of screws on the hand built ones from what I’ve seen.

        I’m surprised, I’ve talked with a few people who have been happy with their Rocky Mountain… although you never know if the customer has experience with saunas more than one sauna, when they’re telling you about their opinion of it. Sure every sauna company is trying to make the saunas as light as possible, because the freight to get it to your door already costs and arm and a leg… But the fit and finish should still be good no matter the brand!

        If you’re a carpenter or have any woodworking experience, no affordable sauna on the market is really going to impress you with build quality unfortunately… at least that’s my take on it.

        You might like this video I uploaded earlier this week… not because you need to know how to assemble it, but because you can see each and every individual piece as I unbox it. No particle board, no plywood, etc… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9um0edmw57A

        If you’re that close, see if you can hop on the ferry one day and go take a look in person.


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