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On a daily basis our bodies are exposed to a number of toxins, including toxic chemicals and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic, etc. Over a period of time these toxins accumulate within our bodies and harm our organs. Hence, we need to cleanse our bodies of these toxins on a regular basis.

BodyHealth, which was founded by Dr. David Minkoff in 2000, offers a range of dietary supplements that help detoxify the body off these toxins and at the same time provide it with the necessary nutrition to heal. It’s worth noting here that the BodyHealth products are not meant to diagnose, cure or prevent a disease. These products are also not evaluated and certified by the Food and Drug Administration as these are classified as dietary supplements and not medicines or pharmaceutical products.

BodyHealth Detoxification Supplements

Cleansing and detoxification of the body involves three broad steps. Firstly, you need to ensure that the amount of toxins entering the body is reduced. Secondly, you need to remove the toxins already present inside the body. Thirdly, provide your body with adequate nutrition to help it heal and rebuild, which in turn will play a part in preventing new toxins entering the body. BodyHealth offers supplements to aid the second and third steps.

BodyHealth has on offer five supplements that together help the body detoxify itself of heavy metal toxins and provide nutrition.


This is made up of peptides that are created via micro fermentation. It contains naturally occurring substances like marine bacteria and beneficial soil. These peptides bind with mercury inside the body and remove it more effectively as opposed to the traditional chelation methods used.

Metal-Free is available in the form of a spray. You need to spray it under the tongue 1-8 times per day. For the first week, spray once or twice every day. During the second week, increase the intake to 3-4 sprays per day. Finally, from the third week onwards you can start spraying it 8 times per day. For children under the age of six, stick to no more than 2-4 sprays per day. Make sure that you take Metal-Free on an empty stomach, which would mean either first thing in the morning or just before going to bed, provided you had dinner at least 2-3 hours earlier and the stomach had ample to digest the food.

What sets Metal-Free apart from other chelation agents is that it binds itself to heavy metals in the body and removes it through the bowels, unlike traditional chelators that use the kidneys and potentially harm them.

One bottle of Metal-Free is available for $125.95 and BodyHealth offers a 90-day money back guarantee.

Body Detox

This should ideally be taken in conjunction with Metal-Free. However, you can also choose to only take Body Detox. It helps get rid of heavy metal toxins from the body and is also available as a spray. It’s made up of glycoprotein nanoparticles. It contains antioxidants that tackle free radicals that can potentially damage internal organs. It also takes care of the intestinal tract, which is used to remove the toxins. Similar to Metal-Free, you should take 1-8 sprays per day, starting with 1-2 sprays per day in the first week and gradually working your way up to 8 sprays per day in the third week. Make sure to take it on an empty stomach, ideally just before bedtime. And drink lots of water after the sprays.

One bottle of Body Detox is available for $69.95, along with the BodyHealth 90-day money back guarantee.

Complete Multi-Vitamin + Liver Detox Support

Since the BodyHealth supplements remove toxins, especially heavy metals such as mercury, through the bowels, it puts a lot of pressure on the liver. This is why the Complete Multi-Vitamin + Liver Detox Support is essential. It provides the body with 16 wholefood organic fruit and vegetable concentrates, antioxidants to tackle free-radicals, CoQ10 to support energy production in the mitochondria, vitamin K2 and vitamin D to enhance cardiovascular health and bone structure, other essential vitamins and minerals and more importantly, liver protectors and liver detox promoters. This is available as tablets and you need to take two tablets twice everyday, along with meals.

A bottle of 120 tablets is priced at $53.95.


This supplement supplies the essential amino acids to the body. We get a part of the necessary amino acids through foods items such as eggs, fish, meat, pulses, etc., however, these aren’t enough. In addition, it doesn’t require digestion and hence the amino acids are absorbed by the body in a much shorter span of time. Plus, the PerfectAmino supplement contains just 0.4 calories, unlike the higher calorie counts in the food items.

You can take 5-10 tablets twice per day. It’s best start with 5 tablets twice per day during the first week, increase it to 7 tablets twice per day in the second week and from the third week onwards you can take 10 tablets twice per day. The number of tablets you should take per day will vary depending on gender and body weight. You can have the tablets along with fruits, vegetables and/or juices, but do not take the tablets while consuming meat, fish, dairy, etc. You can have these food items at least 30 minutes after taking the tablets or wait for at least two hours after having these food items before taking the tablets.

A bottle of 300 tablets is priced at $70.95.

Intestinal Cleanse

This supplement is essentially a herbal laxative. As mentioned earlier, Metal-Free and Body Detox utilizes the bowels to remove toxins from the body as opposed to regular chelation agents that use the kidneys. Hence, it’s important that the intestinal system gets as much support as possible. It supports the digestive process and provides a natural, clean bowel movement. You can take 2-4 tablets twice per day.

A bottle of 100 tablets is priced at $24.

Conclusion: A Comprehensive Range of Heavy Metal Detox Supplements for Your Body

These supplements will help you get rid of the toxins from your body. However, along with taking the supplements you also need to engage in some form of physical activity on a regular basis. If you don’t like going to the gym, try walking, running or swimming on a regular basis. You also need to take care of your diet and drink a lot of water.


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