The Problem With EMF Meters From Home Depot, Lowes, & Walmart

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Someone asked in a comment, can I just go buy an emf meter from my local Home Depot, Lowes, or Walmart?  My immediate answer is no, but there is more to the story….  It’s not so much that these stores carry inferior products, because that isn’t the case at all.  The real issue is that no one in the store, can really tell you what to buy.  And even if they do know the difference between an RF Meter and a Guassmeter, they wouldn’t know to ask you what frequency range you’re trying to measure… because if you get the wrong meter for the job, nothing will show up on the screen, and you’ll think you don’t have any problems. When in fact, the issue is present, you just bought a tool that can’t see it!

Summary: As General Rule, I Don’t Recommend Buying An EMF Meter From Home Depot, Lowes, Or Walmart

(not because they’re bad stores or have bad equipment… I love the stores!!! But because you can’t make an educated purchase from there)

I recommend only buying your emf meters from these three places:

  1. Amazon
  2. SLT
  3. Less EMF

Before you buy an EMF meter, check these articles first so you know what you’re buying:

  • The difference between an RF meter and an EMF/ELF meter (for electric and magnetic fields)
  • The best EMF meters for home use (to be able to fully protect your family from RF, EMF, ELF, and Dirty Electricity)
  • If you can only afford one emf meter, buy this one

An RF Meter Is Not An EMF Meter

When I was first getting started in learning how to detox heavy metals, after the electrical engineer I hired essentially told me I was a walking antenna for harmful EMF’s because I had mercury amalgam fillings as a kid, many people from forums and online steered me wrong when asking about which meters to buy.

The same thing happens in these big box stores… even electricians normally do not know what you’re asking about.

So the most common thing that happens to people, is they buy an RF meter, thinking it will show them if they have “EMF” in the house or not. Trouble is, RF meters only detect radio frequency from smart meters, cell phones, wifi routers, etc….  When you could have a very harmful magnetic or electric field right in your bedroom.

But you would never know, unless you come across better information.

I suggest reading this article here to learn about the 4 types of EMF you should be aware of:

  • The 4 types of EMF you should be checking for your families safety

Reviews Are From People Usually Uneducated With Using Multiple Meters

Most reviews on these big websites, will never have someone like myself with 5 meters on the board so you can compare them.

When you don’t do this, and just buy any old EMF meter like the Trifield 100XE, you’ll be leaving out some really important portions of the spectrum.

For example, with that meter alone, you will never know if your wifi router is far enough away from your sleeping area or not…. it just isn’t sensitive enough to pick it up.

Meanwhile, it’s very good at detecting magnetic fields, if you don’t mind them being muddied with transients.  (still not that accurate)

People Use The Term “EMF” As A Blanket All Encompassing Label (and it is not)

I think you’re getting the picture by now, so I can stop beating a dead horse. lol 😉

But in case it’s still confusing like it was when I got started learning about all this, here’s a cheat sheet:

  • Electric fields – wiring, power supplies, power lines, house circuits, computers, etc…
    • all these need an electric field meter to measure them
  • Magnetic fields – same as above, plus electric motors, coils, pipes, etc…
    • all these need a magnetic field meter to measure them
  • RF Radiation – wifi, smart meters, cell phones, cell towers, etc…
    • you need an RF meter specifically for this, with decent sensitivity within the desired frequency range
  • Body Voltage – your body voltage where you sleep, is a must to measure
    • you need a body voltage meter kit like this one to be able to do this
    • **this is the number one thing most people never check. You can easily see if electric fields and other things are bothering you while you sleep by doing this
  • Dirty Electricity – the power grid, pool pumps, other motors connected in your neighborhood all emit dirty electricity which then filters back through your house circuits
    • you need a line meter for this, like this one I use here
    • the only way to help yourself here, is to shut off the circuits in your house when you sleep, and use these DE filters I use here

If you have other questions that I didn’t cover here, and would like to know about, just ask me in the comments below and I can make a video for you.

9 thoughts on “The Problem With EMF Meters From Home Depot, Lowes, & Walmart”

  1. Thank you for sharing and helping to educate others who arnt in this field or line of work but who require and want to gain knowledge about it in laymens terms.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Matt –

    You can browse this site when you like. Overall, good selection of meters and such. I was focused on the AlphaLab Switchable 1:3 Axis Gaussmeter (Cat. #A153). Listed for 300 greenbacks. Could you do a review? Maybe this is one you have…

    (navigate to the EMF Meter section)


    • Hi Todd,

      Yeah I have a bunch of meters now… need to shoot the videos for them. Yes I have the UHS-2, it works well. But what are you trying to do? (it’s only a guassmeter, so you’ll be in the dark on electric fields and RF unless you’re planning on buying something else with it?)

      If you lay out the situation, what you’re trying to measure/accomplish, I can make a recommendation if you’d like.

      • Hi Matt,

        Thanks for the reply. Use would be to only monitor EMF’s from carbon panels in infrared saunas. I was also looking at this Cornet meter, seemed like another contender. Thanks again and look forward to your sauna content.

        – Todd

  3. I want to be able to measure RMF’s from my window as Chicago IDOT is installing cable that runs past our low rise residential condo building.
    What type of Gaussmeter would be the best kind to buy?

  4. I need to measure all emf etc from high voltage metal electric towers within 200-300 ft of my home and from 3/4 acre power sub station/cell/ microwave tower within 500 ft. from my home. thank you, karen


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