WARNING: Cheap Infrared Saunas For Sale From China (dangerously high EMF’s…

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Looking for a cheap infrared sauna to use for your detox protocol at home? Well I was too, and bought these “no emf infrared sauna” scams, which I would later find out to be shockingly high EMF generators. It’s like sitting in a box asking to be further fatigued than you already are… I don’;t know how these companies get away with all the lies! But hopefully this post will help you avoid buying the cheap dangerous infrared saunas that I bought, and you can check through my reviews to see which brands are reputable and which are not from my YouTube video reviews. (you can actually see on the meters that the levels are over 6 TIMES HIGHER than advertised. Deception at it’s finest… don’t let your kids go in these things for the love of god!!!)

Update – a lot of people have asked about the affordable portable infrared saunas you see for sale on Amazon and other online retailers. I didn’t have a good experience with these, and some of them are incredibly dangerous, even though these “review sites” you come across on Google rate them highly… I doubt any of those people have personally been inside one of those saunas, ever.

My new rule of thumb for sauna reviews, is that if you don’t see the guy on video, in the unit he’s talking about, then you may as well close the tab right then and there. There’s no way to know if what he’s saying is bullshit or not after that…  (if you look at my infrared sauna reviews videos here, you can see I personally buy these, and have them in my house when I’m in them)

  • Durherm Portable Sauna Tested Bad
  • Radiant Portable Infrared Sauna Tested REALLY BAD!
  • I stopped bothering to test other portable saunas after that… they’re all going to have the emitters too close to the body to be low emf, and moved to a safer near infrared setup such as this SaunaSpace.

Where All These Cheap Chinese Imported Saunas You See On Sale At Amazon, Costco, Home Depot, Etc… Come From

if you don’t know already, the only way Costco and Amazon are able to offer the infrared sauna I bought for $999.00, is because it’s made cheap with corners cut from China.

Literally, you can’t build a cheap infrared sauna here in the states for this price, simply because shipping itself is so expensive for larger items like this. So companies are left with a choice between profits and staying in business, versus manufacturing overseas. You almost have to these days, in order to compete.

Now I don’t think all saunas for China are bad, in fact I recommend some of them in my sauna buyers guide. I just don’t like the deceptive ones that try and lie straight to your face, and tell you their infrared saunas are built with no emf’s, plywood, glues, etc… and then charge you an arm and a leg for the damn thing.

These Sauna Brands I Bought From Amazon & Costco Turned Out To Be Shit

Once again, I trusted these companies. It said “low emf” plain as day (still does, these lying fucks!!!) right on the Amazon listing, so I trusted the reviews and handed over my money. Welp, that was mistake number one.

Dynamic Saunas (Golden Designs Inc)  (I paid $1,000.00)

I bought the cheapest far infrared sauna I could afford on Amazon at the time, and boy do I wish I would have just invested in a quality unit and put it on credit instead of dicking around with this lying ass company. It has emf levels over 100 milliguass in places, and is over 20mg in the seated position. That is about as far from low emf as you can get. Fail.

JNH Lifestyles “ZERO EMF” Far Infrared Sauna ( I paid $2,500.00)

This sauna was my second purchase, after trying to avoid buying a $6k dollar Sunlighten or Clearlight, and it supposedly had ZERO EMF from some patented design of the heaters. This turned out to be bullshit too, and while it IS in fact lower emf, it’s not a no emf sauna. I’m convinced now that no emf doesn’t exist after testing over 4 separate saunas with my own emf meters.

The main trouble with this one, is that while they were able to lower the emf levels in it, it simply doesn’t get hot enough to give you a good sweat. Kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me, and is totally pointless to have. I see a lot of the Amazon reviews said it gets hot and people are getting good detoxes from it, but I think these people have never been in a good sauna before, and likely have no idea what they are missing. You’re not supposed to just sweat a little on your back and body, you should be pouring sweat from your legs, arms, etc… That’s the only way you’re going to get a good detox, and get the true benefits of an infrared sauna.

Why Other Sauna Brands That Come From China Are Okay, But These Are Not

Quality Control & Customer Integrity

Not Giving A Shit About Your Health And EMF Exposure (just the all mighty dollar)

Unverified EMF Levels That Are WAAAAAAAY Over The Safety Limit

Sauna Companies Using “3rd Party Testing Services” To “Verify” Their EMF Safety Limits

What a fucking scam this bullshit is. After buying several saunas myself, and testing then with my own emf meters, I found out the hard way how much false marketing is in this industry. Companies will regularly say low emf left and right, and sell you a high emf model without blinking an eye. They simply don’t give a fuck.

Well, it’s about time I put a stop to it. I wasted time, energy, and money on these saunas, and other people are being taken advantage of and don’t even know it. Worst of all, these saunas are simply not safe in my opinion. If you want to go drown yourself in high emfs, be my guest. But for healing, it’s a no go!

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