Infrared Saunas Made In The U.S.A

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Looking for a far infrared saunas Made In The U.S.A?  I was too, but not before buying a sauna that was supposedly from the United States, but turned out to be imported from overseas like most after I got it in my house.


more lies

Update – 02/10/19 – Forget about saunas made in the states, they’re all made overseas. Go with one of these that is truly low emf, and tested the bested out of a group of 12 sauna brands.

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Infrared Sauna Companies Are Lying About Being Made In The U.S.A

NEW INFORMATION 8/8/2019: The Therasauna Is Not The Same As A Therasauna Classic (as claimed by the company)

I can’t help you make reasonable sense of this differentiation between a Therasauna and a Therasauna Classic. I can only share my opinion after based on my experience buying one myself. The company sent over a legal threat demanding removal of the confusion between one model being made in the USA, and one not.  However they both share the same brand name, so you can’t say one without mentioning the other. Based on the documentation they sent over, it’s more confusing now than prior from hearing from them. My experience as a customer purchasing a Therasauna Classic is still the same, regardless of what legal threats they send over.  If I made any mistakes saying the word “Therasauna” in reference to the “Therasauna Classic” I purchased, it’s all cleared up in the video below. Every effort to share the direct information sent over by Therasauna has been made. That information is not my opinion, research ability, etc… It is directly from the manufacturer. 

I’m also not the only one to report experiences like this, just look around:

Everything from here down is my original opinion of the Therasauna Classic I purchased over a year ago. 

First Up: Therasauna – Incredibly Deceptive Sauna Company (not made in the USA)

So, I have to hand it to these assholes. They’re premium models, which it does NOT say explicitly anywhere on the website, are supposedly made in the USA.

However, if you google search “infrared saunas made in the U.S.A” they’re the first to pop up. They even have a page explains all their quality awards, and blah blah blah.

Now, here’s where the bait and switch happens…

Say you can’t afford a $6,000.00 sauna, and opt for one of their cheaper (more affordable?) models like I did; now you’re in a sauna cabinet that is from China, even though “Therasauna” is “made in the Usa.”

Clever huh?

I didn’t think so.

In fact, my sauna was a pile of shit, and it doesn’t look like I’m the only one either.

Customers keep commenting on my blog, reporting the exact same experience… saying, “they wish they’d seen my review sooner,” because their sauna too has a damaged roof, poor electronics, wood pieces missing or improperly installed, etc… Just like my experience.

Now, I have to hand it to them… the ceramic heaters, and some other “pieces” in the sauna internals, do come from the US. But to make a blanket statement that Therasauna’s are Made In The UNited States, and then NOT TELL PEOPLE THE TRUTH about importing a lower quality cabinet from China for the entry level line, is downright deceptive as shit.

Admittedly a year ago when I bought my Therasauna, I did not know how the sauna industry operates. However, it’s now clear as a whistle for me, and it’s time to out these motherfuckers to someone else doesn’t have to unbox a pile of shit like I did.

(do you know how much work it is to receive a freight pallet form a semi tractor trailer, carry all this shit inside your house, assemble it, get out your power tools to make cuts that weren’t done properly by the factory, and then pack it all back up again once you find out it has higher emf levels than advertised? FML)

I know, I know, a lot of people will say that I’m the one being an asshole, and that I’m too harsh…  I get it, you might think that, but answer me this:  If you paid $3,100.00 for your sauna, got it home after the company portrayed it one way, and it turned out to be another, how would you feel if you were stuck with that?

I mean, you might not like foul language yourself, but I’d imagine if someone wiped $3k worth of smackaroo’s from your back account, you might have a colorful F-Bomb or some other choice words as well. Wouldn’t you?

Next Up: Rocky Mountain Saunas – A Little Better

When I was first research infrared saunas, of course I typed in saunas made in the States. Rocky Mountain came right up alongside Therasauna, and had some banner about being something or other across the U.S.A.

I believe to the bet of my knowledge, that this has since been removed, and they are not being deceptive. Sure it appears like they’re based in Colorado, but the saunas themselves are imported and relabeled like a lot of other companies.

Nothing wrong with that, business is business. However, I do disagree with the whole zero emf thing… there is no such thing as a zero emf far infrared sauna, as anything that plugs into a wall, will have some level of EMF.  Not to mention, these saunas do not have the electric fields mitigated, and likely have high body voltage like a lot of the other carbon panel IR saunas.

The only company I know that is truly made in the USA, is Heavenly Heat. I have not personally tested one, so I cant endorse it, but I do know they are made by hand here.  So while the cabinetry is made in the USA, from other people’s testing, it seems that the ceramic heaters used in these have a magnetic field of about 10 milligauss in them. I have never seen anyone test them for electric fields, and never any body voltage readings so I’m not sure.

Some customers who have purchased these have posted some blogs about them, but they were pretty inconclusive to be honest.

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3 thoughts on “Infrared Saunas Made In The U.S.A”

  1. I support US manufacturers when I can, but ceramic heaters are a lot less comfortable than carbon fiber. And for some reason the US can’t seem to manufacture carbon fiber heaters.

    At any rate, infrared saunas are a great health tool and even the crappy-built ones increase circulation, eliminate toxins and provide a great passive cardio workout for most people.

  2. I have a Cedrus Sauna that I purchased from Sunlighten Saunas and it has worked great. It just had a shortage and burned up the cord and probably the plus in. Sunlighten says they no longer sell or carry parts for my sauna. I would like to get it fixed but if I can’t I may buy another one. What have you found to be the better one to buy under $5k. Far Infared kind.

    • Hi Charlotte,

      Several good choices way under $5k depending on what size you need. Not sure what your electrical hookup is, but that would change what I recommend so you don’t have to retrofit with an electrician and can plug and play.

      Pretty much anything from the Certified Sauna List fits the bill for you. Check these:


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