Small Personal Infrared Saunas – FIR Coverage That Delivers Deep Detox At Home

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When I was looking for a small personal sauna to use at home, because I was tired of driving back and forth to the float tank place and paying $40 for sauna sessions, it quickly became super hard to sift through the noise in the sauna world.

Half the people were saying just buy a zip up portable sauna, since they’re easily broken down and are much cheaper than a wooden sauna.

The other half, said that tent saunas where your arms and head stick out the top, have notoriously high emf levels, and the chemicals used in the fabrics to make the tent enclosure, were toxic.

Then I find out there are small personal saunas in the mid range, costing as much as $1,200.00 (Relax, Therasage, etc…) all the way to $2,200.00 (sauna domes).  That isn’t far off from the $2,900.00 it takes to get a nice looking wooden sauna, complete with glass door, relaxing lighting, chromotherapy, better far infrared coverage, and on and on. (so much better in every way, but dang the price compared to this $200 Amazon one I started out with)

So what to do?

I would go on Amazon and read reviews of folks raving about these things, then I’d see an equal amount of complaints. What the heck I thought?

Full Spectrum VS Near Infrared VS FIR Portable IR

Then you have the sauna salesman in this industry, who are about as slimy as a used car salesman. They tout everything from “you MUST have full spectrum, or else you won’t get a good detox,” to “oh if you don’t have these full emissivity heaters, you won’t get the heavy metals out.”

It gets to the point where you don’t know who to believe. You start out wanting a $200 portable tent sauna to try, next thing you know, you’re into a $5k dollar 4 person sauna that is supposedly safe?

Come on, I thought to myself. There has to be some middle ground here.

But truth be told, the only way I was going to find out, was to buy them myself and test them out. And this is how I got into reviewing infrared saunas in the first place.

Junk Saunas Passed Off As Top Rated Healing Devices (scam)

You can now see all my sauna reviews here.  be sure to watch the Consumer Reports videos, so you can beware of the scams saunas companies are using to rank their saunas at the best sauna of the year… when in fact, Consumer Reports does not test saunas.

Talk about a bait and switch…

Small Personal FIR Wooden Sauna VS Portable Tent Sauna

After trying out three portable tent saunas, I knew they weren’t for me. I wanted them to be, because I didn’t have much money to spend when I was paying for doctor visits, but also my biggest issue was the apartment I lived in. I didn’t have extra space to fit some giant wooden sauna, and the sauna sales people were telling me I needed this gigantic monstrosity in my house.

Are Dome Saunas Comfortable?

Next up was the dome saunas. I thought this would be a happy medium, since they only cost $1,800 bucks instead of thousands more.

High EMF Sanctuary – Yep Pretty Much

In the end, same high emf levels found in the zip up tent saunas, and to make matters worse, it was about the most uncomfortable thing to get in and out of you can imagine.

If you’re small, you might enjoy laying down and pulling the dome over your body. But for me, laying in my own pool of sweat, not to mention crouching down into the dome, was not my favorite thing.

But hey, if it works for you, or you like that, do what’s right for you!

Smallest Personal Sauna That Will Fit In An Apartment (that is comfortable to use, and still low emf)

Radiant Health Saunas And Clearlight (jacuzzi) both make a small one person personal sauna that has a 36″ x 36″ footprint. This is the same size on the floor that a portable zip up tent sauna will take up in your room, but you get to sit up, it has a glass door, actually looks nice, and is very comfortable so you’ll actually use.

I found that if my sauna is not comfortable, I will make every excuse in the book not to use it.

I also found out the hard way, that all these “low emf” portable saunas, have high body voltage and electric fields… something that sauna companies don’t want you to know about.

A Small Wooden FIR Sauna, Is Better (in every way) Than A Portable Zip Up Sauna Tent (except price)

Let’s get the elephant in room out of the way, because I thought I could buy a sub $500 portable sauna and be fine for the rest of my life.

Turns out, a cheap tent sauna is fine to get you by for 6 months or so if that’s all you can afford. But long term, you’ll probably want to invest in a stand up wooden sauna, with a glass door.

It’s better for your posture, you’ll enjoy it more, and it will truly be low emf.

I Still Can’t Find A Low EMF Portable Sauna On The Cheap

I thought in my recent review of the Relax Sauna, you would get ultra low emf for $1,200 bucks or so.


Same old bullshit. A company touts low emf, then I stick my meters on it, and bazinga…. here we go again.

The Top Rated Small Personal Saunas (1 person stand up FIR)

Radiant Health EH1

You can get both a Radiant Health Elite and a Clearlight Premier in a small 1 person model. You don’t need full spectrum, so you don’t need gadgets, you need far infrared.

You can see my live emf testing on the Certified Sauna list, and you can double check all the saunas to avoid on the infrared sauna reviews page.

DIY Sauna Course

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