Rocky Mountain Saunas Review

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Originally Rocky Mountain Saunas was on my list to review. When I first set out to start reviewing infrared saunas, Mike from Rocky Mountain was very nice and spent a bit of time on the phone with me discussing their saunas. I had already started testing other brands, and quickly found out that a lot of them had a lot higher emf levels than they would have you believe. For example, I bought a Dynamic sauna from Costco/Amazon, and it’s touted as being “low emf.” Now for most people, low emf might be 10 milliguass or so, but for me, I want it under 2 or 3mg if I’m really going to sit in it for hours at a time every other day of the weak for years.

>> You might like the low emf sauna from Clearlight… one of the only companies that shields electric fields.

So where’s this going, and how does it relate to Rocky Mountain Saunas? Well, I got a hold of a JNH Lifestyles sauna, a Dynamic sauna by Golden Designs Inc, and Sunlighten full spectrum infrared sauna as well. Once I started seeing the emf levels come in from the Dynamic sauna, I realized that something was going on with these manufacturers, and started digging.

Well, low and behold, I began to uncover that most all of these lower end infrared sauna companies, all import their saunas from the same suppliers in… you guessed it: CHINA.

Now I’m not against products from China, if anything I think the Chinese make excellent stuff. But you can’t deny the fact that you can’t just take what they say and run with it… we all know that. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening in the sauna industry.

So if you look at Rocky Mountain Saunas homepage, or even their product listing on Amazon, you get the impression that they are “Made In Colorado.” (I think they have since changed the verbage to NOT explicitly say this, but only imply it now) However, Rocky Mountain Saunas are definitely not made in the USA, and I confirmed this after noticing that their saunas looked strikingly similar to a lot of the Chinese sauna makers listed on Alibaba.

So where does that leave us? I don’t know, because almost every other sauna company is ALSO importing their saunas! For me, I just care that it is non toxic to the nose, truly low emf, and works well. I’m going to keep them on the list of infrared saunas to review, and hope to get a chance to check one out soon. Currently I have the Dynamic, JNH Lifestyles, and Sunlighten on hand for reviews. As soon as I clear out some space, I’ll move the next saunas on the review list.

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6 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Saunas Review”

  1. I just purchased the Rocky Mountain Big Bear and am “very” disappointed in the quality. They advertise the best on the market and I have to tell you there is no way it can be the best! Fit and finish is very disappointing! Walls labeled wrong making it impossible to assemble, lines don’t line up from wall to wall, heaters mounted around the unit at varying heights, gaps in floor to wall due to warpage they claim happens in shipment from China, and front trim split. There appears to be no quality control and their excuse is “nothing is perfect and we build by hand”. Maybe they need to get some simple QC checks and better controls in manufacturing in China. —I wouldn’t recommend!

    • Hi Mark,

      Sorry to hear about your experience…

      What can I do to help you out?

      I’ve built a heck of a lot of saunas, I can make you a youtube video or help you over Facetime to get your sauna assembled if you’d like… Do you have any pictures of your sauna, so I can get a sense of what needs to be done?

  2. Hi Mark:

    I am very nervous after reading about your comments about Rocky Mountain saunas. I just ordered mine last week after doing what I thought was a lot of research but did not come across your site till now – and quite frankly I am disappointed about the unit being made in China and also what the guy said about his from just June 25th of this year. What would you recommend I do because I will be pissed if I get the same results that he did. It arrives next week. Should I even unpack it or send it back?


  3. I forgot to mention until I read that you have a functional medicine doctor that I am one as well. I want a unit that I can recommend to my patients that is affordable and does what it says in a safe manner. Please let me know when you test the Rocky Mountain sauna so I can see if I was ripped off – hopefully before my 90 days is up in case I need to return it.

  4. Matt:

    Will you be testing the Rocky Mountain saunas soon and if so when can we expect the results?

    Also, great to see you reading “Why isn’t my brain working” book – it’s one I give to all my patients. Dr. K is right on about everything in that book, as proven again and again by how my patients improve when we eliminate the toxic overload and waste from our body.

    Thanks again.

  5. I was just about to buy a RMS, I mean tomorrow, now I need to do more research, thanks for the information and headache…lol


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