Infrared Saunas NOT TO BUY! – Brands To Avoid (not recommended at all)

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I noticed in some of the comments, that it can be kind of confusing looking at all the sauna brands and quickly be able to see which ones are good and bad. Also some of my older content that has not been updated yet, which makes it hard to discern which sauna brands to avoid. The point of this post isn’t to single out one brand over another, sell you on an alternate option, or anything really… it’s the graveyard of all the saunas I used that were terrible in one way or another.

The brands that made it on this list, either have toxic chemicals, high emf levels, or are just poor quality altogether and are made like a tin can. Of course this is my opinion after testing 12 infrared sauna brands, but by no means am I here to convince you that one sauna company is the holy grail of anything. You make the decision on what sauna is right for you, but these are my opinions about the saunas I think should be avoided. I would not recommend any of these saunas to friends or family, and would stay away from them before getting stuck with expensive firewood.

Here is the short list of infrared saunas NOT TO BUY!

JNH Lifestyles (JNH Saunas Are Built Like A Cardboard Box)

These saunas didn’t live up to the claim of zero emf, but they were however lower emf compared to most. (the Ensi model only, not the Joyous)

I liked the design of the cabinet, and the price, but that’s about all. It’s very flimsy, I could bend the wall panels just by leaning on them, it was covered in splintering milling, with wood hairs hanging off all over the place. Just in general, the build quality was severely lacking.

Super cheap speakers, heaters that looked like they were made from scrap furring strips, and cheap in every possible way didn’t make me think it was worth $2,500 dollars.

Bottom line, the thing that sent me over the edge was the deceptive marketing. Amazon still to this day, let’s them advertise with “NO EMF” and “ZERO EMF” which is a complete lie.

Radiant Saunas (Radiant is a knock-off brand, made by Blue Wave / Golden Designs Inc.)

This is the worst sauna I have ever tested, period. It wreaks of some type of chemical adhesive from the moment you step through the door. I liked the cabinet build quality, and a couple design features I was really looking forward to!

However, as soon as I fired up the emf meters, this sauna has levels that are through the freaking roof!  Over 100 mg right at your head, is completely unacceptable.

This is another sauna that is allowed to be marketed on Amazon as “low emf.”

I tell ya, this is the epitome of false marketing, and it’s prevalent all over the place if we don’t watch out.

Luckily, Amazon took this sauna back after I bitched about the bait and switch. Sadly, this sauna is allowed to be marketed as low emf still to this day.

It is my opinion, that this sauna is dangerous, and should be avoided at all costs. Anyone fighting any type of serious illness, should not step foot in this thing for any reason.

Dynamic Sauna (Costco’s Most Popular Model)

This is another sauna that is advertised as low emf.  It also has 100mg magnetic fields right at the side panels, but it is lower than the Radiant listed above.

The build quality is good in this cabinet, and the price is definitely right which is what made it so attractive to me.

There are some cheap wooden parts on it that break easily like you see in my overview video, but overall this decent quality. It just isn’t low emf like it says, and I wasn’t even checking body voltage back then… I would expect that to be high as well.

Therasauna (maybe)

I’m hesitant to even put Therasauna on this list. I’ve said it from the very first time I used the sauna, that there was something I liked about the heaters. I don’t have anything measurable or scientific to back that up, more of just an intuitive sense of something good about it after being in a bunch of saunas.

However, the thing most people would be upset about, is that Therasauna is regularly touted as being made in the USA. Now I don’t know if there is some difference between subsidiary’s of the company, differences in models, or what… but the Therasauna I bought, was definitely made in China.

Now don’t take that the wrong way, I think products made in China are a good thing if they are well policed.  But don’t lie to me about it, or allow it to be passed off as an assumption….

I was actually okay with the 10-12 mg magnetic fields from the heaters, and the body voltage in this sauna was about 3,000 millivolts (or 3 volts). The electric fields were mitigated well with the grounded front mesh, and I was pretty happy with the heater arrays.

The fit and finish sucked, and I had to cut parts on the sauna just to get it assembled, since the factory missed a few pieces before boxing it up. Wasn’t a huge deal to me since I have all the tools and am capable, but was kind of ridiculous to have to do after paying $3,100 dollars for the unit.

The stereo system had some type of hiss that I could not get rid of, and the only way I could use the sauna was to unplug it altogether so I could sit in peace. The lighting was downright atrocious, and would flicker off and on throughout the entire sauna sessions. And this thing had the most cumbersome to use control panel in it out of all the saunas I’ve ever tested.

Again, there was something I really liked about the heaters, but I could not tolerate the poor build quality for $3k. If that was a fluke I would give it a go again, but people are commenting on the Therasauna review page saying the same thing.

More to come as I get time at the computer…



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