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Hey guys, just want to create a placeholder page here for the Therasage 360. It was ordered today, the most asked about portable sauna over the last 6 months by you guys. I never could find any up to date info on it for you, and it was hard to see how it would compare to the Relax Sauna, Durherm from Amazon, and the cheaper Radiant knockoffs. These are the most asked about portable sauna comparisons that you guys have sent in, so I went ahead and just ordered one so we can find out once and for all. Hopefully now I’ll be able to get some seat time in it and see if it’s worthwhile and get all the questions from the last few months answered.

Therasage Thera360 Pricing

I’m concerned about the Therasage pricing after listening to you guys. Most people that need a sauna for health reasons like I did, are on a budget because there are a lot of other things we have to pay for. I get it, and the last thing I want to do is grab some high priced sauna to throw in the mix.

But let’s face it, I’ve tried the $200 dollar one from Amazon, and it was junk. High EMF, wasn’t built well, and I question how long the zippers will last. But we have to start being realistic about this after I’ve tried a bunch of these portable sauna tents… we’re not going to find a super cheap sauna, that’s going to be indestructible, and low EMF unfortunately. It’s just not gonna happen.

So I moved up to the $500 Durherm portable sauna from Amazon, and it was better. EMF wasn’t where I like it, and definitely wasn’t good enough to make the Certified Sauna List, and Durherm does not mitigate electric fields in their saunas.

In fact, this is probably a goof time to bring up the EMF differences in the next section. But let’s finish with the pricing first.

So 9 times out of 10, folks looking for a good portable sauna either don’t want to spend the money on a larger wooden one, or simply don’t have the space for it right now. I know when I moved to the 500 sq ft treehouse, there was no way I was fitting a sauna in there no matter what I tried… there just wasn’t any room.

But a lot of these sauna companies price their saunas out of reach for some folks, and everyone deserves to get the healing benefits of a sauna in their home. So how much it too much?  It’s hard to say at this point, since a low emf wooden sauna is going to be $2,500 and up.  You don’t want to get stuck with spending $1,500 – $2,000 on one of those sauna domes, when you could just spend another $500 and have a glass door, nice lighting, comfortable seating, etc…

The Relax Sauna is around $1,300.oo, so it’ll be interesting to see if this performs as well for $500 less.

So it’s looking like $800 dollars is the happy medium in this range. I know that will be expensive for some, and manageable for others… I just haven’t found another portable sauna company that puts out a quality low emf unit for less money. And you will still be far better off than a cheap Costco sauna like the one I originally bought.

Therasage EMF: Does The Thera360 Live Up To The Hype?

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Therasage Review


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9 thoughts on “Therasage Review”

  1. Any thoughts yet on the Therasage? I’m more interested than ever with the current state of events in the world. Thanks for all you do!

  2. Hi Matt,

    Are you still waiting for the Therasage unit? I’m also interested in hearing you review. I hope you’re well!

  3. Hi Matt! Thanks for the heart to heart on portable saunas!! You asked what do we want from you in regards to these types of saunas! For a person who just cannot fit a wooden sauna in their home a portable option is the best bet. So yes the question becomes which one is the best in price, build quality and low emf? Some people will have the money to go high in and some won’t! I’ve looked at the Thersage 360 plus, the Durasage and the Durherm saunas which range in price from $500 to $1,098. For me it comes down to feeling safe when I use a sauna. Don’t won’t to feel like I’m stepping into a microwave!!! If that means $1,098 and the sauna does the job, then that’s what I would pay. Personally although I really wanted a portable unit I’ve decided to go with a wooden one. Why? I have the space and I asked myself this question : If money was no object which kind of sauna would you buy? The answer was a wooden one so I decided to invest in what I really wanted!! Thanks Matt!!!

    • What sauna did you end up going with? I am trying to stay around the $2,000 mark as the top of my budget, but like you, I want one that is a good price, good quality and low emf that is at least safe(r) to use.

  4. Would love to know your updated opinion on the Therasage 360 — does it off gas quickly, do you believe it provides the full benefits of infrared sauna? Is the EMF exposure too high? Is there a better quality sauna (wood or portable) that is in the same price range? Thank you SO much in advance.


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