Infrared Sauna Brands To Buy In Australia?

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If you’re looking for an infrared sauna in Australia, today’s reader question may help you. Not every infrared sauna on the Certified Sauna List ships across the pond, but several do. I know the options are more limited compared to what’s available in the states, but there are still some really good choices.

Reader Question:

Hi Matt, I’m from Australia and interested in purchasing a far infrared sauna for my son to use who has a chronic auto-immune condition due to high mercury and vector-borne bacterial infections which are lyme like. Australia sells the Sun Stream and Clearlight brands. There is a big price difference here and I would like your opinion on the Sun Stream Evolve range and the EMF levels if you know of anything. Thanks!

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Infrared Saunas In Australia Brand Comparison: Clearlight VS Sun Stream which is best to buy?

If you’re in her situation, I would suggest looking at a Clearlight Premier. You can see my review videos, where I test them on live video with all the EMF equipment, and the Clearlight Premier is one of the lowest out there.

SunStream VS Clearlight Saunas Australia

When comparing brands, it really comes down to what’s important to you. Usually we want Price, Performance, and Ease Of Assembly… but like anything in life, we typically can only pick two.

In this case, customers are concerned about EMF levels in saunas, and I can confidently say that Clearlight EMF levels are indeed lower than Sun Stream if you’re measuring all types of EMF.

EMF stands for electric fields and magnetic fields, it is not a singular term even though may sauna companies would like you believe it is. Sun Stream Saunas does not mitigate electric fields, while Clearlight does.

Last year I tested both saunas, but was not testing body voltage at the time. If you compare both sauna brands in that way, SunStream is much higher than Clearlight on electric fields, and they’re around the same exact price.

Verdict: go with the Clearlight.

Finding Infrared Sauna Sessions You Can Buy In Australia

Additionally, I would recommend you take a look at sauna rentals in your local area. A massage studio, float tank shop, etc… may have sauna sessions for as little as $20 to rent. I think I looked before for a customer, and found places in Sydney, Melbourne, Adalade, etc… that all have infrared sauna sessions for rent.

My suggestion would be to call and see which brand they have, and you might find the very one you’re looking to buy… this way you can go try it out before you make a decision on your purchase.

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  1. Hi there,
    Im looking at getting a sauna, Id like it to be low emf and good quality. I will be using it as part of my business. I am looking at sunlighten mpulse or ihealth full spectrum, both 3 seaters. Is there another brand in Australai you would suggest looking at?


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