One Person Infrared Sauna (perfect for detoxing, healing lyme, and weight loss)

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Looking for the best 1 person infrared sauna for small spaces? I had a tough time finding a small 1 person far infrared sauna to use in my 500sq ft tree house when I first got my amalgam fillings removed. A lot of the bigger sauna companies, don’t have good cheap options when it comes to smaller infrared saunas that fit well in apartments or small spaces. But there are a ton of people out there like me, that just need to detox from heavy metals, fend off lyme disease, or simply lose weight in their home sauna without it costing a fortune. Most of us live in smaller homes or apartments, and the idea of some crazy wooden monstrosity in our house is not that appealing either. Fortunately, I found some good options for 1 person low emf far infrared saunas, that will get you the healing benefits of infrared that you need without burning a hole in your pocket!

The Best 1 Person Infrared Sauna On The Market

At just under 36″ by 36″, the Radiant Health E1-H will fit just about anywhere.  It runs on any household outlet, so no electrician required to set it up.

It is the easiest infrared sauna to put together, so assembling it will be a breeze.

It heats up fast, doesn’t use much power, and will give you that deep penetrating detox you need right at home.

To see reviews of other Radiant Health saunas, see this post for the 2 person model.

Where To Buy This 1 Person Sauna?

Discount Code – All Clever Leverage readers can use code “Matt-500-Off” for $500 off your sauna purchase from any sauna on the Certified Sauna list here.

Now You Don’t Need To Spend A Fortune On A Large Far Infrared Sauna Just To Get The Healing Infrared Benefits You Need

A lot of sauna companies try and up sell you on a 4 – 6 person sauna, offer you no interest financing to sweeten the deal, sell the idea of the whole family can use it, and on and on.

While some of those points are great, like the family using it too, most of them time you’re still buying something you don’t need, that’s more expensive than it needs to be. Of course if you do have a large family, or are going to use this with other people at the same time, then by all means get the largest you can afford.

But that isn’t that this article is about. I’m writing this because when I lived in a studio apartment, I couldn’t find much that would fit, that wasn’t super high emf like these tent saunas I bought.

I had a hard time finding a small sauna that was almost like one of those portable ones, but without the toxic canvas tent, and high emf levels commonly found in them. That was until I stumbled onto a few brands that have low emf, 1 person far infrared saunas that don’t break the bank. I like both the Radiant Health and the Clearlight Premier in these sizes, and they test really low for emf’s as well.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost $6k or $7k for what you need, but has the same build quality as the larger units. Sure it’s smaller inside, but for someone on a budget looking to detox and get healthier, you can’t beat the quality and value for the price. My first sauna was a one person unit, and it had more than enough room for my nightly sauna sessions at home. (I’m 6′, 215 lbs to give you an idea)

Perfect For Small Spaces, Apartments, And Home Use

One of the reasons why I didn’t buy a sauna when I lived in the treehouse, is because my apartment was only 500 sq ft, with a 100 sq ft office attached. A normal sauna would have taken over my living room, but a 1 person sauna with a footprint of 36″ x 36″, will fit just about anywhere.

It’s even small enough to fit in a lot of bathrooms that are a bit larger, and can easily be stuffed in a corner of a bedroom somewhere, a living room, or spare bedroom.

Smaller homes and apartments are now much more workable, whereas before even the 1 – 2 person saunas from Costco were a bit on the large side for tight spaces. But now you don’t have to settle for one of those sub par portable saunas either!

Far Infrared Coverage – Maximum Healing Benefits In The Shortest Time

You’ve seen me mention this many times, but let’s talk about these full spectrum saunas and near infrared saunas for a moment.

Far infrared is the real workhorse in any sauna. Near infrared red light therapy has it’s place, but not in a sauna primarily.

And the bulbs saunas a built, still do not give you the full body sweat like a far infrared without doing anything funky like rotating in your sauna like a rotisserie. (on a stool. Very uncomfortable)

Many people that buy other saunas like a JNH Lifestyles or Dynamic, complain about waiting almost an hour of preheating time, and then another 25 minutes or so of being IN the sauna until getting a good sweat going.

You can cut this time in half with a higher quality unit, and make sure you’re drinking enough electrolytes found in the sauna supplements guide… because you’re going to be sweating bullets faster than any cheaper sauna hands down!

Guaranteed Low EMF Tested By Yours Truly

You can see all the brands I recommend fully tested and certified by me, on Certified

Proof In My Video Review

Check out my extensive video reviews of the 1 person model I bought, and as always there’s an assembly and setup video, so there are no surprises when you order and you know exactly what to expect when it comes to putting it together. (it’s also helpful to be able to follow the video instead of relying on the terrible instructions that some of the other sauna companies give you)

DIY Sauna Course

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